You have spent years forming the perfect business idea and obsessed for months over the name and brand. All the days you worked tirelessly on business plans and strategies have finally brought you to the day where you are ready to open your company, but you realize just how substantial the capital obligations are to finally put that ‘now open’ sign in the front window. Many start-up businesses spend months applying for loans or financing only to be turned down and eventually give up on their dream of being their own boss and having an establishment built from their values and compassion for the community and love for the industry. It can be daunting standing in the position of financial dependency and could go against everything you set out to achieve, but business funding could ultimately be your only solution to finally fulfilling your dream of running your own business. There is absolutely no shame in taking a loan to start your business venture, and infact, it gives you a competitive edge in your industry as you have access to funds that other start-ups probably don’t have. That means you have more room for advertising and community outreach to bring in customers and generate the leads your business needs to make an impressive start in the industry. 

Advantex Capital offers small to medium businesses an opportunity to reach their objectives and goals with tailored business funding plans that work with your cash flow and financial demands, so you can manage your business and work towards scalability. 

Missing Out On An Opportunity

Let’s say you are a franchisee, perhaps for a fast-food restaurant, and have acquired and cultivated a successful branch. Now, you are ready for the next challenge and have an opportunity to take on another branch, but you have no funding available to grab the opportunity and roll it out. You know that it is exactly what you need, and you are prepared and excited for the hard work that lies ahead, but finances are a big stop sign right in front of your face. It can be incredibly disheartening to miss out on an opportunity that you know will generate a significant return on investment, and fast action is typically a requirement to snag your spot before someone else does, but where are you going to find the upfront lump sum that you need to secure your business venture? 

Merchant cash advances from Advantex Capital allow business owners and franchisees to apply for an advance based on their monthly credit card sales and work as a pay-as-you-trade system, so you are not burdened by large financial deductions every month. Since the business funding plans work according to your businesses turnover, you are given funding that corresponds to your average cash flow so you can comfortably pay back your advance while still successfully growing your business. Now you can act fast on potential business investments and establish yourself in the industry with a success rate that others will admire. Of course, making your investment work takes grit and dedication, so be prepared to sow blood and sweat into your newfound business opportunity. 


Knowing precisely what you can qualify for with a merchant cash advance allows you to plan for the future of your business. Instead of working month to month and planning without financial security, you can now plan ahead knowing that you are covered for a certain amount in capital to implement your business objectives. Business strategy has never been more enjoyable than with Advantex Capital business funding. 

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