HM Revenue and Customs, also called HMRC, is the agency handling tax collection. There are uncountable numbers of fraudulent organizations saying they are HMRC for the sake of taking advantage of those who’ll easily fall prey. These victims are usually individuals who lack the knowledge between legit notice from HMRC and those who are out to scam people.

Keep in mind that HMRC will never give information about any promos or policy changes and other payment details either through text or email.

Con Tricks and Techniques

Con artists always manage to create new ways of scamming others when their current tactic isn’t working anymore or simply just to try to gain more through fraudulent activities. Here are some advices from accountants in Watford you must get to know to save yourself from becoming a victim:

  1. Texts about Your Apparent Tax Violation:

On top of the list are messaging scams saying that one way or another, you have violated tax laws. This could be either that you need to provide details you forgot on your form or worse than that you are subpoenaed for owing HMRC a fair amount of money.

Avoid opening any links included in the text messaging. These typically contain links that redirect you to a website that steals your identity which leads to all sorts of theft.

  1. Fake HMRC Voicemail:

These scammers also leave voicemails that’ll surely intimidate you, as well as trigger you to take action. Here are few factors to help you identify the scam:

  • Intimidating:

They will pour tension to confuse and sweep you off your feet from processing what they’re saying. This could be through claims or lawsuits.

  • Surprise Contact:

Though some businesses do such, if you are sure that you have never had any trouble with HMRC, it’s probably a scam. To check if from a legit source, ask about something that only HMRC has access about such as your tax reference number.

  1. Identity Theft via Phone:

Scammers will call you and attempt to steal data they can use to access any benefit they can reap. If you receive a phone call claiming it’s HMRC out of nowhere, as well as failing to share vital information that HMRC knows, drop the call.

Lookup for the caller’s number and see if it’s the same as shown on their official website. If it’s not listed, it’s a scam.

Are You Uncomfortable about Your Security?

If you’re anxious about your status with HMRC, or you’re afraid to have foolishly shared information with con artists, speak with your bank quickly and hire accountants in Watford. Explain the whole situation and request an additional layer of security added to your account.

You can reach HMRC via text at 60599 or through email at Reporting through Action Fraud through 0300 123 2040 is also available. They will help find the solutions to putting an end to scams dragging HMRC and innocent people into their illegal activities.