If you are here because you have been scammed online and are currently looking for a solution, then let me tell you about Action Refund. It is a firm that is new in the space of funds recovery that you end up losing through the internet or through online scams. I will be sharing an honest Action Refund review for your enlightenment and understanding of where this particular firm stands in terms of recovering your funds. 

Consultants with No Experience

When it comes to providing support, Action Refund aims to do it with its full potential, but is that enough?The firm is new to the space and thus, needs time to get accustomed to the ways of getting your money back from online scams. The teamisn’t always enthusiastic and doesn’t feel like they are aiming to learn more from their experiences.In other words, you can’t expect miracles to happen when you get in touch with this company. 

Free Consultation and Charges

Similar to major consultation/money recovery firms, Action Refund also offers the first consultation for free. However, the assessment it gives is also not much satisfactory, which means that more consultations are required before the firm is fully able to understand your case. This means that you have to set up an account and make the required deposit before the second consultation can take place. 

Gathering of Useful Information

You may observe that the platform would get in touch with you from time to time to gather information. At one point, you may even get agitated because this back and forth movement may become common. However, majority of the veteran firms do it once or twice and gathering all the information they need in order to pursue the case. The firm may even ask you to get in touch with your bank to acquire necessary details around transactions, while funds recovery funds do it on your behalf.

Case Assessment and Strategy

As mentioned earlier, Action Refund’s case assessment is currently not as accurate or effective than other veteran funds recovery firms. This means that if the assessment takes time, so would the strategy surrounding the case. Therefore, once the consultations have been conducted, you need to wait for the firm’s case manager to get in touch with you to discuss the strategy and plan.

Does Action Refund Provide You Updates?

When it comes to pursuing the case, Action Refund is not as experienced as well as active as other major firms. At times, the firm may take several weeks before it gets in touch with you to provide an update on your case. This is because the firm is short on resources but tends to get more cases it can handle effectively and efficiently. On several occasions, you may have to get in touch with them to acquire an update on the matter. There are chances that they may have an update around your case but weren’t able to contact you because of shortage of resources.

This is the reason you need to be very calm and patient when it comes to letting Action Refund deal with your case.

Support Team at Action Refund

When it comes to providing customer support, Action Refund does it via email and landline. However, you may have to wait before a representative gets free from other customers before assisting you. At times, you may have to wait more than 5 minutes before you actually get through to someone. When it comes to emails, you may have to do it several times before they respond to your email.

Always be Careful

Admit it, you are here because you were scammed and the responsibility of being scammed falls completely over you. None of this would have happened if you were vigilant and cautious choosing a platform. 

Therefore, it is advised to always be cautious so you never end up being stuck at a situation where you find it difficult to trust even a platform that is offering funds recovery.