For filmmakers, it can be challenging to write a movie script. Afterall, it first takes a good idea, a lot of research and preparation and then a lot of support to create an original feature film. 

As bardya ziaian Toronto knows, you must begin by writing something that an audiences would want to watch.  Next comes the hard part.  Getting the funding to produce your movie. 

Here are some more guidance points to consider when writing your first movie.

Create a budget. 

A line producer or a production manager like bardya ziaian would be employed by most producers to plan a budget for the film. 

You will need to take into account the cost of: 

  • The actors
  • The director
  • Production workers
  • The film crew
  • Art department
  • Lawyer
  • Post-production

The screenplay

As a writer like bardya ziaian knows, the screenplay is the bridge between concept and final movie. The screenplay breaks down the plot into a scene by scene atmosphere before it gets paired with the script. When writing a screenplay, there are a some factors to consider:

  • It should come across in real-time as if it were describing the story.
  • When it comes to explaining physical behavior, be detailed.
  • Have a summary of the details in each scene that the dialogue would express.


Writing your screenplay is the last step in the process. This may include adding dialogue to the document or  additional details to each scene. You also want to make sure that you have it in the correct style. Spelling and punctuation are very important.


Screenwriting is not only a profession, it is also an art.  Make sure you establish a schedule and stick to it. From shot list to final screenplay, you can be sure you’ll meet your deadlines.  Remember, you’ll probably have to make many rewrites to ensure that your final script is the best it can be.