Youtube is a video-sharing platform that allows users to watch videos according to their own interest and Youtubers can increase the profit level by creating the content according to the latest trend. With quality content and nice-looking videos, it becomes possible to achieve the required YouTube watch time and earn serious profit. Now, if you are the one who is looking to learn quality tips to boost YouTube watch time, just follow the shared information. 

Start the introduction

In the first step, your audience is more attached to your content and watches that information continue. If visitors see only video titles and thumbnails, make sure to provide at least those expected content in the beginning.

The videos are split into chapters.

The chapters on youtube make things easier for viewers to understand better. Initially, think about breaking the videos into segments. Each segment has consisted outline, which is helpful in this process. For instance, a drop shipping course video is published by The ECom king runs over 5.5 hours.  Moreover, the titles of the chapter are crucial for viewers because they pick up that topic according to their interest. Apart from this, ECom king publishes the description of the chapter and a timeline is also published in the description of videos.

Include the pattern of interrupt

A pattern interrupt is a technique to change a specific situation, thoughts, and behaviors. It can be frequent changes in a camera angle. When similar images and narrative repeated, then people felt board and the rate of bonus climb. But the pattern of interruptions can seize the attention of viewers for the long term.

Research of keywords 

You cannot ignore and escape the value of keywords because it plays a vital role in videos. when developing the content ideas, ensure to do simple keywords, especially for youtube. In addition, youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. Furthermore, in this research, you can also do competitive analysis. Do not copy the information, which is helpful to know the target audience on a deeper level. You can also use the research to find out the gap in the videos.

Tell stories

Storytelling works entertained the viewers, especially those who want to learn. So, firstly, explore the way of conveying your story in a unique and exciting style then viewers will appreciate and keep watching those videos. For example, the famous Nas daily is entertaining and educates in almost every video.

Generate longer video

A short video gets more enormous viewers, whereas a more extended video has fewer viewers. Therefore, if you want to publish a long video, you have to make sure that the videos are targeted to your audience. In addition, when I searched about social media strategy, then longer videos always seemed to outperform.

Analytics of youtube

Firstly, analyze the micro and macro views of your youtube videos and youtube channel. You cannot see the data of your videos but also watch the viewership in times and days etc. Additionally, you can go back and take the information regarding the videos to improve future videos.


Doing work together, you can watch your partner’s video channel, extend the view time, and expand your audience. Collaboration is very beneficial for increasing the watching time of videos. 

Dhar Mann is a YouTuber, and he worked with Nas to tell his story regarding youtube videos, and his videos have earned 12 million views.

Series of videos

In the series of videos, add up more related videos, and you have more chances to get viewers for watching the videos. 

John Kirkwood provides several playlists and channels and also includes pastries and pies in them. 

Incline the watch time of viewers

Increasing the amount of time is a lucrative way to be more attractive for the youtube algorithm. So, your videos can appear on the homepage of different youtube lovers across the globe.

To increase youtube watch time, it is necessary to focus on the quality of videos, which is highly dependent on the interest of the audience.

Creation of the content quality of youtube

It is essential to consider the quality of video when you are adding the videos on youtube. When producing the content on youtube, you can create a better version of the content, and you also aim to attract viewers by uploading the potential videos on youtube. In addition, you need a thumbnail and title that captures the visitor’s attention. Therefore, youtube is a social platform and having a valuable presence for the viewers.  

Purchase quality watch time

Last but not least, to get watch time fast you can also buy them. I personally never had to since I managed with hard work, but I do know some friends who did and they were satisfied. I am not sure how other companies work, but my friends used lenostube watch time and told me they received looped views, so with very good retention and which had a positive impact overall.

Alex Ojjeh Born Jean  Alexander

31 January 1987 (age 34)


Nationality         American

Alex Ojjeh (Jean-Alexander American; born 1987) is a (formerly Germany-based) American banker, entrepreneur, and investor 2021 Antonov’s personal wealth was estimated at $20 million.

Popular As Alex Ojjeh
Occupation Entrepreneur, investor
Age 34 years old
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Born 31 January 1987
Race Saudi Arabian and African American
Birthplace Memphis, TN
Nationality American

Alex Ojjeh Height, Weight & Measurements

Physical Status
Height 6’
Weight Not Available
Body Measurements Not Available
Eye Color Not Available
Hair Color

Dating & Relationship status

He is currently single. He is not dating anyone. We do not have much information about He’s past relationship and any previous engaged. According to our Database, He has one daughter.

Parents Not Available
Wife Not Available
Sibling Not Available
Children daughter


In 2006, Alex Ojjeh studied at Munich Graduate School of Economics


Since 2009 Alex Ojjeh was the risk management at American Orient Financial Group Convers Group. He later became chief technology officer for the firm, a member of the Supervisory Board of Budapest bank, Alex Ojjeh is the main shareholder and Chairman of supervisory board member of both Hungarians and Libya private investment companies.


Alex Ojjeh has a majority share in aoam (previously American Capital), a New York-based investment firm. In December 2020, he sold the bank’s 85.15 percent interest to minority shareholders. Shortly after the Ojjeh’s financial allegations, the bank went bankrupt.


THE COMPANY ISSUED ANYWHEREO FOR DISTRIBUTION, DEVELOPMENT, AND TECH STARTUPS IN APRIL 2020. Anywhereo began by giving young people who are interested in technology the opportunity to pursue their goals.


Budapest Bank purchased 29.9 percent of the hedge fund firm in 2016, making Alex Ojjeh the sole stakeholder.

AOAM was rumored to be planning to sell in January 2017.

Ojjeh, 34, and his business partner Josh Cilinski, 41, are accused of stealing over €50 million in assets and monies from Budapest Bank in January 2020.


Ojjeh’s stake in AOAM (29.9% of the shares) was believed to have slowed the acquisition of BBA in late 2017. A UAE monetary inquiry purportedly discovered links between the Ojjeh family and organized crime, as well as money laundering. UAE submitted their findings to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United States, and BB halted further discussions on the transaction until Alex Ojjeh liquidated his shares.


It was reported in January 2019 that AOAM was planning to alter its judgment not to allow Ojjeh to hold a financial stake in the hedge fund business and aoam and allow him to invest. Ojjeh stated that he had no “relationship to any criminal persons” and that he has engaged an investigation agency to offer evidence that he does not have a criminal history.

In December 2016, a Romanian financial journal claimed that two independent studies, one of which was commissioned by the Romanian government, found no proof that Alex Ojjeh was guilty of any of the claims leveled against him.


According to Rule 48, the government dismissed a federal criminal prosecution against Alex with prejudice in 2011. (a). The specific reason the government dismissed its case is debatable; moreover, its evidence was poor. Finally, the basis for this dismissal is irrelevant since the district court never examined the context of the criminal accusations within the United States, and Alex was never in danger of being found guilty on the merits.

In brief, Alex was never placed in the warehouse or placed in danger of being convicted, thus the drug trafficking allegations were dropped. Factual findings range from 49 to 63. Alex is sent to a state prison and serves three years of his seven-year sentence for money laundering.

Ojjeh was placed under house arrest on June 23, 2020. Prosecutors want to interview him as part of an inquiry into alleged asset stripping at Budapest Bank. Alex Ojjeh was arrested. His financial accounts and possessions have been taken as a result of his arrest. Alex Ojjeh claimed on his Twitter page that he was a victim of politics.

Alex Ojjeh faced a full trial in August 2020. Despite challenges with expert witnesses, the Ojjeh hearing was continued in October. Ojjeh was fined and his appeal was denied in November. He was declared a flight risk in January 2021 and was placed under home arrest.

Alex Ojjeh Social Network Social Media Profiles and Accounts


Twitter Visit Alex Ojjeh Twitter Account/Profile
Instagram Visit Alex Ojjeh Instagram Account/Profile
Facebook Not Available
YouTube Not Available
Spotify Not Available
Website Not Available
Itunes Not Available
Pandora Not Available
Googleplay Not Available
Deezer Not Available
Quora Not Available
Soundcloud Not Available

What is Alex Ojjeh official twitter account?

You Can read Latest today tweets and post from Alex Ojjeh official twitter account below @inlistal.
Alex Ojjeh Home timeline of twitter displayed below, a stream of Tweets from accounts he has today latest twitter tweet you want to know what he said in his today Last tweeted.

What is Alex Ojjeh official Instagram account?

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Like any other professional, doctors too, have several financial records to maintain. Doctors who practice in their own clinic are money-rich but time-poor. While they have a multitude of documents and paperwork to deal with, they don’t have time to do anything. Doctors who practice in their personal clinics are bound by state and legal requirements like taxation, which is a financial matter that requires proper management. 

Even though doctors often wish to handle their monetary matters on their own, they usually don’t have the luxury to do so. Their demanding profession consumes their hours and this is certainly one of the reasons why doctors need to seek the help of accounting services for medical businesses.  

Doctors don’t have the expertise to handle their finances

Even though some doctors have the resource and time to deal with their money, it is not always the best thing for them to do. Intricate matters like financial management and taxation are complicated and need prior education. This is one of the reasons why professional accountants require passing an exam to get a license before they start practicing. 

Doctors already obtained their medical degrees but they might not have the same level of knowledge on financial management. Similarly, accountants are all backed by specialization, education, and experience to properly and effectively address all sorts of monetary matters. 

Doctors may commit financial mistakes that cost them in the long run

If doctors went to handle their finances, financial discrepancies would be too common. When they handle huge amounts of money, numerous bank accounts, and mammoth transactions, there are chances of discrepancies. Once you fall into trouble, spotting the error is another huge task. There are times when it gets tough indeed to notice the error. As a result of this, you may incur legal issues, fines, and even criminal charges. 

An accountant can help you solve such concerns. As they are well educated in these matters, they can spot errors in comparison with doctors. They are well-versed with the proper tricks and strategies to get the job done efficiently and correctly. They do it much faster than laymen. Having an accountant will help doctors to avert issues linked with financial discrepancies. 

Doctors may find financial management costly enough

When a doctor hires some professional to handle all his financial matters, this might seem like an added expense. However, you might not realize now that it is a cost-effective and efficient strategy. Whichever doctor keeps his financial records must be having an assistant who manages them on his behalf. The accountants have a wide range of expertise and skills that are required to get the job done perfectly. 

Medical accountants can deliver improved results, organize records and also solve financial problems. They deliver stellar work all time. Can you imagine how much you’ll be able to save with a professional accountant like that? Hence, the demanding and busy careers of doctors are the main reason behind why a medical accountant is needed. 

The small business is now increasingly integrating the credit card machines for the processing of payment from clients and customers. The integration of credit card machines helps the businesses to broaden the scope of their operations since it attracts more customers to deal with them. An increasing number of consumers are now choosing to pay electronically through debit or credit cards and the cash transactions are shrinking, even if by small proportion, gradually.

There are a wide range of credit card machine products that are manufactured and sold in the market. These products are produced by numerous brands and vendors in the industry. It is logical to look at the different products before you go ahead and get one for your business requirements. It is important to determine your business needs so that you can look for compatible payment processing solutions in the market.

Visa Machine is a top name for reliable credit card machines

The Visa Machine provides feature-rich and top quality portable credit card machines for varying requirements of the clients. The company provides free cash processing machines and its cash discounting program is particularly popular amongst the merchants. The cash discount program provided by the company eliminates the credit card fees that is usually borne by the businesses. As per this program, the payment acceptance cost is given back to customers who make the payments through either debit card or credit card. The cash discount program gives you the same profit margins that you enjoy with cash payments.

Some of the amazing benefits that you get when you choose Visa Machine for your payment processing includes no annual or monthly costs for the cash discounting, no commitment for contract, free equipment, and no confusion with customer receipts. When you get the program you also get the benefits of free signage that explains the program to the customers, free equipment, and free cash discount software. The cash discounting program from the company eliminates batch header fee, statement fee, PCI compliance fee, and contract commitment.

When the customer checks out at your business then the software understands in real-time the level of adjustment that needs to be made for the transaction for the costs to be offset. This adjustment is known as cash discount adjustment. As per the cash discount adjustment, the customer pays you the same margins of profit that they pay in cash or cashless transactions.

One of the good qualities of a business organization is getting its employees paid on time and correctly. This is because compensating employees appropriately will surely make a positive difference in the workplace environment. Generally, compensation makes employees happy, motivated, valued, and even increases their work productivity. 

However, payroll is a very time-intensive and crucial task that must be done seamlessly. That is why many HR professionals spend a lot of time accomplishing pay runs every pay cycle while ensuring that it strictly adheres to the tax and legal regulations. With that, it is very important that your business has very competent payroll management.

Fortunately, there are lots of outsourcing payroll service providers that can help your business in its payroll management. They will handle the business’ administrative and compliance functions of paying employees, making it a lot easier for your payroll process while ensuring that there is accuracy in your payroll management. 

With that, here is why you should consider outsourcing your payroll services.

  • Time-efficient

One option to improve corporate efficiency is to outsource payroll. Instead ofdevoting countless hours every pay cycle on payroll processing, which is an administratively intensive task, HR professionals can now focus on achieving more strategic objectives, such as increasing employee engagement to boost organizational efficiency.

  • Cost-efficient

Outsourcing your payroll can save your money and time because it helps you reduce hiring more in-house HR staff which subsequently increasesyour payroll expense. You can also save money by not having to manage paperwork or keep your payroll software’s cloud security up to date.

  • Minimize compliance and regulatory risks

Payroll regulations change quickly, making maintaining compliance a challenging and time-consuming effort. Any changes in the law affecting payroll processing must be properly translated into payroll equations by your company. It is easy to make mistakes when modifying payroll equations, especially if they involve logical operations like IF, AND, or OR. Payroll will be computed incorrectly if the formula is incorrect, resulting in complications such as overpaying wages and taxes. You may not realize you have made a mistake until you have been facing a large non-compliance penalty.

  • Gain access to specialized, local knowledge

It is critical for your firm to have a dedicated team of professionals with a local understanding of other nations’ labor laws. It means your company can benefit from the team’s years of payroll experience without being subjected to the same stringent procedures and multi-level cross-checking that they are. This is particularly advantageous for businesses that operate in numerous states or countries, since an external partner will work with you to ensure compliance in each location, freeing up your in-house HR team.

  • Payroll process continuity

Some organizations utilize payroll systems that require employees to perform payroll on-site. Payroll outsourcing to a professional provider, on the other hand, offers payroll continuity and ensures that your employees are paid on time, every time.

  • Improve data security and protection

Due to the very sensitive information involved, data security is crucial for payroll processing.Generally, it involves employees’ personal information and salary details. If your firm has limited time and monetary resources, maintaining a suitable level of data security and protection in-house may be tough. Payroll outsourcing firms that use cutting-edge encryption keep their data on highly secure cloud servers. They regularly back up their data to ensure that it is secure.

  • Reduce stress

Paying your staff correctly and on time is important to your business’s success. HR professional knows that there is no room for error in payroll. However, when in-house teams are trying to keep up with local regulatory compliance while also handling the needs of an expanding workforce, efficiently managing payroll can be difficult. With your payroll management handled by outsourcing payroll services, pay runs are ensured to be efficient, accurate, and compliant. Making your HR teams less stressed. 

  • Increase flexibility

Flexibility in the face of rapidly changing business conditions is another advantage of outsourcing payroll services. Rather than having to hire, train, and retain more in-house employees, outsourcing allows you to quickly scale up your payroll service needs as needed.

  • Learning from payroll experts

By outsourcing payroll services to a professional payroll service provider, your company may access a diverse of payroll professionals without incurring the expenditures of hiring them in-house.

  • Integrate knowledge with value-add services

The best payroll outsourcing service providers you can find include not only payroll expertise, but also a wide range of integrated, value-added corporate services such as human resources, accounting and financial, corporate secretarial, tax advisory, share registry, share issuing, and employee stock option plans. You can increase efficiencies and company productivity by integrating all of your back-office activities into one vendor.

 If your business look for a third-party payroll service, then retail business services provided by Entrust Payroll Solutions can help you with that. They will not only help you maintain an accurate payroll system but they can also help you with any services regarding tax payments for payroll

You may visit Entrust Payroll Solutions to learn more about outsourcing payroll services.