How to promote a Twitch channel with the help of other users? There are several options:

  • You may be included in the relay list if the focus of your channel matches the interests of the audience of another streamer. This means that during pauses your streams will be broadcast – other users are automatically redirected to your page and can rate the content. Here is the answer to the question of how to promote a Twitch channel: one of those who came will definitely stay with you!
  • The streamer will mention you during the broadcast and throw a link to your profile – some of those who are interested will come to the page. It is important to keep interesting content and lure more people. That’s a perfect way on how to get Twitch followers.
  • The second answer to the question of how to promote a stream on Twitch is to use other platforms and social networks. Any resources will do! If you have a certain number of subscribers, there is a great place to start. If you are not yet popular in other social networks, do not despair, you can always find an audience of interest.
  • On Tik Tok and Instagram pages, you can post stories and publications with the appropriate hashtags for promotion;
  • If you already have a YouTube channel, use it! Part of the audience will definitely come to evaluate the new creation on another platform.

This is the simplest solution to how to grow an audience on Twitch – of course, subscribers will be added slowly. Remember, not everyone who comes will stay with you for a long time.

We are finishing figuring out how to promote Twitch for free – there are special sites where you can gain status without investments. They work on a similar principle: you are active by viewing other people’s streams, commenting and subscribing to pages. In response, you get similar actions from other people by bartering! We know how to gain an audience on Twitch for free and remember that the promotion process is not quick, you will have to be patient and work hard. Is there an alternative?

Paid channel promotion on Twitch

A more effective result is the promotion of a Twitch channel for money – usually it is done using third-party services. Do not worry that views and subscriptions will be filled with bots – you will not be banned by the administration of the service.

We briefly tell you why you should not be afraid of promoting Twitch streams with the help of bots.

  • Even the most popular streamers use these promotion services;
  • Viewers who first come to the channel see a certain number of followers – simple logic works. If there are subscribers, then it’s worth spending a couple of minutes and taking a look;
  • The more real viewers you attract, the faster the popularity of the channel grows and the possibility of monetization appears;
  • If the profile can be monetized, Twitch receives a percentage of the cooperation with advertisers. It is simply unprofitable for the platform administration to punish you.