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There is a moment of shortage of funds for everyone at a certain point in life, be it big business organizations, small and medium enterprises or even individuals. Fortunately, we live in a highly revolutionized financial system integrated with the latest technological tools to provide us with the best and most timely financial assistance. Loans are one of the most potent elements of the financial sector, designed to benefit both lenders and borrowers. There are many options available in applying for an EMI loan online.

The process of borrowing money from any lending organization with the terms and conditions of repayment and the interest rate is known as a loan. A digitized economic infrastructure dramatically simplifies the application to the approval process. As internet banking has become a norm, people can leverage the benefit of having applied for and approved loans online from the comfort of their homes.

The types of loans can be broadly classified into four categories:

  1. Secured loan: It is the type of loan in which the lender requires any asset in the form of collateral, which can be property paper or any financial bond. So that if there is a defaulter, the lender can overcome the loss by taking possession of that asset.
  2. Unsecured loan: The interest rate on unsecured loans is higher, but the collateral is not required, but the interest rate is higher. This is why borrowers with a high source of income and an excellent credit score are eligible to apply for this type of loan. Personal loans or travel loan can be an example of this type.
  3. Open-ended loans: Credit cards are the best examples of such types of loans where the borrower can purchase over and over till the defined credit limit, and once the repayment is made, the credit score increases.
  4. Closed-ended loans: These loans do not provide the option of re-borrowing once the amount is repaid, the balance will decrease, but there is no credit available for further borrowing. Mortgage, vehicle and education loans fall under this category.

Other types of loans are also described depending on our needs, such as education, vehicle, home loans, advance loan, etc.

Eligibility criteria for the loan approval:

Borrowers have a wide range of loan options available to them. So, depending on them, there can be varying degrees of required eligibility factors, but generally, these are the criteria to consider.

  • The borrower should maintain a decent credit score with no prior history of defaulting.
  • The income flow should be stable and consistent so the lender can trust the borrower.
  • For lenders requiring collateral, assets such as financial investments, property documents, etc., are necessary.
  • A short-term loan, known as a salary loan is explicitly provided to salaried professionals who earn a substantial income monthly. They can avail three times the amount of their original salary with less-than-perfect credit ratings. The interest rate of such loans is too high and needs to be repaid within a short period.

The decision for loan application should be based on the existing financial situation and the set of prescribed norms by the country’s banking infrastructure.


Bolstering employee productivity and boosting customer loyalty require consistent high-quality analytics of communication with clients. This allows you to identify subtle trends, find errors in your staff behavior and make communication with your customers transparent and predictable. The more channels for communicating with customers a company has (calls, chats, surveys, reviews), the more difficult and time-consuming the acquisition and assessment of received data becomes. Which makes it really hard to draw proper conclusions. However, you can tackle this challenge with a cutting-edge solution from MTS AI based on speech analytics software

Advancements in artificial intelligence technologies help analyze the quality of voice and text communication, find errors and troubles, as well as identify trends and key lines of communication. AI solutions can be used to process up to 100% of chats and call records, whereas only 1-2% of the data can be analyzed manually.

Benefits of using AI analytics in business

Voice Analytics is an ML model-based plug-in service for analyzing voice and text interactions with clients. This tool can automatically analyze all communications between operators/chat bots and customers via any channels, including app-based chats, phone calls, websites, social networks and instant messengers.

Advantages of AI analytics:

  • Run an in-depth and high precision communication analysis;
  • Find subtle correlations between client behavior and staff actions;
  • Build a robust communication framework with no human interference;
  • Forecast trends and performance indicators based on communication;
  • Analyze all types of speech communication in your interactions with clients;
  • Individualize a set of ready-made metrics that allow assessing the situation in a specific company;
  • Quick and simple deployment and re-training;
  • Convenient and transparent reporting system.

Application of AI technologies in speech analytics has proven to be effective in areas that require extensive communication with customers, such as telecom, banking and financial companies, and retail business. Automatic communication analysis is also essential for delivery services and healthcare providers.

Artificial intelligence can effectively control the quality of customer service, ensure security of customer data and conduct in-depth research of the target audience. With speech analytics technology, you can identify effective and counterproductive communication scenarios and create flexible and efficient scripts for high-quality processing of customer requests.

Business values from introduction of AI analytics

Research efforts by MarketsandMarkets, Just AI, MDG and Rostelecom demonstrate that the use of AI-enabled speech analytics tools helps:

  • Improve customer service by 100%,
  • Reduce the cost of lead acquisition by 35-43%,
  • Boost sales by 17-30%,
  • Achieve a 20% increase in customer satisfaction.

Additionally, the customer service control department gains up to 80% in productivity, the number of enabled self-help services increases by 36%, while secondary operator workload declines by 14%. Customer support becomes easier for the company and more effective and accessible for customers.

You can always find the best solution for you depending on the purpose of deploying the tool and your company’s operational profile. For example, you can connect the speech analytics capability or build an all-in-one solution with Audiogram, a speech recognition and synthesis platform. And if your business needs help bots to assist your customers, you should also consider deploying the NLP Platform.

Since they were first introduced, prepaid cards have experienced a meteoric rise. In fact, a study conducted by Pew indicated that prepaid card usage has increased by as much as 50 percent from 2012 to 2014.

Undoubtedly, from the time these innovative financial instruments were first introduced, they have come a long way. Today, prepaid cards have evolved into one of the most popular and well-loved plastic cards available.

Prepaid Card Essentials You Should Know

If you are like many people, you either own a prepaid card already or you are considering getting one. Surprisingly, many who have owned and used a prepaid card are still not that familiar with its many ins and outs.

Fortunately, you have come to the right place. This article will be your easy and quick guide on how to use one of the most ingenious tools available at your disposal. This guide will also help you make the most of your prepaid card.

It’s easy for many people to mistake prepaid cards for other plastic cards like credit and prepaid cards. However, unlike the other two, prepaid cards don’t need to be linked to any savings or checking account.

In other words, prepaid cards have to be preloaded with money before you can use it for purchase transactions and ATM withdrawals. So basically, your prepaid card is considered “empty” unless money has been successfully loaded onto it.

Also, unlike credit cards, you won’t be “borrowing” money from the bank. With credit cards, the bank will pay for the purchase and the cardholder will pay the bank back at a later date. With prepaid cards, you will be using your own money.

The amount of the withdrawal or purchases you will do will be deducted directly from the available balance you have on your card. It is also deducted in real time. As soon as the balance has been depleted, your transactions will be declined for the time being.

However, as soon as you are able to successfully load money onto your card, you will be able to use the card right away for both purchase transactions and ATM withdrawals. You also have different ways to load money on the card.

What to Consider When Getting a Prepaid Card

With so many plastic cards now available, choosing the best one has become tricky for many. Fortunately, you can narrow down the options by asking yourself some essential questions. For example, ask yourself which of the two you prefer: loading through direct deposits or through networks.

If you prefer loading through networks, you should pick a card with a reload network you can easily access. Another consideration would be the charges and fees associated with the card. You need to determine the transactions you often do using the card.

Another consideration would be your patterns in terms of card use. Undoubtedly, it is recommended that you opt for a card that will charge the minimum for the transactions you often do.

Another consideration is easy access to the card. With a prepaid card, you are spared from the hassle of submitting personal and financial information and documents. It’s the exact opposite when it comes to prepaid cards.

Unlike credit cards, obtaining a prepaid card is as easy as can be. You won’t have to submit any financial or confidential documents. Also, since it won’t be tied to any accounts, you won’t have to wait for a long time for the approval.

Lastly, if it’s help with money management that you are after, getting a prepaid card is hands down your best option. Unlike credit cards, you won’t be able to accumulate any debts using your prepaid card and you won’t have to pay exorbitant monthly fees.

For a trader who understands how to trade and where to trade, trading on the stock market is simple, but entering the world of share trading can be pretty tricky for newcomers. Thanks to modern savvy tech, you can now invest in shares, which is no longer a big concern. The stock market is a massive marketplace for buying and selling publicly traded shares. There are several types of investors; therefore, you must place yourself in the appropriate group.

Opening a Demat account is the first stage in the stock and share purchase process. Many banks and applications will help you open a free Demat account, and then you can maintain your shares in this account, which is also where trading happens. But it’s not as easy as it seems to open a Demat account. You must be very careful with the small pieces of information because it involves a lot of documents. Saying so, let us look into it in a more detailed way.

What Do We Mean By A Demat Account?

The Indian market was made available to international investors after the 1990s. Experts first created Demat accounts in 1996 to make it easier for overseas investors to trade on the Indian stock markets. In essence, the Demat account is a securities account. Instead of possessing physical certificates, it enables international investors to own shares and other securities digitally. As a result, trading Indian stocks and shares is relatively simple.

Physical, financial instruments are recorded electronically in a dematerialization account. A physical certificate is represented electronically. The electronic record of your shares, stocks, ETFs, and mutual fund investments is kept in a Demat account. It is an entry in an electronic book. A record of your assets is held there. Your stock broker maintains an electronic ledger for this purpose. It is a bank account where your stocks or other investments are kept. It is a record held by your stock broker of the shares you have purchased.

How Do These Accounts Operate?

You must open a Demat account to purchase shares or other securities. Its resemblance to a dematerialized account led to its naming. You can keep your stakes in this account. The bank, which is the custodian of your account, maintains this account. You need two versions to store your stocks. Your trading account is one, and your Demat account is the other. For instance, you must create a Demat account to purchase shares. It is necessary because your Demat account must first receive credit for the shares. You will not credit your trading account with the stocks. It’s crucial to remember that you cannot keep any securities in your trading account.

The stock trading app has made investing in the stock market quite simple. These apps thoroughly review each potential benefit linked with each stock and explain what will happen if you decide to buy it.

The advantages of mobile trading apps for investors and traders have been established. The days of constantly seeking stock market news are long gone. These apps provide you with the whole share market online.


Many people are often seen asking how to look for the best dentist in Singapore to get their oral health checked. Well, in such a big country, deciding who can be a suitable choice becomes difficult. Everyone wishes to visit a well-known dentist, whether it is to put on braces, dental crowns, root canal treatment, dental implants, dental crowns, or teeth whitening. In this regard, patients should look for a few aspects to help them choose a suitable doctor and check the CASA dental price list.    

  • Find The Success Rate Of The Doctor 

First, you should check out their success rate while looking for a dental expert. It defines the number of patients they have cured over the years. If a person has a lower success rate, it is better not to visit them as you don’t know whether they will be able to provide the right treatment. Choose a dentist who has earned a higher success rate over the years.

  • Finding Out The Difference Between Private And Public Dental Care Clinics In Singapore

The tradeoff between choosing a private and public route is convenience, time, versus cost. It seems private dental clinics are comparatively inexpensive, but patients have to wait for longer times. Before visiting a doctor, they have to make an appointment. It might take some time in emergencies, which might not always be feasible for everyone. Henceforth, patients should choose between private and public dental care clinics according to the requirements.

  • How Much Do You Need To Pay To Visit A Dentist?

This question is important as patients wish to know how much money they must spend to maintain their oral health. In general, the cost can range from $14.10 to $24.90 as a consultation fee for the citizens of Singapore. This price is subsidised, but patients must be ready to wait for some time for their turn. If you are planning to visit a private practice, the consultation cost can range from $30 to $40 and up to $50 to $80.

  • Ways To Make Payments 

Are you thinking about how to make payments while visiting a dentist? Well, different payment methods are available through which patients can make transactions. But a suitable and secure way is using the best petrol credit cardsThrough this process, they can make their transactions, and the amount will reflect in a few seconds. The process is simple, and patients won’t have difficulty making payments.

  • Is It Necessary To Visit A Dentist Often?

Many people are not aware of how many days they should visit a dentist. Generally, patients should prefer to visit a dentist every six months to avoid increasing their dental problems. Also, through regular check-ups, if you are facing any problem like gum bleeding, tooth infection, etc., it can get cured quickly.

  • Opting For A Health Insurance To Avoid Unexpected Expenses

A health insurance policy with you will act as your saviour when you develop dental problems. You can use this insurance policy which will cover all your expenses. That way, you do not have to consider how much to pay for the oral treatment. To start checking the schemes available, prepare a critical illness insurance comparison Singapore and pick one.

  • How To Know Whether A Person Needs To Go For A Dental Check-Up?

Patients might face problems like teeth path, bleeding gum, etc. In this situation, people can easily understand that they must go for a dental check-up. Patients sometimes do not understand that they must go for dental check-ups. To avoid that, patients should go for check-ups every six months. That way, they can avoid any dental problems without increasing their issues.

  • How To Find Out If I Am Suitable For A Day Procedure?

While going for a consultation, the dental expert will examine your dental status and determine your status depending on a few aspects. It includes poor oral hygiene habits, medical history, diabetes, smoking, Vitamin C and D deficiencies, osteoporosis, etc. Based on that, the doctor will assess if a patient has any potential dental issues.

  • Is There A Specific Age To Get Your Oral Health Checked?

There is no specific age stated by dentists when you should get your oral health checked. However, it is recommended that everyone should be in touch with a licensed and experienced doctor to ensure good dental health. That way, patients can also eliminate developing more health issues.

In The End 

Therefore, the above pointers will assist a patient with dental problems to get the right treatment. In addition, they can have an idea of the expenses to be taken care of and opt for a suitable health insurance plan. To apply for an insurance plan, buyers can speak to a well-known insurance provider and find details about the premium value to be paid.