Did you know that approximately 100 million Americans go boating each year?

Nothing beats the freedom of spending the summer on a boat with your friends and family.

As boating season draws near, there’s nothing you want more than to get out on the water. However, it’s worth revisiting a few fundamental boat safety tips before you do.

Read on for 4 essential summer boating safety pointers.

1. Prepare a Boat Safety Kit

You never know when an emergency could happen. So pack a boat safety kit before you hit the water. Whatever the size of your boat, you should keep your boat safety kit on board at all times.

Your emergency kit should include:

  • A waterproof flashlight
  • Marine or duct tape for leaks
  • A silicone bailing bucket
  • First aid kit
  • A waterproof whistle
  • Rope
  • Signaling mirror
  • Tarpaulin or waterproof
  • Life jackets
  • Fire extinguisher

If you have to use any of the items in your boat safety kit, be sure to replace them right away. Use a checklist to ensure your kit is up to date.

2. Bring Suitable Life Jackets 

Life jackets are an essential piece of boat safety equipment, and many include additional safety features. You’re required by law to carry a US Coastguard-approved life jacket for each person aboard your boat.

Choose a lifejacket that’s appropriate for your height, weight, and build. You and your family should try on your life jackets before purchasing them to ensure they fit you.

It’s a good idea to look out for lifejackets with built-in features, such as a whistle, flashlight, or inflatable pockets.

3. Invest in a GPS Tracker

A GPS tracker for boats ensures you never go wayward while out on the water. GPS trackers deliver quick and precise location information in real-time, no matter where you are in the world.

It can also prevent theft by notifying you if your boat is moved without your consent. This is a crucial security measure, especially if you have a luxury vessel. Use the tracker to mark certain locations on the map to guarantee that your boat stays inside its borders.

Click here to find out more about GPS tracking for your boat.

4. Check the Weather 

Summer boating is all about getting out in the fresh air and enjoying the warm weather. However, unseasonable storms can disrupt your well-laid plans.

Even if the weather seems stable, double-check using a reliable weather service beforehand. Heavy winds and choppy seas are warning signals of an impending storm. If your boat capsizes or you and your passengers become wet, devise a strategy to seek assistance and get dry.

Prioritizing Boat Safety This Summer

As you get ready to hit the water this summer, following these boat safety tips will allow you to enjoy the boating season, safe in the knowledge that you’re equipped in case of an emergency.

With your boat safety plan in place, you’re ready to get out there and enjoy our nation’s waterways.

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