Business owners look for ways to build goodwill, increase staff loyalty, and enhance retention. Have you considered prepaid cards? What are they?

Physical prepaid cards are payment cards, which can be loaded with funds and used like bank cards. It is used as a debit card to purchase in a shop or swipe it in a restaurant. On the other hand, virtual prepaid cards can be used the same way as a physical debit card but for shopping online. 

Business owners can control the fund’s amount of these cards. You also need to determine if you need a single load or reloadable card. The former can be used as a one-time reward, while the latter can be used for an ongoing reward scheme via adding funds as often as you need. 

Benefits of prepaid card included in the sales incentive scheme

Level 6 team designs, launches, and optimizes your sales incentive program tailored specifically to motivate your sales team. Using custom prepaid Visa cards for your sales incentive scheme helps to engage the workforce, influence their performance, increase productivity and enhance revenue. The staff who received the prepaid card feels appreciated and stay motivated, which enhances the retention rate. 

Users can engage in the program, where value is attached. They get the chance to offset extra costs or pamper them using the reward scheme. Prepaid cards can be got in multiple currencies, so your global employees can also get engaged in the same incentive program. Thus it becomes simple to manage the entire scheme. Besides, every employee feels that they are treated equally and not excluded due to geographical restraints. 

How to use prepaid cards?

Both formats of prepaid cards can be used online or at the physical stores, phone, or mail order in your country or abroad, where the provider’s scheme Acceptance Mark is displayed, e.g. MasterCard®. After the cards get issued and loaded, you will get a relevant card including instructions on card registration and activation. As long as the card has sufficient funds, you can use it to pay for anything. You can even check balances on the internet via a nominated website.