Mobile banking is an advanced way of banking that allows you to avail of banking services on your phone. Today it has become easy and convenient for everyone to access banking services over our mobile phones. From transferring funds to making online payments to applying for an instant loan, you can conduct any banking activity using mobile banking online services. 

How can you get mobile banking services? Anyone can access mobile banking services. All you need is a banking app. Today there are various mobile banking apps available. You need to install a banking app on your mobile phone and use any mobile banking services in a few clicks. So, you can avail of different banking facilities using a banking app on your mobile phone. 

What are the different types of mobile banking services? If you are a user of mobile banking, you should know about the various types of mobile banking services available on the app:

Transactional services –

Transactional services are the type of mobile banking services that every banking app offers to its users. Transaction services allow users to transfer funds to other account holders, including individuals, institutions, third parties, and credit card bill payments. You can make different types of payments using mobile banking services. You can also transfer funds to a self-account using transaction services.    

Investment services –

Mobile banking apps also offer investment management services to users. When you open a banking app on your mobile phone you can see there is an investment services option given on your mobile screen. The users of mobile banking apps can use investment management services to manage their portfolios. You can also get a real-time view of your investment portfolios. You can invest in shares, bonds, mutual funds, and other investment sources using investment services offered by mobile banking apps. 

Account information access services –

You can also get all information regarding your bank account on your mobile phone using a banking app. Mobile banking apps also allow users to check the following information by making a few clicks over their mobile screen:

  • Check your bank account balance
  • Check your transaction and account history
  • Get a mini bank account statement
  • Track your term deposits 
  • Check credit or debit card status
  • Get your loan information, such as paid or unpaid EMI
  • Keep checking your investment statements or status, and much more. 

So, these are some of the major bank account-related information that any banking app user can check using account information access services.

Customer support services –

Customer support services are also one of the major types of mobile banking services, which provide support and help customers by resolving their problems or bank-related issues. Users can use helpline numbers, and chat services, or register their queries via mail to resolve them. And you can also give your advice or opinions regarding banking facilities using feedback and suggestions.

So, these are the major types of mobile banking services available for every user. So, if you have not installed a mobile banking app on your smartphone yet, then do not take too long. Install a banking app on your mobile phone now and start conducting banking activities from the comfort of your home.