You considered installing hardwood floors throughout your restaurant but decided against it. The red carpet is classy and creates an upscale ambiance, but the wood looks great in the lobby.

You also thought hardwood bathroom and kitchen room floors were a terrible idea. Those spaces have tiled floors instead.

While it’s nice to have different types of flooring throughout your business, cleaning them is a different story. You can’t clean carpet the same way you would tile.

Read on if you’d like floor maintenance tips for different types of floors. We’ll talk about cleaning hardwood flooring, carpet, tile, and more.

Cleaning Hardwood

How often you clean depends on how much hardwood depends on how much foot traffic you get. The more people step on the floor, the more you have to sweep and dust.

You should generally vacuum, sweep, and dust dirt and debris weekly for hardwood floors. Stick to wood-safe chemicals for deep cleaning flooring.

Cleaning Carpet

A helpful tip to remember is to use carpet cleaning supplies on carpets. That probably sounds redundant, but it’s good to know because you want products that rinse and absorb readily.

For example, stain removing laundry detergent requires too much water to rinse. Any remaining detergent can attract dirt. Vacuum at least twice weekly to remove germs and dirt.

Try not to wear shoes on the carpet, if possible. Your shoes are germy dirt magnets. Steam cleaning helps break down deeply set bacteria and dirt. You should try steam cleaning at least once a year.

Cleaning Tile

Tile is a much easier job than cleaning carpet or hardwood. All you need is a broom or vacuum. Cleaning tile flooring is ideally a weekly job. Sweep or vacuum debris and dirt and wipe away spills.

Sponges, cloth rags, or chamois mops are perfect for tile flooring maintenance. Do not use sponge mops. A sponge mop won’t absorb dirty water but instead push it into the grout.

Despite how easy it is to clean tiles, they’re relatively high maintenance. Click the link to learn more about tile and grout maintenance.

Cleaning Vinyl

Moisture and vinyl don’t get along. The trick to keeping vinyl in good condition is to wipe away spills as soon as they happen. Use soft materials (like microfiber) to dry away moisture.

Leaving vinyl flooring wet for too long can damage the laminate and wear away the adhesive. You should use mild, vinyl-safe cleaners to remove deeply embedded dirt and germs.

Cleaning Linoleum

Linoleum flooring maintainable is simple; just dust or vacuum and follow up with a damp mop. However, linoleum may accumulate a lot of marks over time.

Generously apply linoleum-safe wax and polish the floors with a damp rag. You’ll get rid of scuffs and skids easily with this method.

Learn to How Clean Different Types of Flooring

There’s a cleaning method for different types of flooring. Linoleum takes substantially less effort to  clean than carpet. And all Cleaning tile flooring takes is sweeping each week.

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