Since the start of the internet in the 80s, there has been no shortage of scams. From the “winning a new iPhone scam” to the “Nigerian Prince” scam, theyhave evolved considerably throughout the years. Unfortunately, now they have reached an all time high, with very sophisticated scams within exchange and trading markets.

While the chances of you falling for an online trading scam is 30%, the chances of you having fallen for a scam and now looking for help here is more than 90%. Fortunately for you, MoneyBack is a service dedicated to helping you get your money back from trading scams.


Since you might have lost a considerable amount of money in a scam, the price of such a service might be making you feel uneasy. However, MoneyBack charges their customers fairly and in an honest manner. Instead of taking money from you up front, they will only take their payment if they are able to retrieve your money.

Moreover, you will be paying them in the form of recovery commission. This will be equivalent to a certain percentage of the amount that they recover. This percentage can vary significantly between 7% and 30% depending on the amount that they retrieve.

Customer Support

Customer support is a major factor in how you are able to contact a company. Especially in the case of MoneyBack, you will need a response as quickly as possible. A lot can change in a matter of hours, especially the state of a company.

Unfortunately, MoneyBack does not offer 24/7 customer support. However, they make up for that with lightning speed response times during their working hours. Other than calling one of their many international numbers, you can also contact them through email. Their response on email is even faster than that of their calls.

What Do They Offer

Scammed online how to get money back – MoneyBack’s collection of services is something to admire. All of their services aim to help you recover your funds in a meaningful way. These services will include both consultation and recovery, as well building awareness.

Building Awareness

Building awareness is a very important for customers, due to the sheer number of scams online. Being able to get identify a scam can be very important, and can save you a considerable amount of money. they will also inform their customers about various tools that they can use to identify the legitimacy of a company.


Recovery is the hardest part of the entire money back process. From giving the right information to the authorities, to threatening a scam with legal pressure, there s a lot that goes on there. Other than finding the proof that they need, they will also have to find out the country that the company is based in and how they can track them down. All in all, recovery can be quite the lengthy process.

The Scams In Question

There are a variety of scams that MoneyBack can protect you from. One of the most popular ones that they have had to face is that of trading and investment scams. These scams are very diverse and can be a little tricky to track down.

Since the issue with trading scams rarely stems from the exchange or broker them, they will have to check on the company. Look for a proper address and find people that have had similar experiences to you. With testimonials and evidence on their side, they will be able to add pressure to the situation. This pressure can result you in getting your money back.

Your Patience Will Help

Another common question that people ask MoneyBack is what they should know. And a good answer to that is be patient. Your patience will be monumentally supportive to the team working to get your money back. While you should call in and ask about your case rarely, try not to call them on a daily basis.