We all know that forex trading can be kind of lonesome business. Until and unless we are fortunate enough to be working with some hotshot or we are working on a trading desk for a bank or if we get lucky enough to get control of the proprietary account of any investment firm. This translates into that we will not be getting many chances to found ourselves in discourse with more experienced traders and players in this field.

Many of us were not lucky enough to be found by some experienced individuals who want to mentor us, but on the contrary, we have to rely on ourselves to find one for us. Who can guide and leads us On the journey of becoming a successful forex trader and earning profits from forex consistently? For that, we have to often go through many books, trading blocks, and forum posts to find ourselves the most suitable and appropriate mentor. But still, there are chances that they might be some people disguised in the court of a mentor whose aim is to misguide and mislead us or only to exploit us.

That is the reason we have to be very careful while choosing a mentor which is According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary “a trusted counselor or a guide “. So here are five indications you should be looking for in a mentor for your dating for six.

He/she is credible:

Credibility comes from knowing that the trading mentor is having some evidence of what he or she is talking about. To know that we should look that they have a proven track record, it should be at least more than three years. With detailed records, we will be able to know what he or she explained is true about their forex trading process.

He/she inspires you:

The mentor we choose should be someone we look up to and admire. Moreover in the mentor-mentee relationship should be something that must go beyond the Forex market. This means there should be conversations on topics including our future goals and aspirations, relationship, and possibly faith. Above it more importantly the mentor we have must think the best interest in our interest and should be guiding us towards the life we aspire to have one for ourselves.

Oprah Winfrey, an American talk show host, television producer, actress, author, and philanthropist once truly remarked, “A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.”

You trust him/her:

We should trust our mentors enough to open in front of them, also not only because of that but also because we are most likely to follow their forex trading style as well as they will be critically assessing our every move and critiquing us as a trader. In addition to that, we must trust this person enough to teach us because when we will eventually be shifting on to live trading they should not blow away hardened time money, and effort.

He/she is honest:

It is a very common fact the Forex market is brutally unforgiving. And if we come across a mentor who promises that you will succeed 110% we should better think twice before listening to his or her advice. Because as a mentor they should be able to understand what goes on in the forex It is not an easy business. As a mentor, they have to prepare us and help in getting through a tough time.

He/she helps you become your trader:

At the end of the day, we will be out there on our own. This means there will be instances when we have to trade and down and take on decisions. And a good mentor Someone who makes us realize that and prepare us for the same by making us confident enough to be good on our own.

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