By now, you must be knowing what hashtags are. In social media platforms like Twitter, they are extensively used to boost reach and visibility of posts. Did you know, that you can register your favourite hashtags as a unique NFT token and eventually make money. This would also help you grow your digital assets. At Tagprotocol, you have a data-driven approach that evaluates the performance of registered hashtags on Twitter and enables the owners to grow their wealth digitally. Interestingly, you can auction hashtags, go for Tagcoinmining and exchange your Coins for other types of currency like Bitcoin and cryptopunk.

What makes this the right time to purchase hashtags?

The decentralized technology has got a great potential in terms of transparency and privacy maintenance. The faster you register potential hashtags that are likely to perform well, the better are your chances. In the coming years, this will help you generate a recurring income. The platform, Tagprotocol enables users to turn each hashtag into unique NFTS. The operations take place on an Ethereum(ETH) fork, simplifying the transactions.

The platform also brings you different functions. These include:

  • Hashtag auction
  • Staking
  • Hashtag registry
  • DEX

Here are some reasons which explain why people are presently buying hashtags.

  • When you register hashtags that are likely to perform well, you would be owning a unique NFT. The secret lies in identifying the hashtags that would perform well.
  • You need to register the hashtags before other people on the platform do. Otherwise, you would have to purchase them from others at a higher cost. The faster you register these hashtags, the better are your odds. However, if you purchase them now, you would have better opportunities during the auctions.
  • In the coming years, the value of potential hashtags is going to increase based on performance. This implies that the owners would be able to able to exchange these assets for Tagcoin.

How can you benefit if you register the hashtags now?

Here are some facts, that would help you understand the potential that the platform holds for you.

  • The users would have 100% decentralized DAO at Tagprotocol.
  • This is the first of its kind project, where you can transform hashtags into NFTS.
  • The project is entirely data driven, ensuring transparency for the hashtag owners.
  • Once you register the hashtags, an intelligent system would evaluate the performance and generate rewards from time to time.
  • You can sell the Crypto Coin in the form of Tagcoins at auctions.

If you are one of the opportunistic miners, you would like to capitalize on the opportunity. Of course, you need to be intelligible with the selection of hashtags. This implies that the value of your hashtags would be increasing in the coming years. 

In a nutshell, Tagprotocol brings you an intelligent system, capable of assessing the performance of hashtags that you choose to register. Backed by Binance Smart Chain, it ensures a seamless and transparent transaction. The concept looks innovative and promising. You may explore the opportunities and capitalize on the same.