During the COVID-19 pandemic, customers have increased their use of service channels to resolve issues. Of those customers, 56% said they prefer to use the phone.

The company Ameyo, estimates that a 15% increase in first call resolution results in a 57% reduction in repeat calls.

How can companies improve their resolution rates while customers prefer the phone over self-service options? They can integrate the Salesforce Open CTI with their call center.

Read on to learn about Open CTI and the benefits it offers to customers and their service agents.

What Is Open CTI?

CTI stands for Computer Telephony Integration and connects a computer to a softphone enabling call-to-click functionality.

The Salesforce Open CTI is a cloud-based API that integrates third-party telephony services with the Salesforce Call Center platform. Customer service agents can make outbound calls directly from a Salesforce record.

5 Benefits of Open CTI for Salesforce Users

The Open CTI offers developers and users more benefits than Salesforce Dialer. Open CTI’s advanced functionality includes:

  • Voicemail with multiple messages per user
  • Inbound call routing to the correct department or agent
  • Listen to live calls that are in-progress

To learn more about the differences between Open CTI and traditional CTI adapters, follow this link.

  1. Increased Productivity

When a call comes into the call center, Open CTI checks the number against Salesforce. If there is a match, it loads the customer’s data to the agent’s desktop. The information is displayed in a single window, removing the need to navigate multiple screens.

If the number is not in the system, Open CTI automatically creates a new record.

Users can also easily transfer calls, place them on hold, or terminate them if needed. Auto dialing, calling from the Salesforce record, and auto-call logging are time-saving benefits Open CTI provides.

  1. Better Customer Experience

Customers do not have to repeat their information to the new agent after being transferred. This reduces frustration and the number of angry interactions.

Agents can schedule calls, messages, or follow-ups with Open CTI which helps to improve the customer experience. With the customer information in front of them, agents can also personalize their calls for each customer. Seeing the sales history also helps with new sales conversations and encouraging conversions.

  1. Cost-effective

Open CTI saves money compared with using traditional phones. There is no need to supply a phone for each desk, nor maintain the physical infrastructure such as wiring or phone jacks.

  1. Configurable

Using Open CTI, users can configure their softphones to meet their needs and aid in call resolution. In addition, they can add or remove relevant analytical data and client information from their agent dashboards.

  1. Flexible IT Support

Open CTI is cloud-based which means it works with any browser and on any computer system. Also, CTI adapters do not need to be installed on individual computers, saving IT costs and labor.

Increase Your Team’s Productivity with Open CTI

Save money and time, and improve productivity and the customer experience by using the Salesforce Open CTI for your call center.

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