There is a multitude of ways to increase your money in the current year. With the fintech industry, Bitcoin, and other altcoins gaining traction, it’s high time to brush up on your finance handling skills to make the most out of your investments. You don’t need to worry about how much money you make as long as you can handle it appropriately.

PT Unified Trade Indonesia has compiled some tips on how to handle personal finances this 2021:

1. Smart Shopping Practices

First and foremost, you should improve how you distinguish necessities from luxuries. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell your wants from your needs, so you should diligently review your purchases. 

Here are some tips on how to shop smart:

  • Don’t buy things just to post on social media. If you need to select between a cheaper yet unaesthetic and an expensive aesthetic product, you shouldn’t decide based solely on what looks good for Instagram. 
  • Don’t be tempted to buy things in bulk. Stores give discounts on products that are about to expire, so you won’t necessarily save when you buy two bottles unless you have a large household that can consume all of those within your allocated budget.
  • Compare price differences. Make an informed decision based on quality, durability, and price when buying a product.

PT Unified Trade Indonesia review has revealed that smart spending can go a long way in extending your personal finances.

2. Save a Percentage of Your Income for Emergencies

Regardless of how well your business or job is doing now, you should prepare for the future. There is no permanent job or situation, so you have to be ready for untimely incidents. Sometimes, medical incidents or calamities could cause more expenses.

Save 10% of your monthly salary as your emergency fund, and set it aside for a rainy day. However, don’t start saving until you have settled your outstanding balances or in case another global pandemic comes along.

3. Use Money to Make More Money

It’s common knowledge that the wealthy use their funds to invest in ventures to gain more money. You can create an investment portfolio with various stocks and cryptocurrencies. Companies like PT Unified Trade Indonesia specialize in helping individuals with little to no investment experience.

4. Track Your Credit

One of the most common traps is consuming up to your credit card’s limit. As a rule of thumb, you should try to keep your spending to 30% of your overall limit to ensure that you don’t overspend. Aside from that, it would be best if you took note of all the credit.

5. Check for Transaction Fees or Hidden Fees

It would help if you took note of transaction fees or hidden fees when making online purchases. Sometimes, you end up paying more than you save when ordering online, so you should always check the total bill before checking out your digital shopping cart.


Being smart about your finances will open up infinite possibilities. You can future-proof your life and create more opportunities to make more money. Before you spend your next dollar, make sure you are thinking about your emergency funds and needs.

Every business owner or budding entrepreneur always has a dream to expand their operations and take on new responsibilities. This is in line with every business motto, to achieve exponential growth over time. With growth comes the need for room for expansion. This brings us to discuss the best property for your business depending on the nature of your budget and your budget constraints. Indeed, you will need to witness huge Personal Property Returns at the end of the financial year.

Round the clock service

It is difficult to run a business and scout for potential new office space at the same time. Having a commercial realtor comes with the benefit of around the clock service time. This way, you are able to concentrate on running the business efficiently while your search is conducted by a professional, with limited time at your disposal. It is not easy to go through all the property adverts to find the best option.

Getting the agent’s services allows them to filter out some of the properties, only presenting you with the best options to choose from at your convenience. However, do not send the agent out in the field blind. You need to equip them with the necessary information regarding your business needs and other aspects to narrow their search, reducing time wastage on both their part and yours.

Industry Knowledge

As a business owner, your knowledge is usually based on your business without a wider scope covering the real estate industry as a whole. An agent is well vast with knowledge on the real estate business, keeping tabs on both current and future trends in the industry; before getting licensed, agents are subjected to classes for approval by their residential real estate commission depending on their location.

Armed with a vast knowledge of the various properties within the area, agents are the best option when you need to get a quick overview of your business’s current property listings and the best possible options. Agents have all the prerequisite knowledge regarding the prices of the location you may be targeting, comparing them to other possible options in different locations. Commercial realtors are also knowledgeable about the specific requirement of certain businesses. Hence they know some of the facilities and amenities to look out for when finding a new property.

Knowledge of Permits and Regulations

Several buildings and property permits work for different types of properties. An agent is well knowledgeable about all the zoning requirements specific to different locations. When looking for a property, an entrepreneur may overlook some of the regulations due to a lack of knowledge of their implications.

Having a professional agent works well to understand the different requirements needed by authority and meets them effectively. Another thing is the nature of your business and its corresponding relationship to the zoning area. Not all businesses can operate within a given location. For example, it is universally known that you cannot establish a chemical processing plant near a water reservoir or residential neighborhood.

Having an agent who is up to speed on the building codes and building zones is beneficial as it will help you invest in a property that can serve your business without having to cut through all the red tapes in construction laws. It makes no sense to buy a property that you cannot use to generate income for your business.

The ability of realtors to take a keen interest in their client needs is the very first thing that should attract you towards working with them. Their work usually depends on a good review. They tend to give the job they are all in order to get more referrals in the future. You definitely won’t get disappointed if you enlist the services of a well-reviewed agent.

Irrespective of your finance requirements, it is definitely a sound and fair idea to identify a professional and knowledgeable finance broker who would be able to solve your issues related to any sort of finance.   What exactly is his role? He acts as a middleman when it comes to loan application processing and aids in making the entire activity simpler and less of a hassle.  He will offer us the right lender and definitely smart lending solutions.  The broker does the job of evaluation of the client condition and requirement.  The broker firstly understands the reason why a client is taking the loan and accordingly processes the same.

Get to know more and do your complete research about finance broker perth and accordingly take a call with regards to the type of loan you intend taking.  The broker will present you a plethora of products from varied lenders and a professional broker would be able to provide you the best deals based on your criteria.

Personal finance is required by many individuals and if you get in touch with a good and experienced finance broker, he would be able to guide you and get the possible deal.  They help identify your borrowing abilities and needs and will do the groundwork for you and help identify the loan that is best suited to your requirements and circumstances.  It basically implies following the finance processes and managing the entire activity till you are given the loan.

The greater the number of lenders and lending companies he does his research on, the greater are your chances of getting a good lending finance company.  The broker will create a larger umbrella of lending companies and organize the loan in such a manner that you get it at the right time and also at a relatively low rate of interest.   Since they have the requisite knowhow and knowledge and of course the experience when it comes to loans and finance companies, you can be rest assured of getting a good deal. The only negative of going directly to the lending institution is that you may not have had the time and the inquisitiveness to do a thorough research about the lending companies and may end up paying a high rate of interest.  Since the finance brokers are into this line of business, they have a better perspective of the finance company and you would definitely be at a profitable position.

Mis Sold Investment are a claims management business with extensive experience, and countless successful claims.

Our legal experts can help you make a claim if you have been mis-sold a product.

All mis sold investment claims are dealt with on a No Win, No Fee basis. Contact us totally free initial recommendations and we will assist you.

We have returned millions of pounds to hardworking clients who were offered investment items that proved to be entirely inappropriate for their needs. Over the years we’ve developed a stress-free claims procedure and we pride ourselves on guiding our customers to recover with as little hassle as possible.

If you believe you were mis-sold a Stocks and Shares ISA, Investment Bond, System Trust, or other financial investment, get in touch today and we’ll call you back to talk about. You might be due thousands of pounds in payment.

If you have lost cash on a financial investment, you could be due countless pounds in payment if you were mis sold a financial investment by your bank, building society or by a money advisor.

You might have just forgot about the lost cash as part of the risk you took when you invested your money, however it deserves speaking to one of our specialist Claims Managers to see if you could make a claim for settlement.

When we examine whether you have a claim, we think about the advice you were offered at the beginning to comprehend whether it was ideal and if the advisor completely understood your situations and requirements at the time.

We do not take any cash upfront for mis-sold financial investment claims and we only earn money if you win.

We can help you with claims such as:

  • Mis Sold ISA Claims
  • Mis Sold Managed Portfolio Claims
  • Mis SoldWith Earnings Bonds Claims
  • Mis Sold Investment Bonds Claims
  • Mis Sold PEP Claims
  • Mis Sold Open Ended Financial Investment Companies Claims
  • Mis Sold System Trust Claims
  • Mis Sold Capital Protected Bond Claims

For free advice message our specialist financial investment Claims Managers.

How Do I Know I Was Mis Sold an Investment?

It can be difficult to understand if the investment recommendations you were given was ideal or not. One of the very best ways to learn if you were offered bad financial recommendations is by getting free initialadvice from among our skilled Claims Managers. They can inform you quite quickly if you could declare settlement for the cash you lost through your investment.

To get an excellent concept if you were mis-sold a financial product, read through the declarations below and if you agree with any of them, the financial guidance you received could have been poor and you might have been mis offered an investment:

  • My consultant didn’t correctly describe the threats
  • They didn’t tell me just how much money I might lose
  • They didn’t totally explain how the financial investment worked
  • I didn’t understand that I would lose money if I gave up the financial investment early
  • I was not told about the charges related to my investment
  • My advisor didn’t ask what I wanted to attain from the investment
  • My consultant didn’t comprehend my prepare for the cash
  • I had no previous investment experience
  • In addition, you might have been mis offered a financial investment if:
  • You were pressurised into investing your cash
  • You were guaranteed a totally safe financial investment
  • You were directed towards a specific product
  • You were convinced to move your money from one investment to another, appealing better returns.

Whatever your scenario, we can evaluate your position and help you decide if you wish to make a claim for a mis offered

Bookkeeping is the process of organizing and recording financial transactions systematically. Maintaining professional and solid accounting practice is important for business growth. You can take help Bookkeeping Services Dallas with all the financial needs of your business. The process of bookkeeping involves the day-to-day recording of the financial transaction done in a business. Bookkeeping ensures that the records of the transactions and comprehensive, up-to-date and correct. Accuracy is the key factor of the process. The process is distinct and it occurs in a broader scope of accounting. Every transaction be it sale or purchase has to be recorded under bookkeeping.

The tasks of a bookkeeper

Bookkeeping is all about tracking and recording the numbers that are engaged with the financial side of the business. Bookkeeping is essential for all kinds of business. It is equally important for non-profit organizations and individuals. A bookkeeper is responsible to record all the transactions that are related to:

  • Payment of loans
  • Payment scheduled for the suppliers
  • Generate financial reports
  • Customer payments for all the invoices
  • Closely monitor the asset depreciation

Accounting and bookkeeping are often used interchangeably. However, accounting is the practice of managing the finances of an individual or business. On the contrary, bookkeeping is specific to the practices and tasks that involve recording all kinds of financial activities.

Importance of bookkeeping

Bookkeeping has a long history and it forms a fundamental part of accounting. Traditionally, it involved a double-entry system, charts of accounts, and ledgers. Bookkeeping becomes complex with the introduction of investments, loans, taxes, and assets. The truest purpose of bookkeeping is to track the financial activities of a business, which means it allows you to keep an updated record of the outgoing and incoming amounts. It includes all the monetary amount that is owed by the business and customers. Detailed and thorough bookkeeping is crucial for all sizes of business. Bookkeeper Dallas can help you with the obvious jobs of bookkeeping for your business.

The advancement in technology has improved the bookkeeping process entirely. There is various software available for purchase. This software is built to make the work of bookkeeping easier. The processes have become completely online and are backed up by cloud technology.


Retirement planning is a long-term and tedious process. It needs meticulous planning and discipline to achieve the retirement corpus. Most people defer retirement planning thinking their retirement is far away. However, you may not have enough time left to accumulate a sizeable retirement corpus. The following are some salient tips for successful retirement planning:

Calculate the Retirement Income

The first step in retirement planning is to assess how much you need to save for it. You should calculate your current monthly expenses and adjust them for inflation in your retirement age. If you plan to retire at 60 years and expect a life expectancy of 80 years, then your retirement savings should last for 20 years. Once you have worked out the retirement corpus needed, you should invest regularly towards achieving it. It is also important to decide on an annual withdrawal rate to ensure your savings last till your life expectancy. In our example, the savings should last for at least 20 years, meaning you can withdraw 5% from the corpus annually.

Start Investing

Now that you know your retirement corpus, it is time to act.  You should decide the return on investments you want and the number of years you have to build the corpus. This will help you identify appropriate investment instruments for building the corpus. You can also consult a financial advisor if you need more help and clarity on it. It is better to decide on the investment modes based on your risk-taking abilities. If you are a risk-averse investor, then do not risk your capital by investing it in volatile investments. You must be a disciplined investor and not be fazed by market volatility. You must remain invested for the course to achieve your desired retirement corpus.

A very important aspect of retirement planning is to start investing early. The earlier you start investing, the more time you will have to achieve your retirement corpus. This means you will have to invest lesser to reach your corpus amount.

Reduce Your Debt

It is important to reduce or completely pay off your debt before retirement. You should take stock of your outstanding debt and plan to pay off the costliest one first. Outstanding debt can escalate quickly and eat into your retirement corpus, which is not desirable. You do not want a sizeable chunk of your retirement corpus into servicing debt. You can also consider meeting your expenses from cash to avoid new credit card debt.

Improve Your Financial Condition

You should improve your financial condition as much as possible before retirement. Upgrade your skills to increase your earnings. You may also consider working overtime to get more money to invest in retirement planning. You can also use the additional income to repay debt. Another approach to have more disposable income is to reduce non-essential expenses. Cutting on such expenditure can allow you the flexibility to put the savings for retirement planning. If you have debt, then search for options to refinance it with lenders willing to charge a lower rate. If you wish to learn more about Accounting and Finances visit our site at accounting services near me!

Deciding to invest in a rental property is an exciting time. It can also bring a lot of emotional and financial stress to the investor. That’s why it’s important to make sure you understand the market, and all the ins and outs of investment properties before spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you are just starting out on your investment journey, here are a few tips to get you started.

Know What It Takes to Be a Landlord

Managing a property comes with repairs and being able to fix common issues yourself will save you a lot of money in the long run. If you don’t already have a basic understanding of how to maintain and care for a building, take time to learn all you can before investing. Eventually, you might be able to hire outside help, but especially if you are just starting out, being to take care of problems yourself is advised.

Pick the Right Location

So much of real estate is about location. You might find a great property with all the amenities you’re looking for, but if it’s in the wrong location it could be a total flop. When looking for a property consider the school district, local amenities such as parks, pools, and shopping malls. You should also consider the property tax of that area and make sure you will be able to keep housing affordable and accessible. Steven Taylor Los Angeles said, “Providing safe and affordable housing is one way to give back to your local community”. Choosing the right location can be the difference between a help and a hindrance to the community.

Secure Your Finances

Before making an investment as huge as a rental property, make sure your own finances are in order. Pay down any personal debt you have, secure a down payment for your property, and make sure you have plenty of money in savings for unexpected costs that may come up. In addition to saving, make sure you’re aware of potential income opportunities as well. Landlords, such as Steven Taylor LA, are often eligible for tax breaks related to their business and properties, so make sure you do your research ahead of time. Don’t let any potential financial benefits go unused.

These are just a few of the many things to keep in mind when beginning your investment journey. Don’t rush the process and jump into an investment. It’s important to do your research and feel confident and empowered as you step into this new adventure.

Trauma insurance, which is also known as Critical Illness insurance, covers specified, serious conditions.

Owing to the current global pandemic, there have been many asking the question: does trauma insurance cover me if I am infected with Covid-19?

The answer is ‘no,it does not cover Covid-19’.

Aspect Underwriting’s Trauma insurance provides a lump sum amount to the insured for 11 pre-defined medical events, which does not include viral diseases like Coronavirus 2019(Covid-19).

Insurance agencies or underwriters provide product disclosure statements (PDS) that outline coverage details of their insurance products.If you have purchased a Trauma or Critical Illness policy as a standalone cover or as part of insurance bundle, you should refer to the PDS that came with the policy.

Trauma insurance is usually purchased with other similar products such as Income Protection, Accidental Death, and/or Total & Permanent Disability. These products can all be purchased standalone or you may select two, three or all four together. Each of them cover specific circumstances, their payouts differ from each other and do fit together to provide a great deal of protection.

Trauma insurance, as the name suggests, covers serious medical conditions and pays a lump sum benefit upon diagnosis of such a condition.

The most common trauma insurance claims are made for cancer, heart attack, coronary bypass and stroke. However, Aspect Trauma Cover provides extensive medical cover including 11 critical illnesses, that if diagnosed have potential significant financial implications over and above medical costs.

The 11 critical illness covered by Aspect Trauma Cover incudes angioplasty, Aorta surgery, benign brain tumour, cancer, coronary artery by-pass surgery, heart surgery, heart valve replacement or repair, kidney failure, major organ transplant, multiple sclerosis and stroke.

Trauma Insurance will normally cover those 11 critical illnesses, however by pure nature it doesn’t include a viral disease such as COVID-19.

There are many trauma products on themarket, and they are unlikely tohave Covid-19 under the list of medical events covered by the policy.

However, if you contract coronavirus and that leads to severe complications such as a heart attack, stroke or kidney failure, among others, the trauma policy should respond.

So, to summarise, Trauma or Critical Illness insurance do not cover Covid-19directly but it covers all the critical illnesses listed in your policy even if those ailments develop after you have been infected with the Covid-19 virus.

Inclusion of medical events covered by Trauma or critical insurance differ from one insurer to another. Refer to the PDS provided for all the medical events covered by it and if unsure,always contact your insurance provider.

Debt collection occurs when creditors want to secure apayment from a person or businesses, that they havepreviously been unsuccessfulin obtaining. Once the creditor cannot get their payment from a debtor even after multiple attempts,they will usually get a debt collector involved.Hiring a professional will save you from the headache of chasing the debtor, and a debt collection agency will have more experience and skill in this area.

A debt collection agencyalways needs to know and be aware of the legal obligations within their field. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has jointly produced a debt collection guideline to assist creditors, collectors and debtors in understanding their rights and obligations. These guidelinesare to ensure that alldebt collection activity is carried outconsistently and in linewith consumer protection laws.

However, what if a debt collector is also struggling to get the payment from a debtor, what can they do within the law, from here?

  1. Final Notice Letter

The first thing that a debt collection agency will do is send a final letter of notice to the debtor, to advise them that this is final notice of payment. This will normally be after they have received 2-3 friendly reminders already, through either email, letters or a phone call.

  1. Letter Of Demand

If a debtor doesn’t respond to the notice or the response is not good enough according to the debt collection agency, then the next step a debt collection agency will likely take is to send a letter of demand asking for immediate full payment. Until the debtor paysthe debt in full,they will keep receiving calls or emails from the debt collector within the legal obligations.

However, if you can’t make the full payment, you can talk with them to negotiate payment options.

  1. Negotiating Payment Plan

A debt collection agency will likely negotiate a payment plan with a debtor, if their response is that they cannot pay it all upfront. The agency will always be willing to help find a suitable payment method for you, as all they want it for you to pay, no matter how it goes about. There are various types of negotiations when it comes to payment that you can expect, including signing a legal repayment agreement with regular instalments, or a discount if you pay immediately.

  1. Legal Proceedings

If you don’t respond to any notices or demands, or if the debt collector feels that negotiation plans aren’t working,they will start legal proceedings.

They will collect all the necessary documentation required to get back all debt and take you to court. This will usually increase the amount you owe, as it won’t just be the debt amount, but the debt collection agency will file a “Statement of Claim” for the debt amount, debt collection costs and interest of the debt, for you to pay.

Once a court proceeding has commenced, you will have 28 days to pay the debt or file a defence. The debt collection agency can ask a court to pass a judgment against you if you don’t show up tocourt.

  1. Affect Your Credit Rating

If the court passes judgment against your or your business, it will be recorded on acredit reportas a default which will impact your future ability to take loans or get a credit card, until the judgment is removed. You will need to talk to the debt collection agency and come to an agreement to remove a default or take legal action.

  1. The Police Can Seize Your Property or Business

The debt collection agency can apply for the court to issue a warrant against you. If the court passes judgment against you, a court sheriff will visit your house or business, seize and sell your property to pay your debts.

Almost 20% of all Canadians currently earning an income in the country are self-employed, yet it remains notoriously difficult for them to obtain a mortgage; why should this be? As a growing demographic, and one that is set to increase, shouldn’t it be easier for them to find a mortgage?

Below, we take a closer look at the reasons behind the problems self-employed people face when seeking a loan to buy a property, and offer some important guidance and support:

Income – how easy is it to prove if you’re self-employed?

For the self-employed, proving their income isn’t always easy, and many owners of businesses record multiple expenses to try and minimize their tax requirements; this is something that the majority of lenders don’t (or refuse) to recognize.

If, as a self-employed person, you’re able to provide personal tax Notices of Assessment going back at least 3 years, and include them with your mortgage application, then generally speaking, you’ll be able to access the same mortgage deals as a traditional borrower. However, should you be unable to include these with your application, then you’ll have to rely on a solid credit history, and be able to stump up a minimum 10% down payment.

What other supporting documents must self-employed people produce?

To obtain a mortgage as a self-employed individual, along with your Notices of Assessment, you may also be required to include the following documentation with your mortgage application:

  • Statements of finance for your business
  • Evidence that your HST and/or GST has been fully paid
  • Contracts showing your predicted future revenue
  • Both your personal and business credit scores
  • Evidence that you are the principal owner of the business
  • A copy of your borrowers’ business or GST license or Article of Incorporation proving that you’re licensed
  • Evidence that your down payment was not a gift to you


Mortgage default insurance rates for self-employed mortgages:

If, as a self-employed person, you can provide evidence of your income through your personal tax Notices of Assessment, then your mortgage default insurance policy will be the same as if you were applying for a traditional mortgage. That is to say that if you’re only making a down payment of between 5 and 19.99%, you’ll be required to pay a premium, but you don’t need to pay it once you’ve put down at least 20%. Paid off over the duration of your loan, the premium is then added to your mortgage.

How a mortgage broker can help if you’re self-employed:

Knowing which lenders are offering the best rates for your circumstances – especially when you’re self-employed – can be tricky, tiresome and downright tedious at times, and that’s why working with a mortgage broker is such a good idea. Able to make sense of the mortgage market and translate it for you in layman’s terms, they also have access to many deals that you may not be offered if searching for a loan independently, and hiring one is always a sound investment.

For more detailed advice and guidance on securing a mortgage as a self-employed person, contact a mortgage agent, specialist or broker.