A rugged tablet PC has greater resistance to dust, liquids, extreme temperatures and accidental falls on hard floors than traditional tablets. Let’s go discover its main features together and why you should get one of Mobexx rugged tablets.

Resistance to falls

No matter how careful people are, eventually a tablet will fall to the ground, whether it slips out of a storekeeper’s grasp or is thrown off a restaurant table or a retail counter. For consumption patterns, a fall on cement or other hard surfaces may result in the breaking of a screen or case, or damage to internal components that may cause loss of functionality. Rugged tablet PCis built with greater impact protection and have a fall classification that indicates how much they can withstand a fall.

Resistance to water and dust

Drops may include falls in liquids (such as sinks or puddles), and spills and steam are common, especially in restaurants. And no environment is completely dust-free. Traditional tablets do not have a protective seal that prevents moisture or particles from entering the inside and causing damage. Rugged tablets are built with components that give them greater strength and have ratings that indicate their strength.

Ability to adapt to multiple applications

Commercial tablets are used for much more than the basic transaction functions and processing of various types of payments. Other tasks include:

  • providing product and inventory information to staff
  • optimising orders in restaurants
  • compiling customer data (such as purchase histories) for targeted marketing or loyalty programs.

Traditional tablets usually don’t have random access memory (RAM) or enough processing capacity to handle this kind of multitasking, but rugged tablets do.

Unlike traditional tablets, rugged models for commercial use are designed to easily include or accommodate various peripherals needed for additional functionality. These peripherals include:

  • barcode scanners
  • magnetic stripe readers
  • EMV “chip” card readers (Europay, Mastercard, Visa)
  • near-field communication capabilities (NFC) for contactless payments such as Apple Pay or Google Wallet
  • biometric devices.

Look for models that have these characteristics or have the possibility to add them later, if necessary. At Mobexx you will find the best options for Rugged Tablets, Rugged HandHeld, Rugged Fixed and In-Vehicle Computers.