The French countryside is a popular tourist destination and offers many great opportunities for adventures. The most exclusive of these experiences is staying in a castle or owning one, and when it comes to castles, there’s really nothing that beats the size and splendor of an authentic chateau. If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience right out of a fairy tale and a smart investment at the same time, buying one might just be your best option! You can do a quick online search in and find the one that’s perfect for you and your family. In this blog post we’ll go over 5 reasons why investing in a French castle would be so much fun. If you want to learn more interior techniques on how to design a French Chateau, you can look at the online courses offered by Home Design Institute, Paris.

French chateaus are full of history

If you are looking for a historic home, then purchasing an old French castle is the perfect choice. One of the main advantages of buying a French Castle is that they come with plenty of history and character. Whether it is due to wars or rebellions, these castles have seen many interesting events throughout their lifetime. If your goal in life is to become one with nature while simultaneously living history, then owning a castle would make this dream possible.

The castles were built between 800 A.D and 1799 on top of Gallo-Roman ruins or medieval remains such as Merovingian vestiges. Some even come with dungeons that we could turn into wine cellars if need be. These historical monuments have been lovingly restored by their owners over generations, so they remain today important landmarks from different periods throughout history. In most cases, these ancient stones have witnessed many stories of kings and queens passing through them since the Middle Ages until recently. What a lucky opportunity for those who have the chance to live in one!

You’d get more privacy than ever

In a world where we are all too often surrounded by people, it’s nice to retreat into seclusion. At least that is what you would think if you were going back 800 years or so. Many castles still have their own moat and drawbridge which will give you a small taste of being somewhat cut off from civilization as well as an extra sense of security! And once inside your castle, no more neighbors above or below or on either side – everything around belongs to you – this includes the beautiful gardens surrounding them. If privacy was important enough for aristocracy over hundreds of years ago, it should be good enough for us today, right? So, if you are looking for privacy, buying a French castle is the way to go. Some castles have over 50 acres of land leading up to them that do not allow anyone near their property lines without an invitation to come inside. This makes it perfect if you want your own little world away from other people and noise.

Chateaus are surrounded by nature

When you buy a French castle, the chateau will most likely be in beautiful natural surroundings with rivers and forests nearby. There is nothing quite like strolling through the grounds of your own private estate that has been around for centuries! They offer a lot of space for the visitors to roam around and enjoy some quiet time while taking in all the beauty that is on display. With lots of greenery, chateaus make you feel closer to nature while also giving you an opportunity to get up close with it. Nothing can be more relaxing than walking through beautiful gardens or enjoying your morning coffee outdoors under trees where birds sing their songs over your head. Not only that but their gardens and grounds offer an abundance of flora and fauna to explore – from trees and flowers at your doorstep to wildlife roaming free throughout their many acres of land. You might even spot deer running across if you’re lucky enough!

Chateaus have tax benefits

There is no other real estate asset that has its own tax regime. Chateaus typically fall under the status of “tresor imperial,” or “imperial treasure” and therefore enjoy a lower rate of property taxation than other properties. In France, a chateau can benefit from an exemption on wealth taxes for the first 15 years of ownership if it’s classified as a “Monument Historique”. You also get to deduct 70% of your restoration expenses before being taxed on the remaining 30%. Chateaus are not taxed at their full value, but at a much lower rate. This is usually around 0.34% of the property’s market value in Paris and less than that outside of it. Therefore, if you buy a historic chateau for $100 million dollars you only pay taxes on about $340k per year – which means your yearly tax bill might be as low as $4500.

Their value will increase over time 

Have you ever wondered why the Mona Lisa, a simple painting by Leonardo Da Vinci, is worth more than $700 million? It’s because there are people willing to pay for it. In other words, their value will increase over time as long as someone wants them and as long as they can afford them. The same goes for French castles which have been around since medieval times. They always come with an interesting story behind them or some kind of historical significance that makes them even more valuable in today’s world and that’s why their value will only increase over time.

Buying a French Castle can be quite challenging but also extremely rewarding when you finally make that purchase. It gives you access to owning something truly special with centuries worth of history behind it, which alone makes this kind of investment worthwhile. Furthermore, it provides the opportunity to enjoy your own piece of history as well as living in one of France’s most beautiful regions surrounded by vineyards and gorgeous lavender fields, so if you decide to invest in a castle, you can be sure you’ve made the right choice!