If you are planning to buy a car, then you might need to get car finance, and with the availability of several car finance brokers, it has become easy and simple to get secure car loans. You simply need to look out for a My Finance Broker that will help you in getting a secure loan for purchasing a car. They will help you in deciding on a loan and which option you should opt for, even if you don’t have any clue about what to look at according to your needs and budget.

A finance broker is a person who helps to find out the most appropriate loan option for you as he is experienced personnel who are abreast with how to approach the financiers that can persuade them to approve the loan. They are the ones who are working in this field for a long time, and they have maintained good relations with the lenders; therefore, they will help you in deciding which lender will likely be open to a client.

Basically, a finance broker is the one that acts as a key source and provides services, including searching for a new or used car model that a customer is looking for within a budget range. Moreover, these brokers also help car buyers to negotiate with the seller of a used car. Despite all these amazing services, there are hundreds of finance brokers available in the market today that are making the selection process much more complicated.

So if you are also planning to hire a broker for car financing, then you need to understand that not all car finance services are fair. Following the tips below that, you should consider while finding a car finance broker; you will be able to choose the right broker:


First of all, you should confirm that the broker you are going to hire meets the required standards or not. It is necessary for you to make sure that your broker should be a member of COSL or FBAA industry associations. COSL is an independent organization that is mainly handling the finance brokers complaints, whereas FBAA is one of the most popular Australian leading membership bodies mainly designed for finance broking experts.

It is necessary for you to confirm that your loan consultant or broker must be a member of one of these associations. In order to make sure about the membership of your finance broker, you can check it by searching through their member list. In addition to the membership, it is also necessary to check that the finance broker must have a license. If a broker is serving in Western Australia, then he must hold a WA finance broker license.


While you are choosing a finance broker for the sake of financing your car, you need to ensure that you are abreast with the range of lender accreditations. It is also necessary for you to make sure that the broker accreditations not only are able to change the range of finance options but they should also be able to affect the quality of these finance options.

Experienced staff:

You should choose a finance broker or a financing service that must retain knowledgeable and experienced staff. The broker should be qualified, have a WA license, and be a professional who must be able to explain why a certain product is highly recommended and will suit your needs. If it is possible, you should check his history and track record, ask for testimonials, and even check the years of experience.

Services offered:

Nowadays, there are hundreds of finance brokers available in the market today claiming to provide a wide variety of services to their clients. You should find out that a broker must be able to provide extra services. Make sure that My Finance Broker must be able to provide detailed information about fees, timeframes, as well as extra charges that are related to car finance.