Are you having difficulty creating great content for your business?

It’s likely that you’ve been creating content without paying much attention to the popular trends. But whatever types of content you create they must adhere to certain trends that are gaining steam in your industry.

This quick guide will show you how, as a small business owner, you can create killer content that meets the trends of your given industry.

Here’s what you need to know about the latest content marketing trends:

Interactive Content

Your first step should be to make interactive content that asks questions to your users.

For example, let’s suppose you sell life insurance. Rather than stating why your audience should consider buying life insurance, you want to ask them if they’ve thought about buying life insurance.

You want them to pause and consider the question. This motivates them to continue reading your blog post or watching your video etc. This is far more effective with selling your products and services.

You should look into retention marketing to learn how to create killer content that’s interactive and engaging for your audience.

Research Content

Another great option is to provide original studies and thorough research to your audience. This is an opportunity to offer in-depth content that’ll reach a niche audience.

Let’s suppose you sell protein powder and other fitness supplements. You want to create content that encourages fitness enthusiasts to buy your products.

You can provide a research study on how fitness supplements help build muscle. This shows that you care about your industry and customers. It shows that you want to back up your brand’s credibility with research.

Offer Long-Form Written Content

Due to the popularity of video content, many small business owners have put written content on the back burner. However, you can create a greater sense of authority with long-form written content.

Many publishing platforms such as Medium and Substack have become popular for long blog posts. This shows that there’s a desire to read longer blog posts that get into detail about a particular niche.

You want to write long-form blog posts that discuss a topic in your industry. For example, if you offer cryptocurrency ATMs consider writing a long blog post on why consumers should invest in Bitcoin.

This long form content might only reach to a niche audience. However, this niche audience will take a deep interest in your brand and promote it. These will be the audience members who’ll convert to customers.

Those Are the Content Marketing Trends

Now you know the content marketing trends that you should follow to grow your brand.

You want to start by creating interactive content. You want to create content that proposes questions to your audience. This is a much better strategy to make your audience consider using your products and services.

You should also provide thorough research studies to promote your brand. There’s also still a place for long-form written content to give your brand more authority.

You can find even more information on innovative marketing on our blog.