Loan is essentially financial support that can help you float your boat in turbulent times or get closer to your needs or wants. A personal loan is now a very common option for most employed people to supplement their earnings and help them balance incomes and expenses. Personal loans are unsecured in nature & thus, provide you with the option to spend on any expense that you need to extinguish. Personal loans do not require you to pledge any of your assets as collateral. Personal loan approvals are quick and easy, and the application process is easy to follow and comply with.

Here are the top 9 factors you need to consider when applying for a personal loan:

  1.       Choosing a personal loan with an interest rate and payment schedule that suits your pocket strength is crucial. In addition, if you’re taking out a personal loan, you should ensure you maintain your financial health simultaneously.
  2.       There are a few banks that charge a flat processing fee. These charges increase loan costs. It is better to have a low processing fee.
  3.       Prepayment Fee: Sometimes, you take personal loans to tide over the short-term cash flow crunch. In such cases, repayment of loans is possible when the cash flows improve. By prepaying the loan, you can save on the absolute interest cost. If you fall in the same category, do consider prepayment penalty costs while trying to assess all-in costs. Late Payment
  4. Shop for Better Rates: Do not actually apply to check the rates. It will result in hard enquiries on your CIBIL score and may adversely affect your credit score. You can check the prevailing rates by calling customer care.
  5. Make Sure You Can Service the EMIs: Be honest to yourself. Do an honest assessment. Do not take a loan if you feel you cannot service the personal loan EMIs. Failure to service EMIs will result in penalties and spoil your credit history.
  6. Before applying for a loan, check your CIBIL score: Banks and other credit institutions consider your CIBIL score. The bank may raise the interest rate if your credit score is low. It makes sense to check your CIBIL score before applying for any kind of loan
  7. Taking a personal loan may be necessary due to your circumstances. Avoid add-on offers. However, there is no excuse if you start falling for such add-on offers. You are the only one to blame. Accidental insurance is just one example. There can be many such add-on offers. Learn to say NO to such offers.
  8. Talk to Friends and Family: If you take a personal loan to tide over a short-term cash crunch, try asking friends/family if they can lend some money. However, be sure you can return the amount as promised. Therefore, be honest with yourself and your friends/family about your repayment ability.
  9. Nature of expense: Consider the nature of the expense; if it is not a need or an emergency, avoid availing of a personal loan.