I am a trader and I like to experiment and explore. However, it does not mean that I like to waste my money. When I explore my options, I make sure that I get to spend the least amount of money for the best returns. In an attempt of doing so, I think I have found the perfect broker that meets all my trading needs. Since the broker is so good for me, I think that it should be good for other traders who are just starting out. But who am I to come to a conclusion like this? I will give you the necessary information and then you can decide whether this broker is worth your money.

The Five Reasons Go4rex Leads the Way

1.     Trading Platform

I think the trading platform from your broker is the first thing that should convince you to sign up with it. The broker understands that it is serving an audience of modern traders. It cannot offer them something outdated and expect them to like its services. So, the broker has provided you with multiple of options of trading platforms. You can either use your desktop computer to trade the conventional method or go with the more modern form of trading with the mobile trading platform. You can download the trading platform on any device of your choice.

It does not matter which Android phone you have because the Go4rex trading platform will work like a charm on any device. It will run fast and provide you with all the charts and graphs that you need for successful trading.

2.     The Regulation

I can forget about all the flaws of an online broker if it has proper regulation in the place. Conversely, I will remember all the small faults as big faults if the broker does not have any regulation. That’s because regulation ensures that my money is going in the right hands. When I deposit my money with a broker, I have to make sure that it will protect the money. At the same time, I want to be sure that the broker that I have signed up with is providing me with fair and transparent trading services. Do I get those things from this broker? The answer is absolutely yes.

This broker is properly regulated. Right on the website of the broker you can check that it is being regulated by Financial Services Authority. This means, you have a regulatory authority that will keep an eye on the trading services of the broker. If there is anything wrong, the regulatory authority will prevent the broker from continuing its business. You know you are signing up with a safe broker when you go with Go4rex.

3.     Convenient Accounts for New Traders

I have seen that some brokers really don’t realize the market they are targeting. There are millions of traders around the world. These traders are always looking for a great broker to help them with their trading career. Is there a broker that can provide them with convenient trading accounts that they can sign up with? Yes, with this broker, the trading accounts you are getting are some of the best in many different ways. First of all, the amount of money that you have to deposit is very affordable. With the basic account, you just have to deposit $250 in your account.

Even the second account on the list, which the broker has named as bronze account, requires only a small amount of $1000 from you to start it. With the basic accounts, you get access to most of the assets that the broker has on its list of assets.

4.     Huge Leverages

If you have made up your mind to trade, why hold yourself from making huge profits? While leverages can work against you as well, if you are careful with your trading strategies, you can use them to increase the sizes of your profits significantly. This broker has given you the perfect opportunity to make money on your trades by using some huge leverages. The leverages are different for different account types, but I can tell you that there is no small leverage being offered by this broker even to the new traders. If you go with the most basic account from the broker, you will have leverages of 1:200 on your trades.

You can increase that leverage to 1:300 if you go with an advanced account. Perhaps, you would want to go with the platinum account if you want your leverages to be at a whopping 1:400. In other words, you have great opportunities of making great money with this broker no matter how new or old you are in the trading world.

5.     Cryptocurrency Trading

I cannot lay enough stress on this particular point. You have online brokers providing you with many cryptocurrencies for trading even when they are the specialists of cryptocurrency trading. On the other hand, you have Go4rex, a broker that provides you with access to forex currency pairs, stocks, indices, commodities and many other assets. With those assets, the broker has also given you access to cryptocurrency trading. What really amazes me about this broker is that it lets you trade a variety of cryptocurrencies once you sign up with it. Enjoy the huge leverages on your trades and go with the digital currencies that you like the most.

Dash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple are the five different digital coins that you can trade with this broker once you sign up with it. All these assets can be traded on the same trading platform.

Final Thoughts

So, what is there that you need from Go4rex and it is not providing? I can tell you that everything that can help you with your trading career is there when you sign up with Go4rex. I am not saying that because I like the broker but I encourage you to visit the website of the broker to find everything out yourself. Don’t forget that when you sign up with Go4rex, you will be trading on an amazing trading platform that is run by a broker whose services are regulated by a neutral third party.