The year 2020-21 was a whirlwind, with stock markets soaring more than 80% from their lows in March 2020 through the close of FY21. Despite the epidemic, given the challenges at the bottom of the pyramid, for some, the rising trend in momentum has come as a relief, while for others, it has come as a surprise. Markets, on the other hand, made money for everyone who invested before the epidemic. Fundamentally powerful, volatile, and cyclic – all of these themes have played out in the previous year, but investors should search for equities that are more adaptive and can withstand difficult times if things start to get worse.

A diversified portfolio of high-quality equities can help absorb short-term losses while providing solid risk-adjusted returns. Compounding may also be beneficial if equities are kept for a longer period of time. Patience is the key to being a successful investor. Unless you’re in desperate need of cash, you should let your gains ride. “When we own part of good enterprises with exceptional managements, our favourite holding time is forever,” Warren Buffett correctly states.

Stocks with efficient leverage, greater operational and free cash flows, a good cash conversion cycle, and a great track record of ROEs and ROCEs or stock trend analysis should be prioritised. The equities mentioned below have the ability to weather the storm and come out on top of the other side of the pandemic. With a lengthy runway ahead of them, these three names, if acquired in a basket and held for the long term, may produce good returns for an investor:

  • Larsen & Toubro

L&T has benefited greatly from the many infrastructure plans made in the recent Budget, and the business has demonstrated not just excellent execution but also financial strength and wealth creation throughout the years. Over the previous ten years, the firm has routinely generated ROEs above 14 per cent, with operating margins of over 15 per cent. Despite this, it continues to trade at enticing prices, with a PE of less than 15x, making it a compelling value-buy.

  • Dr Reddy’s 

With the surge of Covid-19 instances and the need for medical assistance, demand for pharmaceuticals has surged, boosting sales of companies like Dr Reddy’s, which has delivered constant net profit growth at a CAGR of 14 per cent over the previous ten years. Pharma companies have been underperformers for several years, but with a lot of tailwinds on their side right now, things appear to be looking up, particularly for this firm.

  • Kotak Mahindra Bank 

During the epidemic, the government made efficient measures to guarantee that companies had access to loans. In reality, in order to provide relief to debtors, the RBI cut interest rates and declared moratoriums. While this was a great start, many institutions were wary and took adequate arrangements to protect their assets. One such bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, obtained capital at the outset of the epidemic and has been particularly careful in its lending. It has routinely delivered a 20 percent+ CAGR increase in earnings over the last ten years while maintaining the quality of its book.

A portfolio of fundamentally good equities or stocks that show growth on stock trend analysis might help you build long-term wealth. “Usually a lengthy list of securities is not a sign of the intelligent investor, but of one who is uncertain of oneself,” says Philip Fisher. Investors should stay invested and secure in this epidemic if they follow this attitude.