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Cybercriminals or hackers can go to deep lengths to steal your data. Most of the transactions today happen over the Internet at the websites. Internet transactions, online shopping, and purchases are making the world more connected virtually pose a significant threat as we expose our data to cybercriminals or hackers. But do you know what they do with these credit credentials? Data theft is mostly financially driven. The credit card leaked data gets sold over the dark web to the highest bidder, or a loan gets transact under your name. But how do they manage to get these credentials after deep security? Let us look at the ways the hackers try to gain access to your data. 

  • Malware: 

Various types of Malware software that can get used to steal your personal information, which includes keyloggers, info stealers, banking malware, and more. This software maliciously gets installed in the background in the system. The virus, trojans, or spyware steal the credential data or modify the core functionalities and privately track the victim’s activity. There are also mobile applications that are malicious and can steal data from your mobile. The malicious application can get installed to get account access, device information, Microphone access, screen recording, contact lists, and many others. But how can you take preventive measures to stay safe from these? Always check the genuine application and read the terms and conditions carefully. Do not give any unnecessary permissions that are not required, Check for reviews and the count of downloads, never download applications from third-party apps or pirated versions. 

  • Phishing Attack: 

Phishing is a fake email or calls to misguide the victim. Hackers create phishing emails by the message stating issues related to bank account credit card leaked details getting leaked, and mostly these emails are such that it appears to be from the genuine source or known organization. These emails will force the victim to take immediate action by clicking the links to activate or deactivate your ATM card or Personal Identification. 

  • Unsecured Connections: 

Connecting your device over the foreign or Public network makes your device potential to get into the hacker’s notice. These networks can create a roadmap for a hacker to get access to all the data in your mobile and monitor your activity online. Free Wi-Fi is threatening, especially when you carry out any online transaction or browse private conversations. To be safe, never get connected to these networks that you can’t trust and use strong encryption for your home router such as WAP2 instead of open WEP.

By paying higher loan EMIs, a person can reduce the loan tenure and repay the loan faster. In this article, we will explain the benefits of paying higher EMIs.

In India, many financial institutions provide home loans at a competitive interest rate. Applying for a loan is the most feasible way to get funds for buying the house, and most people get a loan up to 80% of the property’s value. If you are a first-time loan applicant, you must know that the loan’s EMI is directly proportional to the amount you borrow; the higher the amount, the higher the EMI, and vice-versa. 

While you can apply for a higher loan and pay a higher EMI throughout the term, or you can increase the tenure to lower the EMI and make repayment more affordable. Typically, the lenders in India offer home loans for a maximum duration of 30 years. But, longer tenure means you must bear the repayment burden for a longer period. 

During the initial years, while you may pay the minimum EMIs, as you grow in your career and your income increases, you can consider paying higher EMIs. This will not only help you reduce your interest payment but also help you repay the loan faster. 

Benefits of Repaying Higher Home Loan EMIs

  • Helps in Reducing Interest Expenses

This is one of the most important benefits of repaying higher EMIs. If you repay the loan over a longer tenure, then you must pay interest during that term. However, by increasing the EMI, you can lower the loan tenure. Therefore, the interest payable will also reduce. So, as your income increases, you can increase the EMI payment proportionately to repay the loan faster. 

You can use a housing loan EMI calculator to calculate how increasing the EMI can help you lower your loan term. 

  • Tax Benefits

Home loan repayments also provide tax benefits. The tax benefits are available under Section 24, Section 80EEA, and Section 80C. The benefit can be availed on repayment of the interest and principal.

On the principal’s repayment, a home loan borrower can avail a tax benefit up to Rs. 1.5 Lakh under Section 80C. Furthermore, on the interest payment, a person can get a tax benefit up to Rs. Two Lakhs under Section 24. By paying higher EMIs, you can maximise the tax benefits and reduce your tax liability in a financial year. 

  • Helps in Quick Repayment of the Loan

Most borrowers repay the loan in longer tenure. However, as you continue to repay the loan over a long duration, you may not have enough savings, and you may have to compromise on your other financial goals like retirement planning. 

Therefore, it is recommended to pay higher EMIs to save on interest and lower the loan tenure. While you may feel paying higher EMIs is taking away your liquid cash, it would help you save a significant amount in the long run. Not to mention, the faster you repay the loan, the sooner you become debt-free, and you get complete ownership of the property. 

  • Helps in Improving Credit Score

When a person repays the loan regularly, his/her credit score improves. Furthermore, if the person repays the loan before the tenure, the credit score improves even more. Also, by repaying the loan before the tenure, a loan borrower will easily get loans in the future.

How to Quickly Repay the Loan

  • Make Partial Payments

If a home loan borrower has sufficient funds, then he/she should consider partial payment of the loan. With the help of partial payments, a person can lower his/her outstanding principal amount. 

  • Balance Transfer

If a borrower finds that their lender is charging a higher interest than the prevailing market rate, they can transfer the loan to a different lender at a lower interest rate. 

When you transfer the loan, the outstanding amount is moved to the new lender, and you repay the remaining amount at a revised (lower) interest rate. Thus, you can repay the loan faster as the EMI becomes affordable, and you can repay higher EMIs. 

Over the past years, African equity exchange-traded has risen considerably, and being a resource-rich continent increases the middle-class demographic. Africa is becoming one of the largest emerging economies, and it’s being predicted to become the largest market in the world. In recent years Africa indeed did face hits economically as well as politically. And if you wish to know more about this country, then you should check out some of the best African documentaries that explains everything you never thought of Africa. But the prediction of the growth has not been proved to be false due to these factors. And in this article, we will discuss some of the positive indicators that prove that you must invest in Africa.

  • Young And Growing Population:

With a population of more than 1 billion and is expected to get doubled up by mid-century. While most of the countries are getting aged and have less potential in the market, on the other hand, Africa is young and has many opportunities left to explore. And according to the expert’s study in investment markets, the global workforce may be shrinking in the future, but in the case of Africa, it is expected to grow and will surpass India and China. Moreover, Africans also have consumers who want all the latest updated tech-gadgets.

  • Customers Are Changing:

With the growing economy of Africa, there has been a significant development, and expectations have increased. Education and urban professionals are more aware of the current brands and have become quite selective when it comes to consumption. You can look at best African documentaries such as The Square to know more about how people have the power to change everything.

  • The Economy Is Getting Strengthened And Diversified:

In recent years, there has been a considerable growth downfall in exports of oil, but the rest of the product is still growing. Countries are not solely dependent on the oil resources for their economic growth. Typically, smaller economies are progressing towards economic reform and giving competitiveness to others in the market. African countries are driving to diversify beyond commodities.

  • Money To Spend And Love For The Major Brands:

African consumers are increasing rapidly and spending trillions of amounts in a year for branded consumption.

  • Digital Transformation:

Africa is one of the leading countries to adopt mobile, which offers the biggest cross-sectoral economic opportunities. Most of the companies are using mobile networking and digital technology to maintain their supply chain. Consumers have moved towards digital payment rather than using cash at hand.

Contact Loanspal to get your loan approved within a day

LoansPal Australia is a very popular financial service provider in Australia. We provide you with perfect financial solutions that will help you to overcome all your financial troubles. Over the years, we at LoansPal have helped thousands of people to reach their financial goals. So, if you are in debt or you wish to start your business, you can definitely contact us and get your loan easily. Loanspal is especially known for its bad credit loans and Caveat Loans. We provide loans to all our customers irrespective of their bad credit loan history. Few other types of loans that are offered by us to our customers include Personal loans, Business Loans, 2nd Mortgage Loans and so on. Two of our most popular loan options include caveat loan and 2nd mortgage loan.

At Loanspal Australia, you can also apply for a caveat loan. It is the best options to fulfil your short-term needs. These loans are arranged for a term to 1 to 12 months within which you will have to repay your loan. So, a caveat loan cannot be used to satisfy your long-term goals. Most of these loans are settled immediately. In most cases, Caveat Loans are settled within 24 hours. In a caveat loan, your property is used for security purposes and you need not submit any additional documents to get your loan sanctioned. You can use the loan amount for business purposes only. So, if you wish to start your own business or you already have a business that you wish to expand, then a caveat loan is quite suitable for you.

You may apply for Caveat Loans online. This will make your approval process both simpler and easier. These loans are excellent for business owners who need money urgently. Even if you have a bad credit history, you will face no problem in getting your loan approved. This is mainly because of the fact that you already have your property documents for security purposes and no further credit checks are required. All you need to do is fill up the application form for Caveat Loans and we will begin the loan sanction process immediately. We will also explain to you the applicable rate of interest on your loan amount. So, if all your property documents are in order, you will face no problem in getting your loan.

A 2nd Mortgage Loan is a mortgage loan that is taken on a piece of property which you have already kept on the mortgage for a previous loan. You may go for this type of loan if your lender does not agree to pay you a larger loan for your property. These loans have a very low rate of interest and are also settled within 24 hours. However, you will have to repay your loan within a maximum duration of 12 months. You may use your loan amount in any way you wish to in a 2nd  Mortgage Loan. 

Take a 2nd Mortgage Loan and pay your debts

A 2nd Mortgage Loan is a very flexible loan option available to you. You will have the power to decide your installments and your mode of payment. You will also be provided with all the necessary guidelines related to your loan. So, if you need some cash immediately and you do not know how to arrange for it, you can come to us and we will help you out.

Loanspal is the final destination for all your financial problems. Apart from caveat loans and 2nd Mortgage Loan, we have other loan options available for you as well. If you have any kind of queries regarding any of our loan options, then you should definitely contact us and we will ensure that all your queries get resolved

Applying for loans is a very crucial decision be it for personal or business reasons. It is important that you choose the right financial companies to help you lend a loan with the right guidance and best terms throughout the life of your term. A trustworthy and professional loan lender is what you should be looking for rather than going for easier and intriguing options. 

So here are the factors you should be considering while choosing a financial company for a loan:

  • Experience and Credibility- The foremost and the most important element while selecting a financial company is to check their credibility and how experienced the financial institution is. A good financial company like Accord Financial will help you understand the full facts and details of your borrowing and won’t dupe you into paying unexpected extra costs beneath your repayments. If you haven’t heard about the company before, google the company and look for reviews from their previous and current customers. 
  • Interest Rates- When you think about applying for a loan, the interest rate is probably the first thing that comes into your mind. The lower the interest rate you have to pay for your loan, the better and less stressed you will be. However, the rates won’t be the same as mentioned on the firm’s website as the actual rate will depend on many other factors like your credit history, kind of loan you are applying for, etc. But before applying for a loan with a certain company, check with two or more companies and compare the rate of interests given by each one of them.
  • Flexibility Of Payments- When you are looking for a loan lender, always find out how flexible are they willing to be with your repayment schedule. Enquire about whether they will be willing to put back for a month or so if you are not able to make the ends meet for that month? And how much penalty will you be charged for late payments? 
  • Additional Services Provided- A good financial institution will always answer your queries and clear your doubts about your loan application. Support from your financial institution is important and also make sure to find out how long will it take for your loan provider to complete the procedure and lend the money.

Make sure to consider all these factors while choosing a financial institution for your loan application. 

Importing goods into Canada is a tricky procedure instead of being lengthy. It means, when handled by elite professional customs brokers at firms like Clearit, your goods are cleared at the customs quickly. On the contrary, when handled by mediocre companies, the process gets lengthy as well as overwhelming. Which is why you need experienced brokers. That said, the different ways in which customs brokers help in simplifying the customs clearance procedure are listed below. Have a look.

  1. They Generate the ITN Number

When importing a car into Canada – whether it’s for personal use or has a commercial value – what you need is the ITN/AES number. Clearit Canada offers this service at just 127 dollars. 

Besides, they also offer a package that includes all car import services – listed below – at just $389.99.

  • AES/ITN Number
  • Submission to Automotive Export Control (72 hour notice)
  • Preparation of Customs release
  • Agent on site at time of crossing
  • Remittance of Duties & Taxes to Canada Customs
  • Coordination of border crossing
  • Complete Customs Accounting Documentation

Whether you choose the entire package of Clearit car importing services or just the individual ITN generation service, it totally depends upon your requirement.

  1. They Assign Personal Agents to Cater to You

Instead of leaving you juggling with the responsibility of ensuring that the documents required for submission are complete, they assign a personal agent who reviews everything on your behalf and informs you in case you need to provide them with any other document. 

Also, they extend agent support beyond the online means. In other words, they send a field agent to the import site when the border cross is happening to check that the imported Shipment has arrived undamaged. 

  1. They Handle Shipments Arriving From all Modes of Transportation

Whether your goods are coming by air, sea, or road, the customs brokers at Clearit Canada can easily handle them all. The common documents that they need for all transportation means include the commercial invoice, the package list, and OGD certificate(s). Other than these, the extras required for different modes are listed below.

  • They need the Airway bill number for shipments arriving by air.
  • They need PARS for truck shipments.
  • They need the lading bill for shipments arriving by ocean.
  1. They Offer Logistic Management and Transportation Services

They can handle logistics on your behalf. Also, once your package is cleared at customs, it sure needs to be delivered at a certain location. And, clearit offers services for delivering your shipment to its destination at much affordable rates.

All in all, custom brokers handle all customs formalities to make sure that your goods are cleared in time. So pick who you work with very carefully.