November 2020


The new Coronavirus pandemic has changed lives and employment situations. While focusing can be difficult at this stressful time, coming up with new business ideas can be a source of inspiration. Here are three ways to come up with unique ventures to pursue that you can kick start by ordering Thanksgiving cards for business.

  1. Inconveniences Often Signal Opportunities

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed many problems, risks and stress points in daily life. Taking the time to consider and try to find reliable ways to resolve the minor or major inconveniences you experience everyday can be one of the best ways to come up with a concept for a business. If you find it difficult to satisfy a certain need or want, it is likely that others in your area, region or even around the country or world are experiencing the same challenges and would appreciate a workable solution.

When making a business plan that responds directly to current conditions, it is important to keep in mind that the situation may change. The availability of a vaccine and other public health developments are likely to correspond to shifting economic and social trends. Regardless, safety precautions are likely to be necessary to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus for some time to come. A flexible business plan can prepare an entrepreneur to respond to changing circumstances.

Whether you envision bringing a new product to market, offering a service or making it easier for customers to obtain existing products and services, it can be helpful to consider every aspect of entering the market. If there are any obvious obstacles to realizing a business plan, it may be possible to work around them and redirect profit streams toward your enterprise.

  1. Focus On Making Resilient Plans

Writing a business plan is a challenging proposition under the best of circumstances. Uneventful conditions can actually make it harder to anticipate the real changes that events at every scale from the global to the local can have on the daily operations of a business.

If you are planning to start a business in 2020 or 2021, you may want to spend a little extra time reviewing business interruption insurance, commercial property and other relevant insurance policies. Coverage can be helpful in the event that conditions change and require that you adjust any aspect of operations or temporarily shut down.

Aspiring business owners should not feel discouraged about the necessity of accounting for unpredictable circumstances. Markets are never completely stable, and challenging times can give rise to unexpected opportunities. Touch base with your professional network by sending out custom Thanksgiving cards for business.

  1. Take Time To Research Related Concepts

Market research is essential when an entrepreneur is planning to start a business in any industry. The COVID-19 pandemic has involved stay-at-home recommendations on state level. This time can be a good opportunity to research similar concepts and see how they are succeeding or falling short in adapting to changes in consumer attitudes and market conditions.

The research you do on other businesses may set positive or negative examples. It is important to ensure that a plan accounts for the public health challenges that are likely to lie ahead over future months and years. While a public health crisis is indisputably dangerous, this trying situation can present individuals with the conditions necessary to drive innovation and ease the lives of individuals and households seeking to stay healthy and safe.

These tips can be helpful for brainstorming potential business opportunities in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. An enterprising entrepreneur can cultivate a network of prospective customers by sending Thanksgiving cards for business.

Fifteen percent of Americans now own some form of cryptocurrency. Many more plan to buy some in the next year or so. If you’re one of them, you might be wondering which coins are best to invest in.

You might wonder if you should choose a tried-and-true staple like Bitcoin. Maybe you’re exploring a few lesser known coins, like XRP.

So, when it comes to Bitcoin vs XRP, which one is the better investment? This guide will help you make the right choice for your portfolio.

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the best-known cryptocurrency in the world. When people talk about investing in crypto, they’re often thinking about this coin.

Bitcoin the company offers a public blockchain ledger. That supports the bitcoin currency. Blockchain technology is used to secure transactions, which makes it easier and safer to pay for goods and services.

The primary advantages in blockchain technology are its security. By using a public ledger, transactions can be validated by the network.

The network relies on miners for time and computing power to confirm transactions. As a reward, they’re paid in BTC.

You can also buy and sell BTC on the markets. You need to have a crypto wallet to store your purchased coins in.

You may be able to access those funds to pay for some goods and services. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies aren’t widely accepted yet.

What Is XRP?

XRP is the cryptocurrency coin offered by the company Ripple. Ripple has built its name on payment settlement, asset exchange, and remittance systems.

It works somewhat like SWIFT, which is a service for international transfers of money and securities.

Unlike Bitcoin, Ripple uses distributed consensus to confirm transactions. The network conducts a poll of servers or nodes. If all nodes agree on the validity of a transaction, then it’s authentic.

If any of the nodes disagree, however, the transaction is not considered valid.

The mechanism makes it much faster for the Ripple network to confirm transactions. It takes seconds for Ripple to confirm a transaction, whereas Bitcoin may take minutes.

The cost of XRP transactions is typically lower as well. Ripple also has a much larger supply of pre-mined coins.

Bitcoin vs Ripple: Which Is Better?

The Bitcoin network is certainly popular, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best network out there. The public mining structure makes the Bitcoin network much slower than Ripple.

That also contributes to the higher cost of transactions on the network. There’s also some truth to the idea that Bitcoin is inefficient. This is clear in the fact there are so few coins compared to Ripple.

The mining activity is also energy-intensive, since it uses so much computing power. There are some concerns Bitcoin isn’t sustainable.

One point in Bitcoin’s favor is that the structure is truly public. No one owns Bitcoin’s network.

By contrast, the Ripple network is owned by a private company. It’s still a decentralized system, but the network is privatized.

That said, Ripple is much faster and has lower costs associated with transactions. It’s also popular with banks and financial services providers for those reasons. Ripple is particularly well-noted among financial providers for easing cross-border and cross-currency transactions.

Bitcoin vs XRP: Which Is the Smarter Investment?

Now for the bigger question: which of these two cryptocurrencies is the better investment? Would you be smarter to pick XRP vs bitcoin, or are you better off sticking with the household name?

Both XRP and Bitcoin have their backers. Those who say Bitcoin is the smarter investment point to growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is typically the most accepted coin.

That’s likely due to name recognition. People associate BTC with crypto and vice-versa. This widespread recognition has increased demand for Bitcoin, as well as acceptance.

That, in turn, makes it more likely that businesses will adopt Bitcoin before other coins. This adoption, coupled with interest from investors, will keep demand high. That could lead to price increases and a return for you if you decide to sell Bitcoin.

Don’t count XRP out yet though. As noted, the Ripple network has some key advantages over Bitcoin. It’s faster, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly.

Its unique consensus mechanism could also make it more secure than Bitcoin. The fact that Ripple is gaining traction in the financial sector is another huge point in its favor.

If the financial services sector decides to back Ripple and XRP, it will become a more accepted form of payment. In turn, it could eclipse Bitcoin in popularity and demand could increase exponentially.

That could be great news for early investors like you. Since XRP is less popular and less in demand than Bitcoin, you can buy it for less. It also means you may see much higher gains as Ripple and XRP continue to gain acceptance.

The Verdict

XRP might be the smarter investment right now for many people. The price of Bitcoin is high and trending higher, which means you may only be able to buy a fraction of a coin. With XRP, you may be able to buy whole coins before the currency values like Bitcoin did a few years ago.

With the financial sector backing it and some key advantages, XRP is likely to continue making waves. Investing now could pay off big time.

Future-Proof Your Investments

If you’ve been debating about Bitcoin vs XRP, this guide should have given you a good idea of which one is the smarter investment right now.

Of course, the best move is always to diversify your portfolio, and that advice remains true in cryptocurrency investing too. There are many coins out there, and some will fail. Others will become the next Bitcoin, and you don’t want to miss out.

Is XRP the next Bitcoin? Only time will truly tell, but investing in both Bitcoin and XRP could be a smart move. You can diversify your portfolio with more coins as well.

Looking for more insights into cryptocurrency technology, trading, and other investments? You’re in the right place. Check back with us for all the latest.


Currency trading is a complicated thing. The reason why most of us get into it is money. Only if you earn money out of it you can be called a successful currency trader. But success does not come easy. There are some basic rules that all successful people follow, and those basics are what gets them to the top. The same is the case for currency trading. Here are a few basic rules that all successful currency traders follow:

  • Analytics is Everything: An analytical mind is highly beneficial for trading. One needs to be fast at doing simple calculations, finding out percentages, and evaluating risks. There is nothing to worry about for the people for whom these analytics do not come naturally as these can be learned easily. With practice, they can reach the level needed for currency trading.
  • Be Disciplined: Discipline is something that is a must for a currency trader. He will have a lot on his plate to learn, and only discipline can sail his boat. There are many coaching programs that help in this process. IM Mastery Academy reviews can help one decide if they can go for the said coaching program and complete it.
  • Avoid Being Impulsive: Every step taken in currency trading should be a well-thought decision. Only meticulous planning and clarity can pave the way for a successful currency trader. The impulsive decision, no matter how tempting, will only bring about disappointment and losses. Therefore, the trader will need to keep his emotions aside and work only according to the plan.

An analytical mind, a disciplined lifestyle, and planned trading will take a currency trader a long way. These are the three pillars of success, and when combined with the experience that the trader will gradually gather through his life, it is bound to make him successful.

Today, insurance is rarely seen as a luxury that only the rich can afford.

It has become a necessity that most of us would require if we want to get anywhere in life with a sense of ease. As it is, life has a degree of unpredictability for which we must all adequately prepare for. Unfortunately, we cannot always prepare for every unforeseen and fortuitous event that may occur. As a result, getting ourselves sufficient insurance coverage or policy would afford us peace of mind in knowing that should anything untoward occur, we would not run the risk of draining our finances to address our needs. In this regard, insurance would act as the pecuniary buffer that would mitigate our financial pitfalls should they occur.

While availing of insurance is straightforward, it is not as easy as simply walking up to the insurance company and asking for a quote. To get yourself insured, you need to get connected with an insurance agent and ask them to draw up a coverage proposal for you. While insurance agents and brokers are generally honest and trustworthy individuals, it is inevitable for every industry to have a few errant representatives. Having said that, how do you ascertain that the intermediary you are dealing with is in acting in good faith? More importantly, how do you ensure that you can trust them?

As an extra precaution, it is recommended that you recognize the red flags when it comes to dealing with a dishonest agent. If the individual you are dealing with is doing any of the things listed below, there is a likely chance that they are dishonest or doing something illegal:

1.)  High-Pressure Sales Tactics

It would be best if you were wary of any agent who pushes you to buy a policy before you are ready. Typically, these are agents that would tell you that a certain deal comes with a time limit and, as such, would not last long. Similarly, they might also scare you into buying right away by telling you a rate hike is imminent. If your agent has any sense of scruples, they will not pressure you into buying a policy before you are ready for it. They will allow you adequate time to consider and weigh your options so you can make a better and informed decision.

2.) Quotes a Very Low Premium

Always remember that if a deal is too good to be true, it probably is. Insurance costs vary from one insurer to another, but if a premium quoted by your insurance agent is significantly lower than the others, you should throw caution to the wind. Be suspicious of deals that are too good to be true as there is a chance that your agent may just be trying to con you into buying a nonexistent policy or one that affords you very little coverage.

3.) Asking You to Pay Them Directly

Ethical agents would never ask you to make checks payable to them. If your intermediary asks you to do this, there is a reason for you to be suspicious. With that said, you should look for another agent should your intermediary ask you to make payments to them directly. Keep in mind that all of your premium payments should be sent to your insurer. In the event that you leave any kind of payment with your agent, whether it is a check or anything else, always be sure to get a receipt.

4.) Represents an Insurer You Have Never Heard Of

It is recommended that you do your research before choosing a policy as some fraudulent agents can make money by collecting premiums for nonexistent policies and event nonexistent insurers. To make their cons believable, they would provide fake documents that appear to be authentic. For this reason, you should take the necessary precautions by researching the insurance company before making any payments. Ideally, it is recommended that you only purchase from reputable and established insurance companies. In this way, the occurrence of fraudulence is less likely.

5.) Lacks Credentials or a Valid Physical Address

Any legitimate agent would possess a genuine physical address as well as an email address and a business phone number. Any agent who corresponds with you exclusively on his personal email or cellular phone should be avoided. Take some precautions by asking the agent for their insurance license number. Note this down and then verify whether the license is valid.

6.) You Don’t Receive Any Policy Documents

One thing you should follow up on after paying your premium is your policy or renewal documents. These documents are typically sent out to you within thirty days or so. If you have not received them, try asking your insurer for copies. Fraudulent agents tend to collect a premium for one type of policy, send the insurer a premium for a cheaper policy, and would then pocket the difference.

7.) They Urge You to Inflate the Value of Your Claim

Any insurance agent who tells or encourages you to lie on your claim forms is basically asking you to commit insurance fraud, which is punishable by law. Do not risk jail time or prosecution by reporting your agent immediately to the proper authorities and the insurance company.

8.) They Lie on Your Application

Unethical agents may lie on your insurance application to make it look acceptable. You may have had two prior claims, and your agent would show “no previous losses” on the application. Unfortunately, when your insurer discovers the truth, your credibility, as well as your agent’s, will be destroyed. More importantly, your agent’s lie can void your policy. If you suspect your agent has lied on an application, directly communicate your concerns to your insurer. In this way, your credibility is left intact, and your policy may need not be voided.

Transparency is vital when it comes to choosing a reliable and honest insurance agent. In this regard, ensure that you are dealing with someone you can trust by checking for any of the red flags above in your agent. In addition to honesty, quality and efficiency are good characteristics of a reliable agent. If you suspect your agent may be doing something illegal, do not hesitate to change agents and reporting your qualms to the insurance company. After all, it is always best to be safe than sorry.

Owning a profitable company and trying to run one are two very different things. You may have massive sum of money and a lot of loyal clients, but the company won’t prosper if you don’t have useful accounting expertise as well — at least if you’re going to manage the financial side of the business yourself.

Bookkeeping is a vital position that any business owner should be able to fulfil, and can hire others like bookkeeping services in Dubai who can take charge of this job if the business owner cannot. You don’t have to hire an accountant or an in-house accountant to do it for you. Instead, many corporate owners delegate their accounting needs to accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai.

Here’s a look at some of the advantages and considerations of hiring Dubai bookkeeping services for your company. 

You’re going to get an independent financial view. 

One of the best parts about hiring a professional agency for bookkeeping services in Dubai is that the team is emotionally active in the company’s day-to-day management. External accounting firms have little to do with your business. Dubai bookkeeping services don’t only do the accounting tasks needed to keep the company up, but they also show you the benefits of accurate financials.

You’re going to avoid conflict of interest. 

It could be dangerous for individual firms, such as alliances, to entrust one of the shareholders’ accounts. Accusations of fraud may potentially destroy a contractual relationship, even though a mistake in record-keeping is accidental. Using impartial bookkeeping and accounting in Dubai prevents this pitfall and can create trust among owners that all accounting records are valid, reliable and unbiased.

What to Look for in the Accounting Service? 

External accounting from bookkeeping firms in Dubai is usually people with extensive accounting and auditing services offered to a wide range of company forms. When hiring accountants for bookkeeping and accounting in Dubai, select the one who is well acquainted with your company’s style. Look for external accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai specialising in dealing with businesses that are close to yours, but should not overlook basic process knowledge. The service should also have outstanding overall skills and expertise in evaluating income, profitability, losses and other financial ratios to help you assess your company’s financial status.

You’re trying to cut costs. 

One of the main elements of running any company is maintaining a tight hold on the total expenses incurred. The company owner’s goal is to minimise the overall expense of his company. One way to achieve this is to regulate workers’ wages and salaries — usually by hiring fewer employees, which can be achieved by hiring external experts for bookkeeping in Dubai.

The wage and benefits paid to an in-house accountant can be significant. The company can operate without a staff accountant if the business owner — or one of the business owners. The required documents will then be forwarded to the external accountant for accounting purposes. The cost of outsourcing your payroll to bookkeeping firms in Dubai is usually substantially smaller than that of hiring a full-time accountant.

Investing in a home using the benefits of your VA loan can be a thrilling transaction that you would ever encounter. However, it comes hand in hand with moments of uncertainty and annoyance. Although that might not be surprising, given the six-figure investment that you are about to make.

The home buying experience is synonymous with multiple lows and highs, especially if you are new to the domain. VA Loan is mortgaged-backed by Government that comprises of more lenient and flexible needs than other types of loans. 

Here are some effective tips and tricks to get eligible for a VA loan, if you are not already.

Begin Sans a COE

Don’t allow the absence of paperwork to come in between. The Certificate of Eligibility isn’t needed when you begin the process of getting a VA loan. The Lenders would get it done for you on your behalf, during the process of preapproval. However, if you are comfortable getting it at the outset, you can attempt to reaping the VA Loan benefits online or get in touch with the VA Regional Loan Agency for further information.

Understand Your Credit Report

Your credit history will be the first and foremost thing of consideration when it comes to applying for VA home loans San Diego. You wouldn’t be requiring anything more perfect for the VA Loan than a higher score which shall help you fetch a better rate. While you wouldn’t witness your actual score, you can always get your hands on the free photocopies of the credit report for the required mortgage.

 You can browse through for mistakes, bad accounts, and errors. Remember, an approx. of one-quarter of all the credit reports include serious errors to lead to a credit denial.

Trusted Income is Important

Lenders always demand a secure and reliable income that wouldn’t come to a halt in the future. You would be requiring an adequate DTI ratio and have to cater to the VA loan needs for the residual income, which denotes how much you are remained with per month post paying the essential expenses.

The VA calls for your DTI or debt-to-ratio either at 41% or below it, but you can still go higher than the percentage and secure a mortgage. The guidelines of residual income differ with the size of the family and geography.

These three effective tips can go a long way in helping you secure the VA home loans San Diego that you deserve. You can also reach out to a loan specialist online to get started with your journey of home buying.

candidates who prefer providing tax preparation and guidance to clients. All the following occupations out of these have their specific purview. For instance, there are agents enrolled for tax preparation specialization and its registration with the IRS like a professional. There are even attorneys who emphasize the law of tax and suggest their clients go according to the following. There are even tax preparers who have registered as participants in the program of Annual Filling Session.

Main education requirements of CPA:

One of the most important things a person needs to know about is a CPA or Certified Public Account when talking about CPA education requirements. The functioning of the CPA is a bit different from others. For the following, a person needs to master the tax-related issues. The following also offers other services like bookkeeping, accounting, consulting, and other such things. The CPA education requirements provide diversity to the people about what they should offer their clients. The following requires the readers to go through the guide materials year to year. No person can expect to remain on top of new developments in the tax code, along with the happenings of the financial world.

This is the place where the need for Continuing Professional Education credits arises. The CPA Education Requirements vary according to the state of the person. There are CPA requirements for a specific number of CPE hours every year. For a person to maintain his state license, taking CPE courses regularly is important. It is really difficult for a person to go deep into the CPA Education requirements without a comprehensive guide. All the people aspiring to know about the following can access necessary information about the requirements from the guide, irrespective of the place where they live.


The list of CPA Education Requirements varies from state to state. There is only one thing common between the requirements of every state, and that is the CPE credits of a person must come from a person who is a member of the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) National Registry of CPE Sponsors. The people aspiring to know about the CPA Education Requirements must know about all the requirements of CPA in their respective states in a detailed manner. Even there is a variation in the License Renewal Period and the CPE period in different states.

The huge contributions to brokers comprise specialized markers, monetary schedules, part changing and brief-selling and Bitcoin news for Bitcoin Price value determinations from studies workplaces.

Why Use an Online Brokerage? 

For pretty a long term, speculators advised budgetary counsellors or individual specialists to deal with their ventures. Money related consultants keep on supplying a few advantages but for a few speculators, modern-day online financiers provide all the devices anticipated to make contributions effectively and to parent out the way to apprehend your chances.

Regardless of whether it’s a character changing account or an exchanging account targeted on retirement arranging, you’re operating towards an extra promising time to come back. Using the units reachable via a web financier affords you energy over the guidance of your speculations — and it makes you extra agile.

In the occasion that the marketplace modifications abruptly, you can respond rapidly. With a money associated counsellor or a company, which may additionally have hundreds or maybe a huge wide variety of customers, you might not have a similar adaptability. Expenses are another solid idea.

Numerous budgetary consultants or cash supervisors take a touch stage of your portfolio as a rate. In years wherein your market profits are greater modest, those charges could make it harder to assemble your retirement fund. No doubt approximately it, on-line financiers fee costs also. Nonetheless, the expenses for online financiers will in general revolve around in keeping with-trade fees instead of a set management expense, making replacing costs to a lesser diploma a fear for traders who don’t exchange and out in many instances.

All in all, you may wish to pay between $4 to $10 in step with exchange in case you’re exchanging simple values or change exchanged belongings (ETFs). Rebate exchanges aren’t, at this factor the selective area of straightforward on-line companies.

In the preceding two years, many top-degree names have delivered down their changing expenses impressively, bringing enterprise-driving exploration units and savvy exchanging collectively. Add a couple of focuses for your advantages (or more) by lessening your changing prices can quantity to hundreds over the lengthy haul. With regards to setting assets into your future, no one has an extra noteworthy non-public stake than you.

To begin with, understand Your Goals 

It’s imperative to recognise your goals and characterize your wishes before choosing an intermediary. In case you’re a buy and-preserve speculator and expect you may simply have multiple shares or assets, studies gadgets are most in all likelihood a greater grounded thought than sparing a greenback for each change. An educated changing desire will largely have an effect on your speculation account than an intermittent dollar or two in exchange costs.  You can get more information from

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

The money lenders are those people who provide the loan to the buyers. There are different types of reliable money lenders in Singapore. There are different institutes and banks that lend the loans to buyers; However, it is suggested to avail the loan from reliable money lenders in Singapore. There are licensed money lenders who provide secure loans and they provide the loan in easy instalments. The rate of interest is also low when you avail the loan from reliable money lenders in Singapore. However, the reliable money lender lends the loan after verification of buyers’ all documents. There is a need to show the identity for availing the loan and there is also a need for an identity card copy for availing the loan.  Do also ensure that the money lender you approach is a licensed and registered company. Do explore and research on different companies before deciding on one. Do not make a hasty decision just because you urgently need more cash. It is important to let your family and loved ones know about it first.

The reliable money lenders provide a secure loan to the borrowers as they are famous for lending cash loans to the common public.

Instant cash loans are a loan that is given immediately. There is no need to fill the formal formalities like other loans. Other types of loans procedure may take those 15 days to complete. While the instant cash loans are loans that are given in a few days maximum of 1 or 2 days. There is just a need for verification borrowers and credit history. If the borrower has a famous reputation and he has no bad character then he can avail of the instant cash loan from reliable money lenders in Singapore. However, instant cash loans are best for fulfilling emergency needs. However, for some people that have multiple debts, the lenders will advise them to go for a debt consolidation loan instead. This is to help them to better manage their debts and make prompt payment on time.

Many people invest their IRAs in stock, bonds, or mutual funds. They may not realize that other alternatives are available too. For individuals looking to tread a different path when it comes to investing their IRAs, one exciting alternative is a self-directed IRA. MarketSpace Capital provides the following information on Self-Directed IRA’s. 

A self-directed IRA – Individual Retirement Account – is a retirement account which is quite similar to a traditional IRA. The purpose of a self-directed IRA account is to allow individuals to use their funds to make investments in non-traditional areas like businesses, real estate, and precious metals. Traditionally, financial institutions like banks, brokerage firms, and insurance agencies limited the number of investment options open to IRA account holders, forcing individuals to invest only in bonds, stocks, or mutual funds. Today, people have multiple sources of knowledge and information at their fingertips. Thus, through self-directed IRAs, they are looking to gain more control over their investment decisions. 

One attractive investment option for individuals using self-directed IRAs is real estate. First, real estate is real and tangible. It has always been viewed as a safe and reliable means of generating and growing wealth. Second,with an unpredictable and highly volatile local and global economy, people feel that leaving their IRA funds in the hands of a few money managers operating on one platform such as Wall Street is not the wisest course of action. Additionally, access to investment information on the Internet has left people feeling more confident about their ability to research investments that will generate high profits. Thus, real estate, with its potential for higher, more stable returns, is an ideal option.   

There are two ways to undertake self-directed IRA investing. You can invest your funds with the help of a custodian who is a specialist in self-directed IRA accounts, or you can invest your funds directly through a checkbook IRA account. In case a financial institution does not allow you to put your IRA funds in to a non-traditional investment, you can invest by transferring funds through your current account to the IRA custodian’s accounts. Reputable custodians like Provident and IRA Service Trust Company have directed investments of hundreds of individuals in this manner. 

If you choose to invest in real estate through self-directed IRAs, you must remember to follow all rules. The most important rule to remember is that the real estate you invest in is for investment purposes only. Other important rules to remember include no self-dealing – purchasing or selling to and from persons related to you; no improvement through sweat equity – employing unpaid efforts in improving the condition of a piece of real estate; and no personal benefits – like living in the piece of real estate yourself or lending to a family member. Once the property you placed your funds in is sold, the returns will be transferred back to you via the custodian or the check book account, whichever method you opted for. 

For individuals interested in self-directed investing, whether it be in real estate or some other area, the first and most crucial step of the way is research. Before making a decision about your investments, research the demographics, location, markets, sponsors and custodians – everything! Thorough research will result in improved decision making and higher returns which in turn will ensure a constant increase in your wealth.