As the holiday season draws closer, you’ve probably thought of the gifts you are going to give to your loved ones. With the world depending on technology, you might want to look into the hi-tech gizmos to give as holiday presents. After all, everyone depends on cutting-edge devices that are sleek, convenient, and practical for daily use.

To get you to search which gizmos are perfect and practical as gifts, here are ten gadgets you should give your tech-savvy loved ones.

Conference Call Speaker

Nowadays, virtual meetings are a crucial part of working from home and online learning. However, it can be frustrating when you get faint sounds or unwanted noise from either side of the call. A conference call speaker gives crisp calls in virtual meetings. It is also audible enough to go hands-free and multitask. 

Wireless Headphones

For your music-loving friends, headphones are a must. They allow multitasking while listening to music. Wireless headphones are also convenient because they save you the hassle of detangling and carrying your device. They are also perfect for telecommuters who need more privacy with their online meetings.

Portable Garden

Gardening has been one of the most popular hobbies way before the COVID-19 pandemic happened. Many have learned to harness both indoor and outdoor gardening to satiate their love for plants. But how about those who have no time to take care of their beloved potted friends?

Give your loved ones a portable garden. This compact, self-watering, and self-lighting device allows workaholic plant parents to take care of their plants without worrying about if they watered them on time or if they put them out in the sun. No plant, herb, or flower will wither and die with this hi-tech mini garden.

A portable garden is an ideal present for your family or friends who live in vertical developments like Amaia Skies Avenida and have no available garden space.

Gaming Mouse

Every gamer needs a wireless gaming mouse. While a regular mouse can do with most games, a gaming mouse has more buttons and functions that allow efficient switching of controls. Gamers will have no worries reaching for keyboard controls with a gaming mouse.

Wireless Controller

Another gaming staple is a wireless controller. There are games that are played better with a controller instead of a mouse. Wireless controllers are also versatile as your gamer friends or relatives can use it for their gaming consoles, gaming PC, and even mobile phones! In other words, gamers get to hit multiple birds with one stone through a wireless controller.

Mini Portable Coffee Maker

Coffee is a staple for almost everyone to pump up their day. Your coffee-loving folks will love receiving a mini portable coffee maker that is as sleek as their water tumbler yet as efficient and hi-tech as those in coffee shops. 

Don’t be fooled by the small size of this magical machine. It can brew six up to twelve ounces of coffee and can fit mugs as tall as seven inches. It even has an auto-off feature that saves electricity.

Cold Brew Kit

Creating the perfect cold brew doesn’t need electricity. A cold brew kit is an ideal gift for your loved ones who want a more sustainable lifestyle. It has modes that create varied strengths and flavors of the coffee. Just add your bag of beans and cold water for the magic to happen.

Because the cold brew kit doesn’t need electricity or batteries, it is perfect for camping, business meetings, and your office desk as it is compact enough to fit your backpack.


Even cooking can be more fun and efficient with a multicooker. From rice to savory meals, soups, steaks, yogurt, and blanched veggies and seafood, you can make anything with a multicooker. It will be loved by home cooks and professional chefs alike. The best part is that you can cook frozen food in a multicooker. Imagine the delectable dishes that can be prepared for the next holidays with this cutting-edge robotic chef.

Air Purifier and Humidifier

Nowadays, people prioritize health and safety, along with comfort and convenience. With viruses and pathogens lurking everywhere, it is practical to give something that promotes health in the home and office.

An air purifier is perfect for cleansing harmful microorganisms while a humidifier moistens the air to prevent dry skin, hair, throat, and vocal cords. A purifier and humidifier together are great for getting rid of allergens and keeping the air you breathe fresh and clean. Add in a few bottles of essential oils so the person you are giving these to will have a fragrant and relaxing home.

Smart Pen

In the age of technology, almost everyone types more than they write. But what if you can combine the traditional feel of a pen rolling on paper with innovative technology? You get a smartpen.


Smart pens make pen-and-paper activities such as writing and drawing more convenient, organized, and eco-friendly. Your graphic artist, relatives, or friends will enjoy drawing digitally with this genius device. There are also smart pens with ink that are designed to upload whatever is written to a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

These ten gadgets are just a handful of the practical and handy devices that will make your loved ones happy this holiday season. No matter how small or big the gadget is, keep in mind that it is the thought that counts.