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All of us want to be and have the best, let alone be that in any part of life. Then, how are we supposed to want less than the best when it comes to choosing the mutual funds that we want to invest in? Growing financially also means choosing the right mutual funds down the lane. So, let’s get started at knowing how you can select the top-performing mutual funds in the Indian investment landscape.

What are Top-Performing Mutual Funds (Meaning)

Top-performing mutual funds in India have a track record of outperforming the market over a three to five-year period. In terms of performance, these funds would have exceeded their benchmark and peer funds. You must look at the fund’s performance over the prior business cycles.

How to Choose the Best Mutual Fund in 2022

A lot of investors pace the floor or stall when it comes to choosing their investment tools, just know that you do not have to do that – you can simply read into the points that are mentioned below to know the best mutual funds to invest in right now:

  1. a) The History of the Funds is a Must – 

The fund’s history gives a record of the performance of the fund over time, including market ups and downs. This demonstrates the fund’s tenacity in the face of turbulent market conditions.

Because newly launched mutual funds and funds that are up for subscription lack a track record, it is impossible to anticipate their returns and performance throughout market cycles. The greatest mutual fund to invest in is one that has a strong track record of producing consistent returns across market cycles. It also provides evidence of well-researched investment techniques.

  1. b) Who is the Fund Manager? –

The fund manager is in charge of overseeing the fund’s operations. It is critical to examine the fund manager’s track record. An investor should keep track of the fund’s performance during market ups and downs. They can also examine the performance of the fund manager’s various plans.

  1. c) The Expense Ratio Can’t Be Overlooked –

The cost ratio is expressed as a percent or rate of the fund’s assets and is charged by the fund house along with other costs for managing the assets of a fund. The net return achieved by the investor will be the mutual fund returns minus the expense ratio. If an investor’s expense ratio is high, his or her returns will be reduced. As a result, while selecting a fund, an investor should opt for a plan with a lower expense ratio than its counterparts in the category.

  1. d) How Consistent is This Fund? –

Top-performing mutual funds in India have a track record of outperforming the market over a three to five-year period. In terms of performance, these funds would have exceeded their benchmark and peer funds. You must look at the fund’s performance over the prior business cycles. Examine the fund’s performance, particularly during market downturns. A top-performing fund’s performance is less affected by market changes than the typical fund. However, past results do not guarantee future outcomes.

You may also look at the historical NAV of Mutual Funds and the most recent NAV of Mutual Funds to get a sense of the mutual fund’s track record.

  1. e) What is the Financial Ratio? –

Financial statistics such as alpha and beta can be used to identify India’s top-performing mutual funds.

Mutual fund returns are intrinsically connected to risk. A return is a rise in the wholesome value of the capital that has been invested. Risk is known as the uncertainty that surrounds an investment and refers to the chance of receiving no or negative returns due to a range of factors. As a result – any investor must evaluate the risk-return potential, which financial ratios have made possible.

Top-Performers of 2022

  • Canara Robeco Bluechip Equity Fund (G)
  • Canara Robeco Bluechip Equity Fund (G)
  • HDFC Floating Rate Debt Plan (G)
  • HDFC Overnight fund (G)
  • Parag Parikh Flexi Cap fund (G)
  • Parag Parikh Flexi Cap fund (G)
  • DSP Tax Saver Fund (G)
  • ICICI Prudential Liquid Fund (Growth)

Will a Mutual Fund Investment Be Your Best Choice?

If you fit into the below mentioned boxes, then this kind of an investment is meant for you:

Achievement of financial objectives: Investors who wish to achieve their investment objectives should invest in top mutual funds that meet their requirements. Investing in top mutual funds that have provided superior returns than their peers on a consistent base would help investors attain their goals faster.

Better returns than traditional savings choices: Traditional savings options provide a fixed interest rate. However, because it is almost risk-free, the returns on these savings strategies are similarly low. Mutual funds, on the other hand, cannot guarantee returns. It can, however, offer larger returns than typical saving choices such as bank fixed deposits.

People who want to invest on a regular basis: SIP allows you to invest in top mutual funds on a regular basis, such as monthly, weekly, or quarterly. You can achieve your investment goals by investing in the top SIP mutual fund. You can begin investing in mutual funds through SIP with as little as Rs. 100 per month in any of India’s best SIP schemes.

Professional money management: Fund managers are those who manage mutual funds. Their role is to pick the best equities or debt instruments to assist the fund earn high returns and meet its goals. Individuals seeking competent investment management can therefore invest in these top mutual funds.

Diversity: Depending on the type of fund, the best-performing mutual funds invest in a basket of securities that aid in diversification, regardless of the amount invested. Diversification reduces the negative impact on the overall portfolio of a single (or a few) investment security’s bad performance.

Final Thoughts

Growing in the share market is hard – that is exactly when mutual funds make it easy for you. But you would have to remember, and it gets easy only when you begin to invest in the right kind of funds.

Trading calculators can be useful tools for forex traders who need to make calculations in order to understand the outcome of their wins and losses. The ability to calculate your outcomes in advance will enable you to decide how much you should take on a given trade. The best thing about trading calculators is their speed. They are simple and offer precise results. These tools are extremely useful in today’s volatile market. You will have a portfolio that is protected from excessive risk. They also help with risk management. This will improve your trade efficiency.

Not one, but many forex pip calculators simplify trading in different ways. They are useful in helping you manage and plan trades, as well as calculating the risks. A good plan will help you determine what you want to do as a trader and before you start a trade. Even if an experienced trader, it is still important to take caution when entering the markets. A trading strategy will help you stick to your goals, not lose patience or waver in the face of sudden fluctuations. Traders can also use trading calculators to assess whether the strategy suits their needs. A strategy is a way to see things from a different perspective and helps you plan the actions you should take in order achieve your goals. Because the forex market can be volatile and change constantly, a well-planned strategy is crucial for trading. This will help to minimize losses and increase your chance of making more.

There are several types of trading calculators that you can use in the forex market: Margin calculators, profit calculators and pip calculators. Pip, one of the most basic and important abbreviations that you’ll encounter in the forex trade market, is the key concept. PIP stands for the smallest price movement that a currency exchange rate can experience. For most currency pairs a pip equals 1/100 of a percent point. The price of pips depends on how large your lot is. The number of pips you make in a trade will affect how much you make. Pip could signify both an increase or decrease in currency value, which makes it easier and more straightforward to calculate wins or losses. A forex trader must understand pip to accurately calculate it. Because you’re less likely to make mistakes, using a pip calculator can make things easier.

Profit calculators are a great way to simplify the tedious process of calculating your profits and loss. It is enough to simply compare the closing and opening prices of an asset to calculate forex profit. Manual calculations can cause trader cognitive impairment and repeat mistakes. FX calculator helps traders reduce stress and increase their profits. Profit calculators will allow you to become a more focused, knowledgeable, and successful trader. Margin is the amount that you need to open or keep a trade open. It is the equivalent of setting aside a portion to keep your trades open. Margin calculators simplify difficult calculations by helping you calculate how much money is in your account when trading. It can help determine how much you should deposit. This will make sure you don’t lose any money if you open a position for which you don’t own enough funds.

Forex trading can be difficult and dangerous. Expertise in analysis and calculation is required. Trading calculators are a great innovation that eliminates the need to manually do complex calculations. This will allow you to save tons of time, effort, and money. As long as you’re willing to learn new things and be open to changing the market, your trading will improve. Trading can be a rewarding experience if you are able to keep your emotions in check, manage your time well, keep up with current affairs and spot the right opportunity.

It is obvious that traders must understand that reward and risk go hand in hands. Traders need to be prepared for any market risks and maximize the potential reward. This is an essential lesson in trading. You can’t continue to trade without learning it. Before you trade, you should know if your risk tolerance is high or low. Your profits depend on your decision about risk tolerance and profit goals. 

The trading calculators allow you to forecast trades and even predict their execution. They help you make trading plans, as well as help to avoid risk and maximize profits. You should incorporate a trading calculator when you trade.

The trading calculator software is basically a tool that traders use to determine how trades will impact their portfolio. It could tell you whether you will win or lose a trade and what risk level is appropriate for the trade. This also gives you an estimate of how much profit you could make on the trade so that you can plan your trade in a way that works for you and can take corrective action. It will help you seize opportunities and minimize your loss. A variety of trade calculators are available, including a Pip and Forex Profit calculator.

Forex Profit Calculator provides valuable information for forex traders. They can determine how much money they should invest in particular currencies and whether or not they should sell them at specific points. This will allow them to earn maximum profits. After you have entered the details about your trade, the calculator will show you the best place for it and tell you what you should do. It makes forex trading simpler.

Free pip Calculator helps you determine the value a pip is in your chosen currency. Just enter the amount for the currency you want, and the calculator will calculate the rest. It’s useful in calculating possible profit and loss. Margin Calculator helps you determine how much money you should deposit to maximize the benefits of trading and avoid losing money. It calculates how much money you will need to lower your losses in the event of a price rise. It also gives you an indication of how much money it will take to close any existing positions.

A trading calculator can be an asset in your trading journey. It is also a helpful tool that will allow you to move forward. A trading calculator helps you to calculate risk-reward, pip value, and other important information. Trading calculators are essential to making informed trading decisions.

Forex trading is a rewarding business that requires dedication. If you want to earn a living by forex trading, it is important to create a winning trading strategy, have money management in place to prevent unforeseeable losses, and trade consistently. The market is unpredictable and well-known for its volatility. This makes it difficult for traders to predict what the future holds. However, forex traders have certain tools to make trading more simple. Trading calculators are one example. This forex calculator can be used to plan trades and also make trading simpler. Trading calculators provide many benefits.

What are trading calculators? Trading calculators assist traders in calculating trades. They can help them determine how much money they will lose or make. They are far more efficient and time-saving than manual calculations. They make it easier to plan ahead for trades. This increases effectiveness and performance. There will always exist risks due to the volatility. It’s worth mentioning that trading calculators don’t eliminate risk. This is why traders must tread carefully and place emphasis on knowledge. You can reduce the risk of losing money and increase your chances for success by doing this.

Simply put, trading calculators allow you to easily calculate the risk and take the appropriate action. Trading calculators help you evaluate the performance of your strategy, calculate risk, manage money, and forecast future performance. The calculators can calculate each move, as they use real-time market data. Because every move is planned and carefully considered, profits will be quick.

There are many options for calculators and it is not uncommon to get confused. You can experiment with different calculators including the pip calculator, margin calculator), position calculator, fibonacci calculator, profit/loss calculator, forex position sizing calculator, pivot calculator and commission calculator and multi-target calculator. Each calculator comes with different functions. Multi target calculators are a good way to find the best size position for your trades. It takes into account your risk tolerance, account size, and the entry price of trades to determine the ideal position size. This tool can be used to manage risk and ensure the size of trades.

For forex traders who are either new or familiar to trading, trading calculators can prove to be very beneficial. These calculators can be very helpful in helping traders stay on track. They also help traders determine whether it is worthwhile to execute trades. With everything planned out you will have a clear objective, a strategy and a way to achieve your targets. Forex trading is a rollercoaster ride. However, trading calculators can make it easier.



There are a variety of business gas cards available to help manage vehicle fleets, each with its own set of perks, from discounts at the pump to fuel card rewards. Drivers can these fuel cards at a gas station anywhere across the United States at participating locations. Fleet cards benefit a fleet driver with easy transactions, quickly finding fuel stations, and efficiently generate reports for fast accounting. Diesel, petroleum, or gasoline purchased through a card reduce the costs of gas purchases and allows for fast fleet fuel management.  Card fees are often low and membership for owner-operators makes fleet fuel cards a great option for businesses to reduce fuel expense for a fleet.

Gas Cards from WEXCards

The WEXCards fuel card is powered by Visa and has some of the best perks in the business. The card has numerous uses and provides savings on things like gas, tolls, auto maintenance supplies, parking, and emergency roadside help.

The WEXCards fuel card features an innovative telematics-integrated interface for monitoring gasoline expenditures. Additionally, you have the option of establishing fuel purchasing caps and allocating monies around the company.

Available Fuel Stations

Over 99% of gas stations in the United States accept the WEXCards gasoline card, and its discounts are among the greatest in the business. For eligible firms, the card is issued at no cost and there are no annual, monthly, or per-transaction fees.

Any employee who drives for the organization can get a free WEX gasoline card. Over ninety-nine percent of service stations and truck stops across the country accept it. In addition, the card can be used at a wide variety of hardware stores, tollbooths, and parking garages. It has numerous layers of security to keep you safe.

There are other viable choices for fleets, but the WEXCards gasoline card is among the best of them. The WEX gasoline card provides a competitive flat discount at all gas stations. It’s a great option for fleet owners because its dashboard works with popular fleet management programs.

Fast Report Generation and Tracking For Accounting

Level three fueling data is only one example of the superior information made available by the WEX fuel card. This information is crucial for preventing fraudulent use and facilitating more efficient fueling. As an added bonus, the WEX dashboard includes a telematics-integrated dashboard, which can be used to monitor gasoline usage and detect any suspicious activity, including possible fuel fraud.

With the WEXCards gasoline card, you can save the most money possible on gas. Up to 25 cents per gallon in savings is possible at some stations. As much as many want to believe otherwise, the WEX card is not the most cost-effective choice. It’s the best fuel card out there, but it also has a ton of other perks.


If you’re a business owner looking to keep tabs on gas expenses and maximize mileage, the WEXfuel card is your best bet. In addition to being secure, using the card is a breeze. The vast majority of hardware stores, tolls, and parking garages take it as well.

Other Fuel Card Options

There are a number of advantages to carrying around a Chase Freedom Unlimited business gas card. It provides a lot of benefits, such as a signup bonus and purchase protection. In addition, it offers the perk of being compatible with the Chase Ultimate Rewards system. You can get money, credit toward a future purchase, or travel expenses when you use the Chase Ultimate Rewards program. The Chase Freedom Unlimited is a leading contender for the title of greatest rewards card.

The Chase Freedom Unlimited is unique among cash-back credit cards because of its many perks. Their signup incentive is the main selling point. If you spend enough in your first three months, you can get a check for up to $900.

In addition, the initial APR is zero for the first 15 months. However, you must maintain a zero balance on your card from statement to statement. The standard annual percentage rate considers your credit history.

 The Cash Back Bonus Card

Additional categories allow you to receive a higher cash-back bonus. Get 3% cash back on dining out and 5% on petrol station purchases, for instance. Advantages include Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver coverage, which allows you to forego the rental car agency’s insurance in the event of an accident.

The Chase Freedom Unlimited has a much greater than usual sign-up bonus. You can get 5% back on travel booked through Chase, in addition to the cash-back reward. In addition, your warranty period will be extended by a year. In conclusion, the card provides insurance against trip cancellation or interruption. When added together, these perks could end up saving you quite a bit of money on your next trip.

The Chase Freedom Unlimited has many perks, but it may not be the best option for your budget and lifestyle. In addition, its cash-back rate isn’t the highest available. In fact, the Citi Double Cash Card is a strong contender for best in class. The American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card is another viable option. It’s similar to the Chase Freedom in that it lets you get 5% back on gas and groceries, but you’ll only receive 1.5% back on anything else.

Triple Cash Reward World Elite Mastercard for U.S. Bank Businesses

It can be quite beneficial for a company to have access to a corporate credit card that offers a generous cash-back reward. Which one though? There are several options available, whether you want a basic rewards card or one with additional features. For instance, the U.S. Bank Business Triple Cash Rewards World Elite Mastercard is one such card. There is a generous welcome bonus, competitive cash-back rates, and a slew of other perks for company owners. Is it really worth the trouble?

U.S. Bank’s business credit card, the Triple Cash Rewards card, is notable for its straightforward rewards structure. Cash rebates are available for a wide variety of business expenditures, including those made at petrol stations, cell phone providers, restaurants, and more. You can save money on both software and hardware purchases with this card. The card isn’t without its flaws, though.

How To Qualify For A Fuel Card

To qualify for this credit card, a business owner must have a U.S. Bank business checking account and good credit. Your use of this card will not affect your credit score in any way. You can get cash back on business purchases made with your card, but only if you spend $500 per month or more.

There is a 3% rebate on purchases made at gas stations and office supply stores. For any other purchases, you will receive a 1% cash rebate. These rebates can be credited to a business checking or savings account at U.S. Bank. This rebate can be applied as a statement credit on future purchases or used to cover unexpected company costs.

Additionally, there is a $250 cash-back bonus available each year you use the card. If you already have a U.S. Bank Business Cash Reward account, however, you will not be eligible for the bonus. If you’ve already upgraded your account, you won’t be eligible for the bonus, either.

You must make a purchase within 8-10 weeks for the cashback to be paid into your account. The cash rebate is available in $25 denominations. You may return the funds to your corporate checking account. But you can’t use the rebate money to pay off your account’s minimum.

You can accumulate points on trips, too. If you need to travel for work, you can get reimbursed for some of your costs. However, purchases made on airlines or other travel-related expenses will not count toward your reward total. Cash back earned on a trip can be applied as a credit to your account. It’s possible to use your rebate on recurring payments for new software licenses.

Business Secured Credit Card from Wells Fargo

The Wells Fargo Business Secured Credit Card may be the best business credit card for you and your company. It can be used to establish or improve business credit and offer discounts and other perks on business expenditures. In addition, it updates the Small Business Financial Exchange (SBFE) with your company’s credit balances so you can track cash flow. Unique to this service is the option to have a picture of your business’s storefront or product line printed on the front of your protected credit card.

Even though the Wells Fargo Business Secured Card is best for entrepreneurs with little to no credit history, it can also be used to repair a company’s credit after it has been damaged. In addition, you can earn rewards for shopping and get cash back on select purchases. You can pick between two different sorts of incentives with this credit card’s adaptable rewards system.

WEX Vs. Wells Fargo Gas Cards

Every dollar you put on your Wells Fargo Business Secured Card earns you one point. A cash back option of 1.5% is also available. You may rest assured that Wells Fargo will notify the SBA of any incoming funds. In addition, it lets you schedule monthly spending limits to help you control your finances.

There is a refundable deposit of up to $25,000 that you can make. As long as you don’t spend more than the amount you’ve deposited as collateral, you can use the card without going into debt. Wells Fargo does routine assessments of your account to ensure you are making responsible purchases. Your security deposit may also accrue interest.

The Wells Fargo Business Secured Card differs from other secured credit cards in that it allows cash advances and provides overdraft protection. Online account management is a nice added convenience. Using your Wells Fargo Business Secured Card, you may rack up points toward free flights and merchandise at certain retailers. Normal business expenses can also be paid for with a card.

The Wells Fargo Business Secured Card is a great option for companies looking to develop or repair their credit because it offers more favorable terms than most other secured business credit cards. It works with several credit reporting agencies and iincludes a rewards program.