Auditors carry out accounting work with a blend of investigation in it. Their main job is to validate the company’s financial statement and write a detailed report about their investigation. They evaluate the honesty of the company’s financial records by confirming the accuracy level and clarity for which the company is accountable. The auditors are also required to explain their findings by conducting meetings with individual clients or organization managers. Apart from these, audit firms in Dubai also suggest the best practice recommendations and ways to enhance revenue, improve profit, and reduce cost. There are various kinds of auditors who are masters in their field. Here we would discuss more the types of auditors available.

Four types of auditors

Public Auditors – Public auditors perform a wide range of auditing, tax, consulting tasks, and accounting. Their clients are mostly individuals, Governments, and corporations. They specifically work with financial documents like balance sheets and tax forms so that the corporations can find potential investors.

Internal and External Auditors – The primary work of the internal auditor us to check for any mismanagement in the organization’s fund. They seek new ways to enhance the process of pointing and discarding fraud and waste. The external auditors are independent workers who do not work for the company for whom they audit. The Government agencies, the general public, and other investors count on the external auditors to get an independent unbiased report about the company.

IT auditors – Information technology auditors are also internal auditors. They are the ones who review the controls for the company’s computer system. They are given the responsibility to assure that the financial data is received from a definitive source.

Forensic Auditors – They combine their skill of finance and accounting with investigation techniques to establish whether an activity is illegal. They work closely with the lawyers during investigations and form an expert witness in the course of the trial. Forensic auditors who are employed by the state, local and federal government make sure that the revenues are received and drained according to the law and order.

There are various audit and accounting firms in Dubai that are efficient, logical, and organized. They can be contacted for all your financial needs.