With 2023 now underway, many investors are looking for stock picks that can deliver strong returns in the New Year. One investor with a proven track record of identifying winners is Charles Mizrahi.

Microsoft (MSFT)

One mega-cap tech stock that Mizrahi is bullish on is Microsoft.  The company’s Azure cloud platform is its main growth engine and now generates over 30% of total revenues. “Microsoft has built an economic moat around its cloud business that gets wider every day,” Mizrahi has noted. He sees Microsoft’s diversified product portfolio, rock-solid balance sheet, and as reasons to climb higher in 2023.

Alphabet (GOOGL)

Another top pick from Mizrahi is Alphabet, the parent company of Google. Alphabet enjoys a near-duopoly in online advertising along with Facebook. Mizrahi believes Google’s dominant search engine, massive mobile ecosystem (Android), and innovative “moonshot” initiatives give it multiple avenues for growth.   Mizrahi sees Alphabet’s P/E ratio as reasonable given its leadership in digital advertising and potential to expand margins. He considers the StocksReviewed look at MLP Checks a long-term winner.

UnitedHealth Group (UNH)

In the health insurance sector, Mizrahi’s top choice is UnitedHealth Group.  Mizrahi notes UnitedHealth’s membership has grown every year for over a decade, reflecting the indispensable nature of its services. He believes its Optum healthcare services unit, which provides pharmacy and home health services, sustains double-digit earnings growth. Solid dividend growth is another factor that makes Mizrahi bullish on UNH stock.

Apple (AAPL)

Consumer tech juggernaut Apple is another core holding in Mizrahi’s portfolio. Under CEO Tim Cook, Apple has successfully expanded its hardware ecosystem and services business beyond just iPhones. Mizrahi sees an upside for Apple from 5G adoption, augmented reality technology, and streaming services like Apple TV+.

Apple’s proven ability to grow sales and profits consistently year after year makes Mizrahi confident in the stock. He thinks concerns about slowing iPhone sales are overblown.  With over $4 trillion in client assets, Morgan Stanley generates stable fee income from asset management and investment services. A retail stock Mizrahi is bullish on is United Kingdom-based next. With the stock trading at just 10x earnings, Mizrahi sees next as an overlooked value play.

Danaher (DHR) 

In the medical devices sector, Mizrahi likes Danaher. Danaher’s experienced management team track record of executing value-enhancing acquisitions. Mizrahi sees plenty of opportunities for Danaher to drive continued growth and innovation. Its diagnostic products, including for COVID-19 testing, provide reliable recurring revenues. The stock is a bit pricey, but Mizrahi believes its growth outlook justifies premium valuation. 

Consumers have flocked to Dollar General for its extreme value and convenience during high inflation. Mizrahi thinks margins can keep expanding as Dollar General Scales up. The company has also shown disciplined capital allocation by repurchasing lots of stock. Mizrahi considers Dollar General’s valuation very reasonable for a best-in-class retailer. Investors looking for stocks that can thrive in all market environments would do well to give Mizrahi’s recommendations strong consideration. He remains very bullish on the long-term outlook for equities.