If you are looking to create a winning business formula, outsourcing will play an integral role somewhere along the line; indeed, most businesses simply couldn’t operate without outsourcing. Third-party providers offer the cheapest way to carry out many of the business services that you need and in this short article, we offer a few examples of services you can outsource to 3rd party contractors.

  1. Accounting & bookkeeping – Even the smallest business can make good use of a local accounting provider and if you are on the cloud, the accountant can remotely access the data they need to keep your books up to date. Company accounts are not something you can afford to overlook and your tax returns can be filed on time, ensuring that you are in full compliance.
  2. Human resources – Essentials like payroll services and recruitment can be outsourced to a leading HR agency and we all know that the employees are the most valuable asset of every organisation. In the event of any employee conflicts, your HR partner has a team of labour laws experts, plus they will make sure that you have very clear employment terms and conditions, which helps to avoid conflicts.
  3. Digital marketing – If you want your business to have a strong online presence, you will need the services of a good digital marketing agency, where a team of SEO technicians can work on boosting your Google search ranking to drive organic traffic to your landing page. If you have a dynamic digital marketing plan in place, your business has firm direction and all online activity is closely monitored; let’s not forget social media – the agency can boost your Facebook following and that has to be good for business. They can help you develop an emotional connection with your customers.
  4. IT Services – The managed IT service sector is booming, as they service many companies with cyber-security and VoIP communication services, empowering their clients. Migrating to the cloud offers many benefits and with 24/7 cyber-security, your data is always safe from hackers. The IT support company offers many services, including hardware support, something every office needs.
  5. Logistics – Every e-commerce business has to hook up with a 3PL (third party logistics) provider for effective order fulfilment; they have the resources to guarantee rapid delivery across the globe. If you would like to learn more about 3PL services, search online for a local company and ask them to pay you a visit. Your order fulfilment worries are over and you won’t find a cheaper solution; all you do is deliver your products and packaging to the 3PL warehouse and forward all orders by email. You don’t even have to handle your products when you use a local 3PL company. If you are planning to do business in Vietnam, click here.

The Internet hosts a wealth of information about why outsourcing is a smart way to run a business and when you are ready, Google will put you in touch with a local 3rd party provider.