As a bookkeeper or accountant, you’re only as good as your data. Business owners, company bosses and department heads want to work with the most accurate information – but going through that data can be cumbersome and time-consuming, not to mention that you’re only human. This is where Dext Precision comes to the rescue.

Dext Precision is the ultimate toolkit for accountants and bookkeepers in the UK. It integrates seamlessly and comes with a whole host of other benefits like error-free data and proactive insights. 

Eliminate errors 

How much time do you spend going over numbers and checking for errors? With Dext Precision, you can back-check data and also track changes made to data and entries, even locate a deleted entry. 

Best of all the system flags up errors, anomalies, and discrepancies for you, so you can spot mistakes before they become a costly problem.

Dext Precision’s Clean Up Toolkit can help revolutionize your error tracking abilities. With the time saved, you can get more done as an in-house accountant, or take on more gigs if you run a bookkeeping practice. 

Check exactly what resources are being spent 

Dext Precision’s Focus Dashboard can help you figure out your own team’s workflows. It is a challenge to figure out how long a given task should take a team member based on nothing. 

The Focus Dashboard, however, can provide you with these insights because it can tell you the amount of time devoted to using Precision’s own toolkit as well as other software that it integrates with.

This can help you more correctly and accurately assign tasks and clients to your own team. You and your team will also be able to point out where maximum time is being spent and if a course correction is required, or can be undertaken.

Overall, Dext Precision’s Focus Toolkit lets you undertake more tasks and take on more billable work. 

Zero in on “leaks” 

Overspending can halt any sort of progress. It’s why business owners are always looking for ways to keep it to a minimum – a cost-cutting mission that doesn’t cut corners. 

Dext Precision turns real-time data into insights on supply chain spending which can truly help business heads figure out how to be more profitable by curbing unnecessary spending.

That’s not all. Dext Precision also alerts you if there’s a tax risk, which is extremely relevant in these uncertain times. The software will alert you where there is a chance of losses or reduced profits because of a potential change in tax laws. By being able to provide this insight you’ve easily gone from bookkeeper to advisor. 

Self/client evaluation 

Companies are supposed to maintain impeccable books – but it’s hard to assess that when talking to a potential new client. All this could change with Dext Precision. You can use Health Score to check the state of your clients’ books right at the negotiation table. This can help you drive more profitable pricing. You can also tie your pricing and appeal to a wider cross-section of clients. 

You’ll also get to strut your (bookkeeping) stuff when you click on Health Score after your work is done and demonstrate your amazing abilities. 

Usher in accuracy across the board with Dext Precision. Check out Dext precision for the best insights and accurate data.