The aspect of decentralized social network is known to have garnered widespread reach and attention over the past few years. This type of public chain arrangement is beneficial and advantageous for one and all. It is looked upon as the future of social network and is set to grow phenomenally in the coming years. A lot of content creators have emerged in the past few years through YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other such social media platforms. However, these platforms are known to benefit only a few and the majority of monetary benefits out of such arrangement is enjoyed by the social media platform alone. In order to effectively address this inequality, tokenization comes across as a huge support. 

MMS Network

MMS Network is a popular decentralized social network with a strong backing. It uses an open source blockchain protocol which aims to create a decentralized and brings content creators and content consumers at one point for exchange of contents, data as well as incentives through tokenization. MMS Network provides for beneficiary platform that supports both content creators for their creativity as well as offers rewards content consumers for the engagement they provide. This model of social media sharing economy is set to benefit a large consumer base as opposed to the current system of social medial which only benefits few. 

Safe and secure platform

It provides for multiple opportunities and benefits and by way of providing storage space which would enable one to be part of an earning community. The best thing about the platform is that it offers for a safe and secure data protection network. At no point of time does it compromise on your safe and secure data and setup. Hence, it has been widely appreciated and is set to bring in more number of interested parties in the coming years. 

Yet another best and attractive aspect is the end-to-end encrypted decentralized anonymous messenger which would provide you the convenience to carry on with the conversations without having to compromise on your safety at any point. Payments and transactions can be carried on through cryptocurrency which would further keep your financial information and data safe. MMS Network is designed keeping in mind the convenience of the users at larger scale. It enables filtering of messages which would greatly help with avoiding any sort of scam or phishing. The super nodes involved are perfectly intact to bring about exceptional outcome in the coming years. 

Advantageous at large

In so many ways, the decentralized social network platform turns out to be convenient, beneficial and revolutionary which is exactly why it is garnering widespread support, reach and attention amongst one and all. MMS Network is set to make huge stride in this field and it is to be launched this week to test the public chain. MMS Network is set to provide all this and more with its comprehensive decentralized social media network that aims at providing the ultimate shared economical benefits for those of them that are part of it so check it out the official site, One can also connect with the platform through,