December 2021


Do you feel like you work constantly but just can’t get ahead? Are you struggling to save money or pay off your debts? Are you tired of using all of your free time to make money?

If you want to stop living to work and start working to live, this article is for you. Finding a happy balance between work and life is possible, but it requires the courage to exit the rat race and forge your own path.

If you want to know how to get out of the rat race, keep reading below. We’ve got useful tips that will help you work less, live more, and feel happier with your life.

What Is the Rat Race?

The rat race is the work cycle that requires you to put in long hours every week for minimal financial gain. It leaves employees feeling burnt out and underappreciated. At the same time, the businesses they work for make large amounts of money off of the labor of their employees.

Adjust Your Expectations

Many people compare themselves to others, which leads to suffering and dissatisfaction. If you are worried about “keeping up with the Joneses,” you are probably spending too much money on keeping up appearances.

One of the best ways to live a healthier financial life is to reassess how you spend your money. Determine what your values are, and focus on spending on the things that you actually want. Don’t let outside pressure determine how you use your hard-earned money.

Once you start budgeting in a way that is tailored to your needs and interests, you’ll realize that you can live comfortably on a lot less!

Work Smarter, Not Harder

If you are working a 60-hour week at a minimum wage job, you’re still probably struggling to make ends meet. That’s why you need to focus on smart money-earning tactics that require less effort from you.

Concepts like tax-free wealth, investing, and passive income are all central to effective money-making. If you want to stop working so hard and start getting ahead in your finances and in your life, you’ll need to understand these concepts. Online resources like WealthAbility offer courses that can help you learn more.

Create Cash Flow

When it comes to tips to get out of the rat race, passive income is one of the most popular pieces of advice that you will encounter. Passive income refers to any income that you do not have to be involved in earning on a day-to-day basis. This includes things like rental properties and investments.

Setting up a passive income stream requires some up-front investment. For example, you might need to pay to buy a property that you can then rent out. But if you’re able to front the initial cost, the long-term benefits are usually worth it.

Learn How to Get Out of the Rat Race

Now that you know a little more about how to get out of the rat race, it’s time to put these tips into action. Don’t waste one more day working at a dead-end job that is getting you nowhere! You deserve to enjoy your life, and finding more effective ways to work is step one in that process.

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Did you know that over 220 million people invested in cryptocurrency in the US in 2021? Of course, not all those investments were successful, as some crypto coins inevitably crashed. That’s why it’s important to research which coin will make money, as not all coins are money makers.

So, which types of crypto will succeed in 2022? If you want the answer to the question, you’ll need to keep on reading since we’ll go through our top picks for the coming year in today’s post.


Released in November 2021, this digital currency has grown faster than most crypto coins since it reached peak trading volume within hours. Additionally, with the release of Netflix’s Arcane, the popularity of this coin has continued to skyrocket. The main goal of ARCANE is to facilitate a way for new startups to get new investors.

On top of that, ARCANE is applying to be added to the OTCQB (OTC Markets Group) list. This group is where early-stage and developing companies receive governmental aid in the US and international markets. So, as you can see, ARCANE plans to stay for the long run.

2. Sushi

Undoubtedly, Sushi has shown its resilience throughout 2021 since it has been able to stay on the positive side of the market. As you can expect, Sushi coin price has risen to remarkable heights, especially since prominent people of the cryptocurrency community have openly invested in it. But, one aspect that makes Sushi so attractive is the ability to stake your investment as the interest rates are through the roof.

This means you can double your initial investment by lending your investment to the company.

3. Polygon

Another smart investment is Polygon, as it’s the foundation of many newer coins. Additionally, MATIC (Polygon) has the unique feature of allowing different blockchains to communicate with one another. And if that hasn’t convinced you, many famous entrepreneurs like Mark Cuban have bought a significant amount of MATIC.

4. Solana

Most crypto experts believe that SOL (Solana) has the fastest cryptocurrency networks in the market. It is also one of the few coins with a proof-of-history and a proof-of-stake model, which can prove useful when creating smart contracts. And so far, hundreds of companies are using SOL to fund their projects.

5. Polkadot

DOT (Polkadot) is among the only coins that allow users to build new blockchains that work with existing ones without using complex bridging mechanisms. So what does that mean for you? That means you can trade your DOT for other currencies without having to worry about limited trading rules.

So Many Types of Crypto to Choose From

As you can see, there are many types of crypto you can start investing in. But, of course, before you start investing, be sure to do your own research since you want to pick the one that best suits your needs. So, don’t wait any longer, and start your crypto journey today!

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Bonds are instruments that help companies and governments borrow money from the public. If the Government needs money, it issues government bonds. On the other hand, when companies need debt financing, they issue corporate bonds. 

How do bonds work?

Bonds work by returning a regular amount to the investor, also known as a “coupon rate,” and are thus pertained to as a type of fixed-income security.

Bonds usually carry a fixed rate of interest. coupons. These coupons are paid at specified intervals, i.e., annually or half-yearly. Other features of bonds are as follows –

  • They might be offered for a specific tenure after which you can redeem them
  • There are different types of bonds available in the market
  • Some bonds also give you the option to convert them to equity after a specified period 
  • You can trade bonds on the stock exchange and sell them to other investors before their maturity 
  • You can buy and sell bonds physically or through a Demat account

So, when you invest in bonds, you are essentially lending money to the issuer, and you get the benefit of guaranteed returns in the form of interest payments. Moreover, you can trade bonds and earn capital gains if the price paid for buying the bond is lower than the price at which you sell them.

Is it worth investing in bonds?

Bonds are beneficial, because –

  • They are liquid in nature as they can be traded on the stock exchange
  • They are a form of debt instruments that give guaranteed interest earnings on your investments
  • They help you diversify your portfolio
  • Some bonds are also tax-efficient as they yield tax-free interest income 

Also, for senior citizens and investors looking for stable and steady returns, bonds can prove to be a good investment option as they promise guaranteed interest income.

Bonds, when used strategically alongside stocks and other assets, can be a great addition to your investment portfolio, many financial advisors say. Unlike stocks, which are purchased shares of ownership in a company, bonds are the purchase of a company or public entity’s debt obligation.

So, if you are looking for portfolio diversification through debt exposure and your investment strategy permits, bonds can prove to be a worthy investment avenue. 

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Most people don’t like to think about death, but it’s one of life’s few inevitabilities. Are you protecting your loved ones with a life insurance policy?

If you’re a primary provider for your family, it’s crucial that you have life insurance (even if you’re young). Selecting life insurance providers isn’t easy, however.

We’re here to help you find the right life insurance company for your needs. Read on to learn all about several factors that you should keep in mind when you’re making your decision.

  1. Reputation and Credibility

Getting life insurance is a major investment. You want to make sure that the life insurance provider is reliable, credible, and has a good reputation.

There’s a reason that there are popular life insurance companies that you’ll see in advertisements. While marketing is a factor, reliability is another one. The business wouldn’t have the ability to spend a lot of money on marketing if they didn’t have financial stability (which makes them more reliable).

You can also consider references and reviews. Ask friends and family members about their own life insurance policies to see if they have any recommendations for you.

Look at online reviews before committing to a provider.

  1. Customer Service

Great customer service is key when it comes to working at a life insurance company. If you contact the company to inquire about policies and you don’t feel as though the representative is giving you good customer service, it’s a red flag.

Policies are complicated. You want to have a representative on your side who can explain insurance terms and conditions and any potential problems that can arise.

For example, the Paradigm Life MEC explanation shows that they have good customer service because they’re interested in helping customers avoid the complications that come alongside an MEC. Some

Some options for insurance providers are only interested in money and it shows.

  1. Policy Options

Not all life insurance policies are alike. Before committing to a company, browse the policies and add-ons that they have available to you. If the policies are unclear online, don’t be afraid to reach out and talk to a representative to clarify anything that’s confusing.

You want to make sure that you get a policy that helps you and your loved ones. Not everyone is a good candidate for every life insurance policy.

  1. Affordability 

While price shopping is never the best idea, you still need to take the cost of available life insurance policies into consideration. A life insurance policy won’t be helpful to you if you can’t afford it.

When you’re comparing insurance costs, make sure to look for any hidden fees as well as the costs that can come with add-ons. Again, if you’re confused, talk to a representative before you make your decision.

Selecting Life Insurance Providers Can Be Tricky

Selecting life insurance providers isn’t as simple as it looks. With all of the available policy options, it can be confusing. Reach out to several credible life insurance providers and don’t be afraid to spend a lot of time asking questions.

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The sea freight forwarding market has grown exponentially over the past few years and is expected to reach a monumental $207 billion by 2026. A lot of people are jumping into this business for the booming eCommerce industry that has been the catalyst for growth. Essentially, this means that once you search for the best sea freight forwarder, you’re bound to find numerous results.

The question is, how do you find the right one for your business? In this guide, we’re going to explore all the factors you must consider before hiring a sea freight forwarder.

Read on to find top things you should look for in a freight forwarder.


You’re looking for a sea freight forwarder to help you import and export your products, how do you find one that can handle your needs?

Experience is key. You should definitely look for sea freight forwarders with extensive experience in sea freight forwarding as well as warehousing and distribution.

Not only will they be able to better understand your business, but they’ll also have the know-how to navigate the complex issues related to sea freight shipping.

Simply put, experience is everything when finding a sea freight forwarder. Find a company that’s been around long enough to master every intricacy of the industry and provide customers with unbeatable services at unmatched rates.


As with every industry, sea freight forwarding has its fair share of scammers and fake companies. Make sure your sea freight forwarder is a verified business on LinkedIn as well as a legitimate business on Google My Business. Also, ask to see their licenses from organizations such as OTI and NVOCC.

If they provide you with any false documents or information, be careful. This may mean that there are some underlying problems the sea freight forwarder will have difficulty handling down the road.

In addition to credentials, we also believe that word of mouth counts for a lot too. An experienced sea freight forwarder can often be trusted more than one that just recently opened. So ask for references and get in touch with them.

Sea Freight Expertise

The sea freight industry is an expansive one, and sea freight forwarders need to have extensive sea freight knowledge. They should know how to handle all your sea freight needs successfully. A sea freight forwarder who only has experience in air and trucking forwarding will not be able to provide you with the high-quality service you deserve.

Ask sea freight forwarders about their specialties. Do they focus on international ocean shipping? Are they experts in LCL consolidation?

Are they experienced in lashing, securing, and deck loading? This is crucial when it comes to expanding or beginning your business. It’s also essential to have a sea freight forwarder who can handle all aspects of your sea freight shipping.


It’s no secret that the sea freight forwarding market is competitive, and rates can vary significantly from company to company. When searching for a sea freight forwarder, make sure you get quotes from multiple companies and compare pricing. However, do not simply choose the cheapest sea freight forwarder.

Remember, you get what you pay for. A sea freight forwarder that offers incredibly low rates may be cutting corners in other areas (e.g., customer service, safety procedures, etc.).

This can lead to disastrous results down the line. The best way to find a sea freight forwarder that offers the best value for your money is to consider all aspects of their services, not just the price.

Customer Service

It’s important to have a sea freight forwarder that provides top-notch customer service. After all, you’ll be working with them closely to ensure your sea freight shipping runs smoothly. A sea freight forwarder should always be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have, no matter how small they may seem.

Additionally, they should be able to provide you with regular updates on the status of your shipments and anticipated delivery dates. If you don’t feel valued as a customer, it may be time to find another sea freight forwarder.

Online Tracking System

When sea freight shipping, you should always be able to monitor the status of your shipment online. From assembly at origin to disassembly at the destination, as well as during sea transport. This way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing exactly where your sea freight shipments are at all times.

The top freight forwarders provide customers with easy-to-use online freight forward systems so they can track their sea freight shipments anytime, anywhere. A sea freight forwarder that does not offer this is one you should avoid.

Round the Clock Services

Oftentimes sea freight is an emergency shipment that is time-sensitive and important to get to its destination as soon as possible. A sea freight forwarder who provides round-the-clock services and support means you can communicate with them about sea freight shipments anytime.

You don’t have to worry about what time it is or where they’re located. Additionally, they should also provide an online sea freight calculator, so sea freight forwarding estimates do not need to be complicated or confusing.

Customs Expertise

When shipping goods overseas, there are certain customs procedures that must be handled for your sea freight shipment to arrive at its final destination successfully. When choosing a sea freight forwarder, ensure they have extensive experience working with customs officials across the world.

This way, you can be sure your sea freight shipment will not get held up in customs, and you’ll avoid any costly delays. The freight forward business can be complex, so find a company with a team of experienced customs brokers who can help you with all of your sea freight shipping needs.


When sea freight shipping, it’s always a good idea to have insurance in case something goes wrong. Unfortunately, accidents do happen during sea freight transport, and it’s essential to have someone you can rely on to help you through the process.

Make sure the sea freight forwarder you choose offers insurance coverage for both your goods and their own liability. The best sea freight forwarder should have insurance coverage for both cargo and liability so customers can have peace of mind knowing their shipments are protected during transport.

Finding the Best Sea Freight Forwarder

Finding the best sea freight forwarder can be a challenge. However, if you consider all these factors, you should be able to locate a reputable and professional company. That said, please head over to our blog for more informative guides!