I’m sure your product is awesome — otherwise, you wouldn’t have selected it! But you need to make sure your audience knows why it’s so awesome, and you can do that through clear, compelling copy and great pictures of your product.

Focusing on your copy first, and the first place to start is on your product’s page title, or simply its title. Using an understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you can hack your product’s title and fill it to the brim with highly searched-for keywords.

The second most important part of your product listing may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s something you need to pay close attention to. You need a quality picture for your product listing.

No, I don’t mean a nice picture taken from your iPhone. I’m talking about professionally-shot photos of your product. How many times have you purchased a product on Amazon that didn’t have a photo? Probably not many times, if ever. People want to see what they’re paying for.

Take the time, pay someone a few bucks, and get a couple of professionally-taken product photos. Make sure the pictures showcase all the features or sides of a product.

Once you’ve got a strong, searchable product page title and several quality pictures for the listing, you’ll want to write up concise and error-free bullet points to showcase all the specific details of your product and a stellar product description.

And please, re-read the description and double-check the details — little errors can make a huge difference.

Simply listing the features and specs is too easy, so if you want your product to really sell, you’ll need to engage with your audience and get them to trust you through a product description that reveals a bit of your personality.

Your product description follows the bullet points and can sum up all the major features of your product while also painting a picture of how or where a customer might use this product. If I was writing a description for my travel backpack, I’d probably describe places that people could travel to easily while using my backpack, along with specific things they could pack inside for a beautiful hike in the mountains.

FBA business

If you’re looking for even more technical hacks for your product listing, Zonbase Amazon FBA software has extra tech-savvy tips for hacking your product’s URL.

As I mentioned earlier, this first product listing might entail more than a little trial and error, especially due to the never-ending possibilities when it comes to crafting creative copy.

But who has the time to figure out exactly what needs to be tweaked in your product description in order to make your sales soar?

Well, Zonbase.com got the time. With their unique analytical system, they run through split tests on your actual Amazon-listed products, ensuring the price, image, and text are all performing at the best sales levels possible.

If it’s not doing as well as it could, Zonbase team can help you optimize your product’s listing, which means more profits for you. And, you can test anything you want, comparing control to a variant.

This is all to say, don’t leave the product copy until the last minute — it’ll impact your sales much more than you think!