Insurance is one of the most important things which most of the people have these days to stay protected against some unwanted situation or lack of health or money. The same thing applies to the housemaid also and especially with them who work for twenty-four hours and that is too not in the same country or location. For such people, many employers also buy some maid insurance plans. There are many different types of plans. In this article, we will discuss a few of them which you can too opt for if you think that maid insurance is beneficial not just for her but for you also. Let’s discuss these all in a bit more detail.

Based on Cost

Though there are many criteria based on which one can choose the best plans for main insurance. However, most employers first look for the budget and want to go with the best plan under the lowest cost, yet there are mainly three types of main insurance on the basis of cost. Let’s know them all one by one.

Basic or low-cost plan

The starting cost of this plan may be somewhere between $280 to $300 on average. This plan comes with the least number of the facility which you may need sometimes. However, there are almost all basic things which one can expect in any maid insurance plan. This plan is especially beneficial for them who don’t have much experience in the plans like this or for the people whose budget is very tight due to many other investments or due to any other reasons. Though you may miss some non-essential facilities in it, it is mostly used by most of the employers and especially by them who either have any foreign maid in their house or they have more than one maid in their house.

The mid-tier or average plan

These plans are also sought by most of the employers. The budget of this plan may be somewhere between $300 to $400. Under this plan, you will find all the basic coverage which you can expect from the basic plan and along with that, some extra coverage will also come with this. One of the main reasons for making this plan very popular is that expect just two to three coverages, it gives almost all the coverages like any top premium plan at the much less cost.

Top tier plan with almost everything

This is the plan which is mostly used by the employer who belongs to a very rich family or who wants to provide their maid with all possible facilities so that she can remain carefree and focus more just on the task which she needs to perform on a daily basis. Just because of some differences in the cost they don’t want to compromise with the facilities their maid gets in the insurance plan. Most of the celebrities and business tycoons mostly go with such plans for their housemaid. Though it is preferred by them the most, you can go for such plans if you think that your maid needs all the possible facilities in her insurance plans. The cost of this plan may be somewhere between $450 to $500.

On the basis of coverage

After discussing the maid insurance plans based on cost, let’s discuss them all on the basis of coverage they provide. Let’s discuss them all through some of the important coverage they provide.

On the basis of  Medical coverage

This is one of the main coverages which every person searches for in their insurance plan. In terms of the maid, this is also of very much importance. That is the reason most of the employers go with the insurance plans which provide health protection also. In this health protection, the protection may be in the form of either in inpatient form, outpatient form or with both. In the inpatient form, the insurance is applicable only when the medical treatment is done in any hospital and the maid has to spend the whole hours of treatment in that hospital. In outpatient form, the reimbursement is done only when the treatment is done at home instead of any hospital.

On the basis of Liability coverage

If you want to choose any maid insurance especially considering the protection of your house against the theft done by your maid, you could go for this insurance plan also. The very popular form of this type of maid insurance is the third party liability plan. Under this plan, you also get recovery options when your maid damages someone or something either by mistake or accidentally.

Other than the above-mentioned category of choosing the maid insurance plan you can also choose it with the facility of a critical illness insurance plan.

Critical illness insurance

Many a time the question may come in the mind of many employers, is critical illness insurance necessary? If you too have any questions like this, then let me tell you that there are many things which you need to know before going for the plans which have this facility. However, if the work of your maid is very tedious or if she is suffering from some such critical illness, you should go with the plans with this facility. With the help of this plan, you will not just let the maid be tension free but at the same time, you will also reduce your expenses which you may have to spend on such issues with her.

Above we discussed some of the main types of housemaid plans which you can choose for your maid. Though we have discussed them in the reference of the maid working as a foreigner maid which belong to some other countries, you can purchase this insurance for even the local maids if you think that the maid deserves such insurance. Whatever may be reasons in your case, maid insurance is always worth purchasing for the betterment of both the employer and employee for sure.