Finding a mortgage lender in AZ that fits your budget can be a hectic ordeal that does not end at finding just about anyone. It is often difficult to decide which lenders offer lower interest rates, precisely why it is advisable to compare interest rates. Arizona is buzzing with multiple mortgage lenders, but which one is right for you? This list of the best mortgage lenders in AZ should help narrow it down for you:

1. Blake Mortgage

Blake Mortgage employs a client-centric service approach taking into account the stress of purchasing a new home. They have been serving the communities of Phoenix, Gilbert, Chandler, and Glendale, right here in Arizona, providing clients with the mortgages they need to finance a home that best fits their lifestyle. They offer multiple solutions to your financing needs ranging from home purchase loans, debt consolidation loans, bridge loans to refinance transactions.

2. Zillow Home Loans

Any typical mortgage company takes about 45 to 60 days for a sanctioned loan to gain traction. With Zillow Home Loans, it takes two days to get approval and 40 days for a sanction. They take less than the average time to get a loan approved and deposited. Zillow is known for its customer service and liability scores in the mortgage industry.

3. Movement Mortgage

Movement Mortgage specializes in jumbo loans, offering to help customers with credit scores as low as 580. The added benefit of choosing them is that they give away their profits, leading people by value and love as they do not have Wall Street investors like many other lenders.

4. Home Plus Mortgage

Home Plus Mortgage has multiple loan options with or without any closing cost. They also have zero point and zero origination fee mortgages for the convenience of their asset holders. When talking about the best mortgage lenders in AZ, Home Plus Mortgage makes quite the argument for customers looking for genuine mortgages.

5. Guaranteed Rate

It is always great to have the option of sitting back at home and applying for a mortgage online without the hassle of traveling. Guaranteed Rate understands the requirement of customers who prefer transacting online and have representatives who can help customers over a call. This system of online and offline help makes services accessible to all sorts of customers for mortgage loans.

6. Nova Home Loans

Getting a loan with a poor credit score is next to impossible without the right contacts. Nova Home Loans is the one-stop solution for individuals with a low credit score. The services provided by them are widely accepted, making them reliable mortgage dealers. They aid in finding deals perfectly suited to each customer.

Their professional, client-centric approach sets them apart, making them one of the best mortgage lenders in AZ. Visit their website right away and schedule an appointment for a step-by-step walkthrough of all that procuring a loan entails.