If you’re looking to have a productive and well-functioning business, you need to be organized. This might mean spending a little extra to reach your organizational goals. All business owners know this, and they never hesitate to let others in on this information nugget.

Running a business can be a lot, and as such, you can lose sight of many things. Building an organized business can seem far-fetched, from running the internal processes to client documentation, working on projects, and everything in between. If you haven’t been blessed with the natural ability to be and remain organized, we have put together three of the best ways you can organize your business without breaking a sweat.

1. Document your business goals as best as you can.

Ever heard of the saying “An idea written down is already half done”? The first and best tip to having an organized business is to write down everything related to your company and the goals you’re hoping to achieve. Writing down your business goals has more to do with internal organization than with the physical organization.

Without a clearly defined path for your business, you might end up running in circles, never moving forward, and recording no form of success. To prevent this, you need to have a clear business goal written down, with accompanying steps that must be taken to achieve said goals. You can take a notch higher and print out these goals for your team to visualize.

Try to keep these in printed folders that are easily accessible to all, making it easier for all your employees to stay on track. There are many online stores like Mine Press where you can purchase presentation folders. Some offer folders in full color or soft-touch lamination, and with embossing, embellishments, and more. Additional services include business cards and brochures.

2. Hire a virtual or physical assistant.

The easiest and fastest way to suck the energy out of your body is by undertaking mundane and repetitive tasks at work. You can avoid these tasks altogether, but they still need to be done to keep your business afloat. In comes the virtual assistant. These individuals do everything a physician assistant can do, the only difference being that they’re virtual. A virtual assistant is great for business owners who aren’t in the best position to hire a full-time assistant but have tasks that need constant, repetitive attention.

Virtual assistants are remote workers who offer a wide range of services like creating a presentation folder for all your slides, scheduling appointments, communicating with clients, and much more. Some can even offer a check writing service upon request at an extra cost. You can head to any freelancing site to find specialized virtual assistants with all the skills guaranteed to make your life as a business owner more accessible and more organized.

3. Plan all campaigns in advance.

Every business offers some form of service to customers. So, you’ll always need social media to sell your brand and the products you offer. Social media can consume a lot of your time without a plan, which is why we recommend scheduling all your campaigns ahead of time.

Instead of publishing new content manually every few hours, create batch content and allow them to run automatically. The significant part about automation is that it allows you to have more time to focus on other aspects of the business. You can easily create a campaign that flows from one post to the other.

Keeping your business well organized involves a lot of little activities that accumulate for your desired results. That’s why it’s best to experiment with the above-listed tips to find what works well with your habits and business structure. There’s no fixed way to create order in a business, but there are many methods you can incorporate into your existing system to help improve productivity while keeping you organized.