Continuous communication with customers is the most important component of any business. In today’s world, the need for consumers forces marketers and business people to look for effective ways to attract new clients and maintain a constant audience. You can find the solution to this problem in the mobile version of marketing, which provides quick contact with a large number of users. Its main tools are bulk messaging. You can assess the effectiveness of this process only by knowing the total number of consumers who responded.

According to the research by American marketers, 70% of subscribers respond to a well-written SMS, and 30% respond to a notification on the first day of mailing.

Smartphones are an indispensable tool today. People spend a lot of free time on devices. Young people use their mobile phone almost round the clock, with the main preference given to virtual communication.

Organization and benefits of bulk send SMS

Delivery of messages is carried out as quickly as possible, especially if you use such web options as bulk SMS services. These SMS senders represent the leading bulk email provider. They serve over 800 networks in 200 countries around the world.

You will be able to send bulk messages in a way that has never been more reliable or faster. And you can now communicate with your customers or potential audience through ads, alerts, notifications and other types of text messages.

Nowadays, it is easy to schedule a specific time to send, time your message for the holidays or scheduled events, and get the perfect consumer notification tool. The main tasks when using this method are:

  • convey the necessary information;
  • fit it into 60 Cyrillic or 160 Latin letters;
  • remove “water” from your text.

As a result, your client receives a clear call to action and specific information for feedback.

Personalization of SMS for marketing provides the ability to indicate information in the notification intended for a specific subscriber. Statistics show that any messages of this type generate increased audience engagement and build loyalty to your brand. Such SMS contains personal information, so users open them much more often. In this case, you should take into account the following nuances:

  1. The information contained in personal messages should be checked carefully.
  2. Use context details that make your brand stand out.
  3. Using free content will increase your audience several times.
  4. Bulk mailing should only be done using a trusted and secure service.

It is important to think everything over to the smallest detail. The meaning of SMS marketing services will be lost if a user gets an individual offer with an incorrectly specified name. In addition, you should make sure that you provide a sufficiently complete registration form so that customers can leave their names or aliases.

It’s important to double-check your information, or better yet, offer consumers an easy way to update records if their data changes. But the exact use of small details, for example, the special spelling of the common name, represents the right SMS marketing solutions that will set you apart from the rest of the brands.

Free content is one of the most reliable ways to get an answer. If you have a video that is relevant to customers in a specific area (and to your brand too), please submit it along with a special offer. The particular advantage of mobile SMS marketing is that you can include links to a wide variety of content. Smartphone owners can view it on the go or for entertainment purposes. You can just make someone else’s day.

Useful recommendations

It is easy to implement all of the above using massmailsoftware from an internet company. It is one of the largest messaging services worldwide, with a user-friendly interface and a delivery report. This platform offers customers great prices. The more messages you send, the cheaper they will be.

For your personalized SMS text marketing strategy to be successful, you need to determine your customers’ personal preferences. Collecting data on interests can be done in several ways. But the easiest way to do this is via keyword-based surveys. They should include questions that may not seem relevant immediately. For example, your favorite sports teams or music bands. However, this can become useful over time.

Existence of such data in your file allows you to get dividends, so it is worth finding out as much information as possible about your customers. Also, don’t forget to categorize your listings according to various criteria such as postcode, age, and more.

It is important to understand that SMS marketing is much more effective and convenient than other means. Messages are delivered quickly and can be done with just one click. Such fast mailing is great for the development and promotion of any business.