An increasing number of businesses have shown an interest in entering the blockchain space. However, after focusing for several years on the advantages of blockchain in terms of speed, cost, streamlined processes, and greater efficiency, their focus has shifted to the many difficulties and bottlenecks impeding comprehensive implementation. 

  1. Blockchain has an Image Problem!

Blockchain has an issue with its image. In the minds of many, blockchain is too closely associated with cryptocurrency. Crypto, in particular, has a bad reputation because it is associated with fraudsters and hackers who use the technology for illegal purposes. This negative rep reflects poorly on the blockchain technology system as a whole, making individuals reconsider their decision to use it.

  1. Blockchain has a Disruptive Nature!

Organizations are opposed to the concept of blockchain and its disruptive nature. For some, the prospect of losing market share or perhaps becoming obsolete is a nightmare. About 80% of the time, blockchain is used to modify business processes, and 20% of the time, it is used to deploy the technology. It marks a complete change away from old methods of operation. This is true even in areas where digital technology has already had a substantial impact.

  1. Blockchain is still an Immature Technology!

Aside from the issues mentioned above, blockchain confronts a slew of implementation issues, many of which stem from the fact that the technology is still in its infancy. These issues include lack of scalability, lack of standardization: limited interoperability, integration with legacy systems, and lack of blockchain developers.

Blockchain can sometimes be cumbersome and slow too. Transitions take longer to complete as the number of users on the network grows. The entire transaction might take hours or even days to complete. As a result, transaction costs are higher than usual, limiting the number of network users.

  1. Organizational Challenges!

Furthermore, significant organizational difficulties are inhibiting business adoption of blockchain technology.

  • Lack of awareness and understanding
  • Productivity paradox
  • Lack of cooperation
  • Security and privacy challenges
  • Lack of regulatory clarity and good governance

They can be significantly less robust to shocks that might directly affect participants. As a result, there is a compelling case for blockchain applications to operate within existing regulatory frameworks rather than outside of them. To overcome these obstacles, the government and other tightly regulated industries may need to enact blockchain rules. However, this implies that regulators in all industries must be aware of technology and its implications for firms and consumers.


In general, technical innovations require a long time to mature and reach a stable commercialization state. Blockchain, like any other technological innovation, will see a sluggish adoption rate in the following years. Even if there are several options, it will take time to overcome all the obstacles and utilize all the advantages.

The list mentioned above of Blockchain adoption obstacles emphasizes the necessity for technological advancements. And the industry is working hard to solve these. Things will undoubtedly become more pleasant and trigger broad adoption if we address these and remove the different obstacles. 

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Did you know there are now 42,266 bitcoin ATMs in the US? As the popularity of this crypto currency has grown, so has the technology to make using it easier. But would you know how to operate one?

Luckily, it is just as easy as a standard ATM. Read on as we discuss how to use a bitcoin ATM.

Using a Bitcoin ATM to Buy

The first step is to provide user verification. This will depend on the country or state you are using the machine in. It is often to comply with KYC and AML laws. 

After this, scan your Bitcoin wallet. This uses a QR code. Some machines may even print off the code on a receipt for you to use instead of having it onscreen. 

In some instances, you may find you can even send Bitcoin to your email address. The email will contain the QR code for scanning via your inbox. 
After this, enter the fiat amount you want to spend when buying bitcoin. Cash will then be entered into the machine as if you were depositing in an automated bank.

The machine will take a few minutes to process the transaction and close the sale. Bitcoin should take around ten minutes to an hour to arrive in your wallet. Take the number of the ATM teller in case it does not arrive. 

Steps for Selling Bitcoin

Just like buying, the transaction begins by registering and providing user verification if required. After this, you will be asked to select the amount of bitcoin you would like to buy. 

The ATM will then prompt you with a QR code. This should be scanned using the wallet on your mobile device. Once it sends, you will get a receipt to confirm the transaction. 

The deposit from your wallet can take around ten minutes to an hour, so be patient. This ticket can then be used to withdraw fiat cash from the ATM. 

How to Find Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin ATMs are now popping up in towns and cities around the world. However, they are not the kind of ATM machine you often stumble across. You can find bitcoin ATM machines in your local area here

What Are the Transaction Fees?

The transaction fees for bitcoin ATMs do tend to be quite high. You can expect to pay around 8.93% of the amount. For this reason, some people prefer to do their cryptocurrency transactions the traditional way. 

Withdrawal limits are dependent upon the location of the ATM. Generally, around $9500 dollars in fiat currency is the daily limit. 

Reasons to Use a Bitcoin ATM

Despite high transition fees, there are a number of reasons as to why you would use a Bitcoin ATM. Some of them are listed below.

  • Convenience 
  • Secure and trustworthy
  • Ease of use when converting to fiat currency

Investing in Bitcoin

If you are either investing in bitcoin or using it as daily currency, bitcoin ATMs can be a huge help. Find one in your local area and try it out. Once you have used it for the first time, it will begin to get easier. 

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With the magnitude of the web, it is not fast or simple to shortlist the best website for personal loans for a negative credit report. Therefore, to assemble our checklist, we started seeking ideal as well as dependable websites for short-term lending.

It is essential to note that today on the internet world offers different choices to choose from lending for bad credit scores. In addition, some websites are developed to either damage your scenario or take your cash without giving any service.

So, you require to be aware of such strategies. Understandably, emergencies come with plenty of anxiousness and panic handy. For that reason, you may wind up choosing the funding choices from a website that you would not opt for.

Because of this especially, we have invested hours investigating the best alternatives for you. Since there are different popular websites, our listing was long. Nevertheless, we made the shortlist to your advantage.

The professionals categorized the following consumer needs:

  • Short-term availability of financings
  • Quick transfer of funds
  • The comfort of taking loans from residence
  • Validated websites for financing as well as getting loans

After assembling all of the feasible loan choices, we especially looked for specific sites as well as looked into them throughout. We examined client reviews as well as the source of the business. We likewise checked for any type of third-party firms for dependability.

Then, we shortlisted the choices based on the above standards. After shortlisting, we better carved down reliable alternatives so you do not need to. For that reason, you can rely on the list without stressing over fraudulence as well as safety and security problems.

What We Sought

In the process of cutting down our list of websites for temporary loans, we individually checked out the protection as well as the integrity of the sites. Below are points we considered to assist in emergencies as well as times of economic demand:

  • How reliable is the site in processing the lending, as well as how much time does it take to accomplish the whole process?
  • Is the site secure to send out and obtain funds?
  • Is the info as well as centers readily available on the website for comparing interest rates?
  • How is the track record of the internet site in the reviews by its consumers?
  • Is the rate of interest as well as financing amounts sensible for customers?
  • How is the system’s client assistance? Does it aid clients?
  • How efficient is the overall solution in the long run?

Trading crypto is now a full time career for many people out there. People have been trading in cryptocurrencies for many years now. Even though it is quite profitable, the markets are always subject to risk. That is why you need to be really careful when trading. However, this problem can be mitigated with the help of trading robots. Yes! These have been programmed to offer you automated tools and services that bring the maximum profits out of your investments. Platforms like the fahrenheitsystempro have some of the best crypto trading robots in the market. Here are some reasons why you should choose robots for trading in cryptocurrencies in 2021.

  • Trading robots have been designed to enter and exit a trade based on pure data and historical analysis. Usually people tend to make mistakes while trading due to emotional involvement. But, robots eliminate that factor and help to keep track of your trades using data that has been verified over time.

  • Trading robots have a good accuracy rate which helps to make most of your trades profitable. Some of the robots can even offer you more than 80% accuracy when it comes to live trading. So, for every investment you make, you are definitely going to get a good amount of profits at the end of the day.

  • For humans it is not possible to keep trading 24 hours of the day, right? We have different other chores to do. But, robots can run for 24*7 and continue trading without the need for any rest. That is why you can easily generate a passive income and make the most of market movements the whole week.

  • Trading robots can reduce the number of losing trades that most of the traders face in the beginning of their career. Using a robot allows you to get better ROI and bring down the losses and convert them into big winning trades. This is a wonderful way to learn and continue making money from crypto. Your winning streaks are definitely going to be more than the losing ones.

So, if you are looking for a profitable crypto trading experience, then fahrenheit crypto robots can help you achieve it. They have the best services when it comes to robot trading.

By definition, accounting practice involves the process of reporting the daily financial activity of a business entity. It is necessary for producing the required annual financial statements of a company. There are different accounting methods that businesses can use to record their financial statements.

Every country has their own accounting principles that companies must adhere to. In the US, the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) is issued by the FASB. It consists of accounting principles, procedures, and standards that companies must follow to prepare their financial statements.

There are two prominent accounting methods used by CPAs for their accounting practices. They are cash accounting and accrual accounting.

  1. Cash Accounting

In this method of accounting, revenue and expenses are recorded only when they are received and paid. That is, a sale is only recorded when payment is received, and expenses are captured when bills are paid. Cash accounting method is the most used for small businesses.

  1. Accrual Accounting

Under the accrual accounting, revenue and expenses are recorded once they are earned or consumed. You don’t have to wait until a payment is received or a bill is paid. It is mostly used by public organizations that want its financial statement audited.

Accrual accounting is considered by many to be the most theoretically correct accounting method. It requires an advanced knowledge of accounting.

Now, what’s the difference between these two accounting methods?

The main difference between cash accounting and accrual accounting is the time when revenue and expenses are recorded or captured. While accrual accounting focuses on anticipated revenue and expenses, cash accounting only recognises what’s on ground. None of these two methods of accounting truly shows the financial health of an organization. And both have their advantages and disadvantages.

The reason why the accrual method is considered the most theoretically correct is because it shows the overall earnings of a company. It levels out all revenue and expenses as they are generated.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of both cash and accrual accounting methods.

Cash Accounting Methods


It is simple to use and only account for cash paid or received

It doesn’t require greater knowledge of accounting

With cash accounting it is easier to track the cash flow of an organization.


It doesn’t reflect the true financial health of an organization.

When a company is cash-rich, investors might assume the company is making profit while in reality it is making a loss due to large sums of account payables.

Accrual Accounting Method


It shows a more accurate picture of the financial health of an organisation.

It shows the long-term profitability of a company

It includes both accounts payable and receivables


It doesn’t track cash flow. And as a result, it doesn’t account for an organisation’s cash shortage in the short term.

It requires a greater knowledge of accounting

It is sometimes more complex to implement since it has to account for both unearned revenue and yet-to-be-paid expenses.