Bolstering employee productivity and boosting customer loyalty require consistent high-quality analytics of communication with clients. This allows you to identify subtle trends, find errors in your staff behavior and make communication with your customers transparent and predictable. The more channels for communicating with customers a company has (calls, chats, surveys, reviews), the more difficult and time-consuming the acquisition and assessment of received data becomes. Which makes it really hard to draw proper conclusions. However, you can tackle this challenge with a cutting-edge solution from MTS AI based on speech analytics software

Advancements in artificial intelligence technologies help analyze the quality of voice and text communication, find errors and troubles, as well as identify trends and key lines of communication. AI solutions can be used to process up to 100% of chats and call records, whereas only 1-2% of the data can be analyzed manually.

Benefits of using AI analytics in business

Voice Analytics is an ML model-based plug-in service for analyzing voice and text interactions with clients. This tool can automatically analyze all communications between operators/chat bots and customers via any channels, including app-based chats, phone calls, websites, social networks and instant messengers.

Advantages of AI analytics:

  • Run an in-depth and high precision communication analysis;
  • Find subtle correlations between client behavior and staff actions;
  • Build a robust communication framework with no human interference;
  • Forecast trends and performance indicators based on communication;
  • Analyze all types of speech communication in your interactions with clients;
  • Individualize a set of ready-made metrics that allow assessing the situation in a specific company;
  • Quick and simple deployment and re-training;
  • Convenient and transparent reporting system.

Application of AI technologies in speech analytics has proven to be effective in areas that require extensive communication with customers, such as telecom, banking and financial companies, and retail business. Automatic communication analysis is also essential for delivery services and healthcare providers.

Artificial intelligence can effectively control the quality of customer service, ensure security of customer data and conduct in-depth research of the target audience. With speech analytics technology, you can identify effective and counterproductive communication scenarios and create flexible and efficient scripts for high-quality processing of customer requests.

Business values from introduction of AI analytics

Research efforts by MarketsandMarkets, Just AI, MDG and Rostelecom demonstrate that the use of AI-enabled speech analytics tools helps:

  • Improve customer service by 100%,
  • Reduce the cost of lead acquisition by 35-43%,
  • Boost sales by 17-30%,
  • Achieve a 20% increase in customer satisfaction.

Additionally, the customer service control department gains up to 80% in productivity, the number of enabled self-help services increases by 36%, while secondary operator workload declines by 14%. Customer support becomes easier for the company and more effective and accessible for customers.

You can always find the best solution for you depending on the purpose of deploying the tool and your company’s operational profile. For example, you can connect the speech analytics capability or build an all-in-one solution with Audiogram, a speech recognition and synthesis platform. And if your business needs help bots to assist your customers, you should also consider deploying the NLP Platform.