Are you finally ready to launch your dream business this year? If so, you’ll be among more than 600,000 new business owners fighting for web traffic customers.

In order to make it past your first year of business, you need to market your business like crazy in order to build your customer base. You need to compete for the attention of your ideal audience, which means publishing content on the platforms they use most.

Social media marketing is still one of the most effective strategies available. And while there are many metrics to track, likes on social media are more important than you might think.

It might seem that likes are a vanity metric and that they aren’t actually important. But that’s simply not true. Here are five reasons you need to care about getting more social media likes on all of your posts.

  1. Reinforces Good Content

Millions of people and businesses are posting on social media every day. And most of the content being shared is low-quality, boring, and ineffective.

You know you share good, engaging content when you start seeing more and more likes on your posts. By paying attention to how many likes each post gets, you can learn what types of content your audience appreciates to ensure you are creating what they want to see.

  1. Likes on Social Media Builds Social Proof

When new people discover your brand for the first time, they will view start browsing your social media profile. If they notice that your posts are getting a good amount of likes, they are more likely to click on those posts, read the caption, and take time to learn about your brand. 

If lots of people really like your content, it will attract the attention of others. 

  1. Increases Follower Count

Whether you are a small business or a social media influencer, your goal on social media is to always grow your follower count. Not every follower will become a customer. But there will be many that do. 

More likes on your posts mean that people will take your brand seriously and click the follow button. They will then see your content more often and may eventually become a customer. Check out this article to learn just how powerful social media can be if done correctly. 

  1. Boost Your Reach 

When content receives lots of engagement, from likes, follows, and shares, it will gain additional exposure. On various social media sites, people that aren’t even following your account may see your content.

This will expand your reach, and multiply the effectiveness of your social media strategy. 

  1. Attract More Attention 

When you create content that gains lots of likes, it will attract the attention of other businesses and brands who may want to collaborate. Collaboration is key on social media, as you can benefit from the audience and clout that other brands provide. 

Likes Matter

Likes on social media aren’t the most important thing when it comes to your marketing strategy. But it’s a factor that helps you gauge your effectiveness in creating and sharing content.

Pay attention to your likes and do your best to increase the number of likes per post so you can experience all of the benefits listed above.

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