June 2017


Providing storage for customers is a necessity for order fulfillment and third-party shipping suppliers. Storage is a convenience that translates into cost savings for business owners who want to get products to consumers.

And storage options also invite new clients and help supply-chain companies retain existing customers.

Order fulfillment and 3rd-party shipping companies use warehouses to meet the storage needs that customers demand to ensure their success in the marketplace. These warehouses accommodate a wide range of storage options.

Warehouse storage

Parqel, which is owned by Viofree Inc., has state-of-the-art facilities outfitted with special climate and temperature-controlled areas for products that require that environment.

Once products are shipped to these storage facilities, they are assigned barcodes, labeled, and scanned into the company’s inventory management system. The products are then safely stored, monitored, and constantly inspected while they await shipping.

“Asset loss in the form of the damaged or unsellable products is one of the most frustrating a business can face,” Parqel points out on its website at

As part of its storage, Parqel’s facilities handle hazardous materials and fragile items. And the company offers climate-control sections at the warehouses if needed.

Staff members know how to handle hazardous materials. “Because of the varied types of items we deal with, our staff undergoes ongoing and intensive training,” Parqel says on its website at “Some parts of their jobs may require certifications and compliance with governmental regulations. They also receive continuous training on safety protocols and techniques.”

Package bundling

Storage provides an opportunity for customers to save money. At its storage facility, MyUS employees bundle multiple packages single packages for overseas shipment. This bundling saves customers on standard international shipping rates.

Unlike Parqel, MyUS does not provide any temperature-controlled storage options. But MyUS’s premium and business members get 30 days of free package storage.

Shipito, which has 3 warehouses in the U.S., says the company can ship packages faster from those storage sites to international shipping hubs.

Shipito website states that international customers use its warehouses as their shipping address. The company also offers its premium members free storage for 45, 60, or 90 days at its warehouses. And free-accounts members get free storge for a week.

Similar to MyUS, NyBox consolidates and stores shopping packages delivered to its facility. Once all the packages a customer ordered are delivered, they are consolidated in one package. Repackaging into one shipment reduces the weight, which in turn lessens the shipping cost for customers.

NyBox’s consolidation service, however, is not free. The company charges a parcel consolidation fee of only $5 per box for standard members. Customers with premium membership don’t have to pay for package consolidation.

Parqel also offers options to save customers money. Customers who deal with products that arrive disassembled can get them assembled before they are resold.

And for customers who buy products in bulk and need those products broken down and repackaged into smaller parcels, they can sign up for the Parqel’s Repacking services.

“Our staff will reduce and repackage your bulk product into smaller resale items based on your specifications and preferences,” the company says.