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Did you know that over 220 million people invested in cryptocurrency in the US in 2021? Of course, not all those investments were successful, as some crypto coins inevitably crashed. That’s why it’s important to research which coin will make money, as not all coins are money makers.

So, which types of crypto will succeed in 2022? If you want the answer to the question, you’ll need to keep on reading since we’ll go through our top picks for the coming year in today’s post.


Released in November 2021, this digital currency has grown faster than most crypto coins since it reached peak trading volume within hours. Additionally, with the release of Netflix’s Arcane, the popularity of this coin has continued to skyrocket. The main goal of ARCANE is to facilitate a way for new startups to get new investors.

On top of that, ARCANE is applying to be added to the OTCQB (OTC Markets Group) list. This group is where early-stage and developing companies receive governmental aid in the US and international markets. So, as you can see, ARCANE plans to stay for the long run.

2. Sushi

Undoubtedly, Sushi has shown its resilience throughout 2021 since it has been able to stay on the positive side of the market. As you can expect, Sushi coin price has risen to remarkable heights, especially since prominent people of the cryptocurrency community have openly invested in it. But, one aspect that makes Sushi so attractive is the ability to stake your investment as the interest rates are through the roof.

This means you can double your initial investment by lending your investment to the company.

3. Polygon

Another smart investment is Polygon, as it’s the foundation of many newer coins. Additionally, MATIC (Polygon) has the unique feature of allowing different blockchains to communicate with one another. And if that hasn’t convinced you, many famous entrepreneurs like Mark Cuban have bought a significant amount of MATIC.

4. Solana

Most crypto experts believe that SOL (Solana) has the fastest cryptocurrency networks in the market. It is also one of the few coins with a proof-of-history and a proof-of-stake model, which can prove useful when creating smart contracts. And so far, hundreds of companies are using SOL to fund their projects.

5. Polkadot

DOT (Polkadot) is among the only coins that allow users to build new blockchains that work with existing ones without using complex bridging mechanisms. So what does that mean for you? That means you can trade your DOT for other currencies without having to worry about limited trading rules.

So Many Types of Crypto to Choose From

As you can see, there are many types of crypto you can start investing in. But, of course, before you start investing, be sure to do your own research since you want to pick the one that best suits your needs. So, don’t wait any longer, and start your crypto journey today!

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Welcome to Spending Notes, where we do a weekly deep dive into how our readers spend their cash.

Today: a social media specialist who makes $50,000 a year

Occupation: social media specialist

Age: 27

Location: Northwest Indiana

Salary: $50,000 (approx. $1,574 per pay period)

Day One

I’ve been working remotely for an out-of-state social media agency for the last year, but I am currently living in Northwest Indiana. I work from my laptop and utilize an extra screen from time to time because there are a lot of platforms to use when publishing posts online. My agency assigns clients to me, and we go back and forth on the best direction for their brand. Today, I just worked from home and ordered pizza via Postmates.

Total: $16.50

Day Two

Now that the temperatures are getting lower, I wanted to make sure that my heat will work throughout the winter without any issues. So, I searched up “heating and cooling in Northwest Indiana” online and found King Heating. They offer everything from furnace repair to air conditioner maintenance services. The best part is that they offer 24/7 customer service and can send a technician to my house in case something goes wrong. I decided to call them about a maintenance check for my heating system. They were really good about sending a technician at my convenience.

Total: $0

Day Three

Some of the things I do to prepare for winter include buying candles and sprucing up my home. I’ve been thinking about getting some live house plants delivered. Indoor plants are a really great way to feel like you’re outside when it’s snowing and windy. I love getting a new plant delivery. This time around, I’ll be getting a low-light plant from Lively Root. I usually get pet-friendly indoor plants because of my cat, S.

Total: $30

Day Four

One of the clients I manage social media for is a furniture store based out of Los Angeles. Today, the owner, G., sent me a box of cupcakes in the mail. I devoured two out of six of them in one sitting. I was hoping to work at a coffee shop today, but the weather wasn’t great, so I decided to stay home.

Total: $0

Day Five

The weather was a lot more bearable, so I went to one of my favorite cafes to work for a few hours. Then, I went home for a proper Zoom meeting with my coworkers. We all gave updates on our clients’ analytics. As a social media specialist, I also had to give some insight into the campaigns I am currently running for my clients. Some of my coworkers gave me suggestions for narrowing down my audience on the ad manager for a popular social networking site. After work, I went out to an Italian restaurant with a friend, where we shared three different kinds of pasta and ate way too much garlic bread. He paid for dinner. Who says no to a free meal?

Total: $8.25

Day Six

Every couple of months, I get my hair touched up. Today, I went into the salon to see my stylist, P., and we talked about going darker for the season. I have light brown hair and get highlights in the summer for some dimension. My stylist suggested adding some darker tones this time, and she really sold me on it. I always walk out of the salon feeling like a shiny new person.

Total: $120

Day Seven

Before the workweek begins, I like to tidy up the house and do a little bit of work to start my week off right. I spent some time engaging with online audiences. I also started brainstorming some posts to send over to our agency’s graphic designer for the upcoming week.

Total: $0

Total for the week: $174.75

As the name explains, a SMSF or a self-managed super fund is a private super fund which you manage yourself, it is even called DIY super. SMSF set up provides their members flexibility, control and also choice on how their retirement savings must be invested. Other several reasons to choose SMSF are poor performance of any existing public fund and can be advice from a financial planner or an accountant.

In other words, a self-managed superannuation fund or SMSF with iCare can be the best way to build your wealth for retirement. Though they are not for all, it is essential that when you think of starting an SMSF, people must properly understand the responsibilities and benefits they take to have an SMSF. However, it must also be remembered that it is like an investment vehicle, and carries with it, several obligations as well.

Here are some amazing benefits of an SMSF:

  • Greater flexibility of investment

SMSF members have better or greater flexibility on if they acquire and sell most of their investments and this great hand-on approach could mean, for e.g. as the market conditions change you could faster respond by simply adjusting your investment portfolio.

  • Ability to pool your resourcez

Other outstanding benefit to an SMSF with iCare is the great ability to pool your resources with maximum to 3 other members. The increased pool might allow you to easily access the investment opportunities which might not be available to your SMSF otherwise.

  • Investment control

Many superannuation funds would allow investing into assets like:

  • Fixed interest
  • Shares
  • Property through managed funds (mostly with restrictions).

SMSFs could offer a wide range of additional options like:

  • Physical gold and types of commodities
  • Managed portfolios
  • Direct property (residential or commercial)
  • Collectables like artwork (that are subject to strict needs

SMFS benefits even include the great flexibility of borrowing with your fund for investment needs. A few small business owners might hold their business premises in their SMFS for various reasons that include succession planning, asset-protection and security of tenancy.

  • Efficient tax management

You have better control of your investment decisions and assets in an SMFS that might allow you to perfectly manage the position of tax of the SMFS.

The rate of current tax on earnings in a superannuation fund is 15%, however where the income is often produced by assets, solely supporting an income stream like a pension, there will be no tax payable in the fund on that sort of income.

This difference in the tax rates simply means that by having a good control on the asset disposal, you might be able to reduce, or even potentially get rid of capital gains tax liability.

SMSF set up needs strict compliance with all government mandated regulations; therefore you must make sure to do it correctly, by speaking to the best SMFS setup specialist at iCare Super in Australia. So what are you all waiting for, start investing for your future needs today for setting up an SMFS, and if looking in Australia choose iCare as they offer comprehensive SMFS compliance service.

You need a lot of help when you are a starter in the world of trading. That’s something you must not underestimate because doing so can push you into a direction that will lead to failure. Keep in mind when you start trading that many people end up losing money in this activity. It is only through consistency, proper learning, and a strong mindset that you can aim for success. In doing so, you always need the help of a trading platform that can provide you with the much-needed assistance. This Proligon review should help you discover a broker like that. 

If I look at the way you will trade with it, I have to say that there is nothing different from what you will experience with other companies out there in terms of the core method and methodology. The difference that this platform makes is in the realm of assisting you with just about everything. Let me explain the point I am trying to make. 

Customer Support of the Top Level

The customer support from this company is the first thing I want to talk about. It is something you can’t forget because you are helped professionally every time you get in touch with this department from the company. So, you can call them during the week days or send an email if you want. The details are available on the website. You also have the “Need Help” button available on the website. The small tab to the right is a great way for the company to remind you that you can always call for help. What takes things even higher in terms of professionalism is that you have the call back option as well. 

That’s something I have not seen many other brokers offering. Yes, you can provide the department with your contact details and have them contact you at the right time. Isn’t that cool?

In-depth and Relevant Education

Notice the word “relevant” that I have pushed in there. I have used it for a purpose and after being associated with online trading for years, I can give you some justification for that. So, there are many platforms that boast about their trading education. They have ebooks, videos, and webinars to offer you. However, I have noticed that having these things is not enough. What if most of the content within those resources is outdated? That’s why I have used the word “relevant”. This company is always updating its training material with the content that is relevant. 

I have seen crypto brokers on the internet that offer you outdated trading education relevant only to forex or stock trading. However, this is going to be your only cryptocurrency broker that has educational material focused on this form of trading. Whatever you learn from this training material will be instantly applicable to your trades. 

Savings Accounts for the Interested Parties

Does your lifestyle not allow you to trade actively? Are you scared that you might lose the money you invest because you are not really trained with online trading? If that’s the case, you can still rely on Proligon to provide you with the type of help you need. So, the company has savings accounts in which you can keep your money and earn profits after a specified time. You can keep your money in these accounts for 6, 12, or 24 months. The longer you keep the money in any of these accounts, the more profit you will earn. For example, with the PRO account for 24 months, your profits can be as high as 4.8%. 

Final Thoughts

How many other companies have you seen offering these particular features to you in this manner? Proligon is different because it takes things to a new level by offering you the assistance that most others don’t even think about. So, not it is totally up to you to have a conventional trading account with the company or go with a new type of savings accounts. 

Cross-border e-commerce helps businesses reach new audiences and increase sales traders benefit from support for all major world currencies and dozens of popular payment methods, End-to-end security coverage, and precision PCI compliance. One of the best online payment systems is

Versatility in payment methods and languages:

The payment gateways process payments seamlessly behind the scenes with automated currency conversion and global reconciliation processes. A collection of popular payment methods helps reach shoppers in locations who need a specific wallet.

  • All UI elements can be translated into the primary language.
  • The merchants will see higher customer engagement and conversions with a fully localized checkout experience.
  • Payment gateways use IP addresses to identify the local language.

Hosted checkout page: The e-commerce site connects to an external checkout page in minutes. The payment Gateway Hosting System Ensure completes safety compliance and scheduled execution. Suitable for developing teams with budget constraints.

Integrated page powered by API: The payment system is compatible with all major CMS. Employees are responsible for all technical processes, 3D secure merchant relief, PCI compliance, and tokenization, empowering testing with loyalty campaigns and subscription models. A robust Restful API enables migration between platforms smoothly and is best suited for global expansion.

Smart payment routing:

Failed transaction: Any transaction not accepted by any receiving bank will be automatically sent to another bank. This process, known as “failover” or “cascading,” reduces rejection rates because different banks enforce different risk requirements or policies. The failover mechanism helps match multiple buyer profiles with the right acquisition bank.

It is fully customizable and powered by AI: It combines complete customization by co-workers and AI capabilities to analyze data in trading accounts and see unique patterns. Employees monitor customer data and employ intelligent routing mechanisms optimized with continuous improvement cycles powered by AI-powered insights.

Reporting and reconciliation tools for efficient growth: 

A versatile set of reports simplifies the pursuit of insights and opportunities for adjustment. The labour-intensive compromise process takes only a few minutes.

Easy to use dashboard: Real-time data generation provides clear visualization, intuitive UI/UX, template reports, and full customization. The seamless export process is linked to the BI tools that merchants need for sure.

Simple reconciliation process: All data is retrieved within single multi-currency storage. Global e-commerce businesses find it easy to access insights without labour on their part. All it takes is a single integration with the system.

Reveal essential data points: The high profile helps e-commerce identify areas of success and delay; analyze sales by region, country, type, currency, and more. You can identify reasons for chargeback’s and refunds.

The payment systems and solutions from exactly are provide what customers need. It offers connectivity options and can focus on high-end solutions. You can get a payment solution from this company with a custom centre focus. It is choose by everyone according to their needs, focusing on high-end systems. They work well by adjusting things and achieving their goals accordingly.