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The business industry is saturated with companies of all types and sizes, so launching a startup that is sustainable long-term is a daunting challenge. Working for yourself as an entrepreneur requires a lot of hard work and dedication, but it can be a rewarding career. Using these three tips is a good way to help you become a successful businessperson.

1. Embrace Your Strengths

No entrepreneur is good at every aspect of running a business. It’s important to understand what your strengths are so that you know what you bring to the table when it comes to running a company. You also need to know when to delegate tasks to people with other talents. For example, Kent Thiry is the former CEO of DaVita. He is best known for taking companies that are struggling financially and turning them into businesses on the Fortune-500 list. His strengths are financial. You may be great at crunching numbers like he is, but you may need help in the marketing department. Know what your strengths are and what you need to work on if you want to build a company that lasts for many years.

2. Build a Network

If you want to run any type of successful business, you must have a strong network of colleagues. It is best to start building your network before you start planning your company’s launch. These connections will help you engage with other business professionals in your industry to make your business stronger. For example, you may network with retail professionals who are interested in carrying your company’s products in their stores. You can also network with manufacturers who can cut costs for producing your business’s products. The wider your network is, the higher the chances of success are.

Building a strong business network takes a lot of time and effort. It may take several meetings for you to form strong relationships with business professionals who can benefit your company. Spend time researching the people you want to have in your network and learn how they can help your business grow. Remember that just because you do not see the value in a certain relationship now, you may need it in the future. It is always a good idea to foster positive business relationships.

3. Expand Your Knowledge

Even if you work in the same industry for your entire career, you will never know everything about the field. You can build a positive reputation for yourself in the world of business by striving to further your understanding of your chosen field. Going back to school is a great way to learn about how your industry is changing. You may also choose to learn from a mentor who runs a successful business in the field. Regardless of how you choose to expand your knowledge, the goal is to further your understanding of the field your business is in.

Making a name for yourself in the business industry and becoming a successful entrepreneur can be difficult. Use these three tips to increase your chances of becoming a reputable business person.


When you think about investing in crypto, you might have heard about its incredible security. However, you might not know that over $100 billion in Bitcoin has been lost. And there’s no printing more – that crypto is gone forever.

So with the risk of never seeing your money again, you might hesitate on your purchase. Fortunately, there are ways of adding extra layers of protection to your digital currency. Keep reading to learn how to store crypto safely.

What Is Crypto?

Crypto, short for cryptocurrency, is a digital token representing the value of a transaction. The currency uses encryption and decentralization to skip intermediaries. This allows for safer and quicker transactions.

While this sounds great on the surface, it also means that if your crypto is lost or stolen, there’s no way to get it back. When you think about using it, you’ll have to know how to store crypto safely. Investigating security measures allows you to take advantage of the benefits that crypto brings to your transactions.

What Are Crypto Wallets?

Digital currency works differently than traditional currency. There is no centralized vault where your tokens go, and you don’t have to buy a leather wallet and carry it around. Instead, your crypto is stored on a digital public ledger, or a blockchain, which is secured with a variety of methods. 

To access your collection of crypto, you are provided with a public and private digital key. Losing this key means losing access to your money, and without security measures, there is no way to retrieve it. Crypto wallets provide an extra measure of safety in the event your key goes missing.

A few types of crypto wallets exist ranging in level of security and ease of use. The types of wallets include:

  • Custodial wallets
  • Cold wallets
  • Hot wallets

When you purchase crypto on an exchange platform such as Coinbase, you get default storage called a custodial wallet. The platform ensures your crypto is safe in exchange for them having partial access to it. Visit this homepage to learn more about Nested, an exchange that makes using your crypto easy.

There are other ways to ensure your digital currency is secure without giving your key to someone else. Hot and cold wallets are intermediaries that store your crypto online or offline, depending on your preference. They give you sole control of your money and provide extensive security measures.

How to Store Crypto Safely

Even with the use of crypto wallets, you can always add extra layers of security to your digital money. Actions that you can take to further protect your crypto include:

  1. Enable two-factor authentication on all of your accounts.
  2. Store sensitive information in a secure offline location.
  3. Use a variety of passwords.
  4. Update the security of your email accounts.

In addition to these effective security measures, it is important to know the common scams involving crypto. Never give away your personal information and use caution when entering your password on unknown websites. When in doubt, use trusted service providers.

More on Crypto Security

As currency continues to go digital, knowing how to store crypto safely is imperative. For more on digital wallets and what to do with crypto, check out our Finance section.


Veterans are some of the most important people in America. But unfortunately, they don’t always get the respect that they deserve. Nor do they get many benefits for having risked their lives to serve our country, and many other countries around the world.

Luckily, one place where they do get preferential treatment is the loan industry. Specifically, veterans get access to the best possible mortgage deal in America, known as the VA loan.

And while VA mortgages are the most common loans for veterans, they aren’t the only loan options available for veterans. Keep reading below to learn more about veteran loans today, and to see what opportunities are available to you. 

VA Home Loans

Again, the most common type of loan made available exclusively to past or present military service members is the VA home loan.

This is a mortgage loan that is guaranteed (or insured by) the Department of Veterans Affairs, aka the government. They don’t provide the funding. Normal mortgage lenders, such as banks provide the loan.

But mortgage lenders are able to offer this loan thanks to the guarantee from the VA to pay them back, should you default on the loan.

What makes this loan so special? It’s the only mortgage loan that allows qualified borrowers to buy a house for a 0% down payment.

That means you don’t need to put any cash down, though you will need to pay for some of the closing costs.

Normally, when borrowers put less than 20% down on a home purchase, they are required to pay private mortgage insurance (PMI), which is an additional monthly payment.

But VA loans don’t require it. Plus, interest rates are very low, another perk of these loans.

If you’re a veteran, this is one opportunity you don’t want to miss. And your benefit stays with you, long after your time of service. You can use it again and again as you move throughout your life.

Obtaining a VA Loan

To get a VA loan, the home you are purchasing needs to act as your primary residence. It can’t be a vacation home, second home, or rental property.

However, if you’re goal is to generate income from the property, you are able to purchase a duplex, triplex, or quadplex, and rent out the remaining units while living in one unit. 

This can be a great way for veterans to live mortgage-free, or even generate a profit while living at home. 

The home also needs to be conventional, and in good repair. No rundown homes that aren’t considered liveable at the money. And no geodesic domes or converted churches or barns will qualify for this program.

Individual lenders will set their own credit score requirements. If you have a low score, apply with multiple lenders to see if you can get approved. 

There is also a database of condo associations that qualify for VA loans if you don’t plan to purchase a single-family home. 

To get started with a VA loan application, you’ll need a Certificate of Eligibility (COE), which you can obtain through your benefits portal. You can check your eligibility status on the VA website. 

Personal Loans for Veterans 

Taking out a loan for a home isn’t the only option for those with veteran status. Personal loans are available as well.

Personal veteran loans function the same as standard personal loans. However, the rates and terms are more favorable.

You’ll get access to fast cash. You’ll likely pay lower rates than those applying for a standard personal loan. And the better your credit score and borrowing history, the lower it will be.

Not all lenders offer personal loans specifically for veterans. You’ll need to do some research as to which lenders off this great deal. 

Business Loans for Veterans

After their time of service, many veterans look to put the skills and discipline they’ve acquired to good use. Starting a business is one of the best ways for veterans to stay motivated and focused, particularly after difficult spells of service or combat.

It’s by no means easy to start a business. But thankfully, business loans for veterans are available to help them get the jumpstart they need.

SBA loans are those guaranteed by the Small Business Administration. They offer loans up to $350,000.

There are many benefits to SBA loans for veterans over standard SBA loans. For one, they are processed and approved much faster than standard loan applications. Funding can happen in days, not weeks, if approved.

Also, the fees for taking out an SBA loan are much lower for veterans than other business owners. 

For the most part, these loans are intended for existing businesses with at least two years of business history. The goal of these loans should be to expand your business, not to start one.

However, veterans that have a track record in the industry they are starting a business in may be eligible. 

You can use the proceeds for real estate, working capital, purchasing equipment, and more. 

Starting a Business as a Veteran

Starting a business is not an easy feat. The good news for veterans is that there is an ample amount of resources available to prepare them for the journey.

Numerous training programs are available for free to veterans to help them plan and start their companies. Some are offered by the SBA, though most operate through non-profit organizations. 

There are even programs available to women veterans specifically. 

Once you’re in business and are looking to expand, you can apply for SBA loans. The SBA doesn’t offer loans directly but guarantees them. YOu’ll need to find local lenders that offer SBA loans, such as banks or credit unions. 

Veteran Status is a Lifelong Benefit

Certain lenders may offer additional loans for veterans, but these are the most common types of loans you’ll see. All of them offer benefits over standard loans. 

So if you qualify for veteran status, or are close to qualifying, know that it will benefit you throughout your life.

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Barcode scanners are a part of our daily lives—grocery shopping wouldn’t be possible without them. But for warehouse workers, barcode scanners are even more important for the ease of a shift.

In fact, inventory inaccuracy through the use of poor barcode scanners accounts for 8.7 percent of lost sales within a company. Therefore, it is important that your laser scanners are up-to-date for the most accuracy possible.

If you’re wondering what makes a great barcode scanner and how the inner workings can help your business, read on!

Below, we outline how barcode scanners work and how they help the logistics industry and shipping industries.

Laser Scanners: How Do They Work?

We use them all of the time, but do you know how laser scanners really work? Laser technology was invented in the 1960s, and there are plenty of benefits of the many types of lasers.

Today we have 3D laser scanners for the purpose of measuring objects for 3D models and maps. You can use a scanner for finding the right dose of medication for a patient, reducing errors by more than 50 percent.

So let’s make this positive change in the shipping industry.

We know that the recipe for barcode scanners takes a black-and-white striped identifier, a red light, and the scanner itself. Those black-and-white squares are not randomly configured, though—they actually represent numbers.

The red light allows for the barcode to emit light into the photoelectric cell; it can detect the lighter light (the white stripes) from the darker light (the black stripes).

The stripes are used for accuracy, as a machine could easily mix up an 8 and a 3 when scanning. It can easily detect sequences of black and white stripes, though. Then they convert those sequences into a unique numbered code for each product.

Those numbered codes are already in a system’s database, allowing it to quickly pick up the identity, price, etc. of the item.

Looking to Update Your Scanners?

If you’re finding inaccuracy within your warehouse’s scanner system, it may be time to update it. Certain models of RF scanners might have only one photoelectric cell, meaning employees would have to move the scanner down the barcode.

This tactic would naturally have more inaccuracy through user error.

More sophisticated scanners have a whole line of photoelectric cells. This means that it can scan the whole barcode in one fell swoop.

Investing in updated RF scanners for a warehouse could drastically improve your company’s efficiency and accuracy. More could be done in a day, fewer items could be lost, and your employees would be happier.

Time for Change

Take advantage of the laser technology we have today and look into a better version of your laser scanners. It is a worthy investment to make that will benefit the future of your business long term.

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Did you know that Texas is home to almost 7,000 lakes? Being on the water is a way of life in the Lone Star State all year round. Texas is among the most popular boating sites in the country, with hundreds of miles of shoreline, thousands of lakes, and a warm climate for most of the year. To enjoy your joy ride in a boat stress-free, apart from a license, you also should possess boat insurance in Texas. This post will delve deeper into the realm of boating insurance.

What is Covered by Boating Insurance?

Boat insurance, similar to vehicle insurance, has numerous forms of coverage to cover different situations.

Property protection: This safeguards the boat from theft and harm due to accident or sinking. This insurance typically covers the boat, whether onshore or on the sea. If your boat is wrecked or stolen, you can choose between actual cash value and replacement cost cover.

  • Provided your boat is wrecked, your insurance claim will determine the vessel’s value at the time of the occurrence if you have actual cash value coverage.
  • Depreciation is not included in replacement cost coverage. It will compensate you for the cost of repairing or replacing your boat in the same or comparable condition as it was before the accident.

Coverage for Medical Expenses: Medical costs insurance includes your medical bills if you or your companions are hurt in a watercraft accident.

Liability Coverage: Liability coverage pays out if your boat damages somebody else’s property, such as another boat. It also covers injuries to the third party in the event of a collision. It might also cover issues created by your boat, including a large wake. If you are sued for an issue addressed by the contract, such as a watercraft accident, liability insurance pays your legal bills.

Coverage for Uninsured Watercraft: If an uninsured boater hits your vessel, an uninsured watercraft plan covers your medical fees.

Cost Discounts: Working with the right insurance agents who work with insurance carriers with discount provisions is crucial. Here are a few supplementary ways with which the right agent can bring down the boat insurance cost in Texas.

  • If you have completed a safety course.
  • If you own multiple vessel insurance.
  • If you own a house.
  • If you install idle assistance steering in the boat
  • If you are the first owner
  • If you combine different types of insurance.
  • If you possess a spotless driving record
  • If you have a regular Insurance premium payment history.

There are many more methods to alter the boat insurance Texas cost, but to fully identify the best coverage for you is to ask your agent exactly how much is boat insurance going to cost you. Also, discuss your requirements and how much income and asset protection you’ll need.

Final Thoughts

Even though boat insurance in Texas is not mandatory, consider the consequences of not having it. You’ll be responsible for your fixes and your culpability to others if you are involved in an accident. You could find yourself in a financial bind if you don’t have insurance. Also, choose your boat insurance agent carefully, and ensure that they don’t just sell you a random standard policy. The agents should thoroughly understand your needs and provide you with customized coverage at the best price.