Someday before, as I was browising the internet for some good Option analytic tools I came across a wonderful & advanced tool name “QUANTSAPP”. The presence of the tool was so mesmorizing that I had to go to app store & download it & indeed it was worth it. In this Article I would shed some lights on the tool & why it has become my daily driver for Indian Option Trading Market.

So first thing that I would like to highlight is the availabilty of the tool across all platforms. I checked across android & ios, it was easily available on both platform. Also since many traders prefer desktop, it is available on the same as

Now coming to the part which is Most Important is what does this tool does

Their motto is very Simple: Complex Options Simplified

Their entire work is dedicated to make Options Trading Simple & Effective & to reach to the masses

Some of the tools that I have been personaly using are

  1. Single charts: technical Charts for Options trading
  2. Strategy Charts: Custom Strategy charts for greeks
  3. FnO news: Dedicated News section for Options & Futures data
  4. Open Interest: Track the change in Open Interest with Excellent data representation
  5. Builtup: a dedicated tools for Futures Trading
  6. Triggers: Track and Shortlist a Stock/ Index right before the Big Move gets Triggered.
  7. Index contributor: Know stock/sector wise nifty/banknifty contibutors

They include similar tools which amount to more than 40+ tools

The Best tools for me that I personally prefer is ORDER & TRADE ANALYTICS

– Live tool with 1 sec latency

– Know Buyer & seller Inistiated Quantity

– Ney buy order & new Sell order

You can download Quantsapp on Mobile/webapp:

Visit Quantsapp Website: