Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) doesn’t always pick the most obvious victim. Realistically anyone could fall victim to a cardiac arrest. It doesn’t matter how young and fit they may seem, SCA can strike anyone, anywhere, any time. Which is why Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are so important.

When someone goes into cardiac arrest, time is of the essence, and Greg Page, the original Yellow Wiggle, knows this firsthand. When Greg suffered Sudden Cardiac Arrest last year, he was one of the lucky ones who survived. Why? Because the people around him knew exactly what to do in order to save his life – that was to call 000, start CPR immediately and use an AED. Greg now knows just how crucial early action and the use of AED’s is, when it comes to someone experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. He wants everyone to have a fighting chance just like he did, and the best way for others to have that chance is to inform other businesses of the need for AEDs.

Automated External Defibrillators are a vital link in the Chain of Survival and the more of them that are out in the community and in workplaces, the more lives that will be saved, just like Greg’s was. Defibrillation allows the heart to be restarted if it can be, which means it will continue to beat on its own without the need for CPR to continue.

Greg was lucky that the people around him knew exactly what to do in that situation, but not everyone is that lucky. Which is why he wants to get the message out to other businesses, that it is crucial to have access to an AED. Studies have shown that the sooner defibrillation can occur after Sudden Cardiac Arrest, the higher chance that person has of surviving and surviving with less damage to their brain, heart, lungs and kidneys. This is important not just for the patient’s quality of life after cardiac arrest, but it also helps to reduce health costs to the community.

If your business doesn’t have rapid access to an AED, where are you going to get one from if sudden cardiac arrest occurs? Ambulance responses times on average are between 8-12 minutes, sometimes longer. So, if you are relying on the paramedics to deliver a possible lifesaving shock, it might be too late. It doesn’t have to be that way; you can empower your business and your staff with the tools they need to save a life.

For a lot of small businesses, the costs of purchasing an AED is a barrier to their access to this life-saving piece of equipment. That’s why a financing option may suit some SMEs, instead of an outright purchase. Just as you purchase insurance hoping you’ll never need to use it; the same thought process surrounds AEDs. You hope you never need to use it, but if you do, then you’ll be glad you had it on hand at the time – somebody’s life may depend on it, and it could easily be mine or yours, just like it was Greg’s.

If someone does go into cardiac arrest and you don’t have access to the final link in the chain of survival, an AED is that one link that might make all the difference. Every single business should seriously consider purchasing an AED so that you can be prepared for the unexpected and do all you possibly can to plan for sudden cardiac arrest.  An investment in an AED is an investment in the potential to save a life.

A shelf corporation allows your business to appear much trustworthy, the clients and suppliers are possibly to have higher confidence in businesses having long and successful operating history. With the ability to simply establish the business relationships with the banks, suppliers and banking institutions are usually at top of list while looking to buy the shelf company. The Shelf Companies already have been set up accurately and the simple modification of company officers is only required to transfer the ownership. Read below the list of advantages:

Acquire new suppliers and contracts

The Shelf company is already registered with the Companies House and hence they already have a history. People can access website of Companies House to see when the company was registered and hence see the permanency of company.

How does a shelf company assist the Suppliers and Contracts?

While starting the business venture it may be quite difficult to secure the contracts as you get classed with the new start up. There are industries and government authorities that insist the company to get registered for specific amount of time prior to allowing tenders. Thus, a company having a history would be enormously beneficial in such circumstances.

It may be a great challenge to acquire trust from the suppliers because of the company getting registered recently.  However, a shelf company having the history at the Companies House will also definitely promote a much professional image and hence they may appear to be much trust worthy.

It becomes easy for business banking

Banking is known to be essential and significant part of routine running of the company. Any company that need professional image must have the bank account of business.

How do a shelf company assist to have a Bank Account?

While approaching to the bank for a business account, business loan or for a credit card, it is always more encouraging to approve for an aged company as compared to a company which is recently registered.

Banks may also be persuaded to check that the investments are made with an aged company is always a safe option as compared with the newly registered company with Companies House.

Enhances the confidence of new client with the business history

The business requires clients and the clients that have confidence in business generally are a crucial part of overall success of company.

Shelf company boost Confidence of Client

Research usually shows that the clients such as companies that may show durability as they provide an impression of getting trustworthy and offer confidence the business will experience in their specific field. Here, the shelf company will also give an impression that a company was around longer and hence give the client with great confidence for doing the business.

Many companies promote the anniversaries of the business to show the significance of being around for long time, new companies unluckily do not give similar kind of impression and clients also are less possible to have trust and faith in these companies.

Shelf Companies helps to Save time

Yes, as compared to the company that is developed from scratch it is always a better option to have a shelf company which is also known as an aged corporation. While staring the business venture is definitely a great deal to think as we as time-consuming duties that you need to complete. Rather, it should be really easy and hassle free to set up a new company.

Now, the question that might strike your mind is how can an aged company or a shelf company assist to save your time? If a company is already pre-registered at the Companies House and hence changing or modifying the details of an officer is only requirement. Modifying the details of an officer may also be done electronically and this may take some hours, that is anyways quicker than average 24 hours for registering the new company.

With this, you will definitely have the confidence that a company has been already set up appropriately by the expert.

You may also start trading with a company in just some hours of purchase, thereby helping you to think less.

Can we change the name of an Aged or shelf company?

All the companies have an option to modify their name at any point of time if the name is not earlier registered with company House.  However, the request of name change of the shelf company could be electronically submitted and this might just take a few hours.

In the present financial market, investments and returns are more unpredictable than ever. Fueled by the unsettled market dynamics caused by the COVID19 pandemic, along with the disruption of the usual supply and demand chain, businesses, as well as individuals, are struggling more than ever to gather enough capital. This is where personal loans provide a huge boon for struggling individuals. Whether it’s a personal emergency or you simply need some extra cash at hand for your next venture, personal loans provide a large coverage area for you to explore your options with. So before you decide whether or not you need a personal loan, let us delve into the details of what exactly are personal loans, how they work, the cheapest personal loan ratesand much more.

What exactly are personal loans?

Personal loans are typically a type of loan that is provided for a short tenure, typically without any restrictions regarding the purpose of the loan and given out on an individual basis. One of the key factors that separate personal loans from other types of loans are that they are typically unsecured, meaning you don’t need to put up suitable collateral to be eligible for a personal loan. Due to these reasons, personals loans are a great way to finance personal ventures or to raise enough money to tide over any financial emergency that may occur on a day-to-day basis.

Things to remember while choosing the right personal loan

Before you select a specific personal loan for yourself, there are a lot of points to check out. This ensures you know exactly what you are getting into and reduces your chance of getting into an unnecessary financial backlog that you cannot get out of. Some of the important points to consider before picking out a personal loan have been discussed below.

How much can I borrow from a moneylender?

One of the first things that you need to check out while applying for a personal loan is exactly how much of a loan amount you are eligible for and how much does your chosen lender bank lets you borrow. Different banks have different criteria that applicants need to meet to be eligible for a personal loan of a certain amount. These criteria can include present income, financial history, credit scores, among many other factors. So, before you settle on a particular personal loan plan, make sure you have a clear idea about how much capital you require and whether or not you are eligible for that amount from your chosen lender bank.

Check out interest rates from different banks

In today’s market, all information is accessible through the internet. Before you select a particular personal loan plan, make sure you go through different banks’ websites and find out which bank provides the best interest rates in the market. The interest rates vary a lot on a day-to-day basis, so you should be updated about the current interest rates from different banks before you decide on which bank you want to take a personal loan from.

Be aware of the fine print

One of the common mistakes that are made while applying for a personal loan is that you skip over the fine print of the loan agreement, which gives rise to significant problems down the road. Before you finalise your loan agreement:

  1. Make sure you go through the fine print in the loan agreement carefully.
  2. Note down the terms of repayment and the allocated tenure of repayment.
  3. Check whether there are any late repayment costs associated with the loan.
  4. Check out whether or not the loan comes with any processing fees or tax deductibles.

These are all part of the fine financial print that comes with most personal loan agreements, and it is best to be completely aware of their presence and implications before finalising a loan agreement.

Fixed Or Variable Rate?

There are two types of interest rates when it comes to personal loans. One is the fixed interest rate, which means a single interest rate is valid throughout the entire repayment tenure. The other type is a variable interest rate, where you repay your loan amount based on the current market interest rate. Before you decide on a personal loan that works for you, make sure you check whether the loan comes with a fixed or variable interest rate. This helps you to better plan out the finances during the loan tenure so that you are always well prepared to repay the loan on time.

Be aware of your Credit score

Your credit score is a financial benchmark for you. It incorporates multiple factors such as your current outstanding loans, your current income, and your financial history, among other factors. Your credit score determines which loans you are eligible for and how high an interest rates you are paying while repaying the loan. While applying for a personal loan, make sure you have a good enough credit score to be eligible for the particular loan you are looking to apply.

Look for flexibility of repayment

Repayment flexibility is a very important factor to be considered while choosing a personal plan. The flexibility of repayment means how much processing fees you have to pay the bank in the event you decide to repay the entire loan amount before the term for the loan ends. Banks in Singapore usually charge anywhere between 5 to 7 percent of your total loan amount. So make sure you find a bank that has suitably low early repayment costs if you have plans to repay the loan early.

Personal loans are a great way to obtain quick finances for emergencies or even just for personal requirements. They do not require any security collateral, and they come with short repayment tenures that don’t burden you for too long. With the help of the above checklist, you can be assured of finding the best personal loan plan for yourself.

While making investments online, finding the right broker is very essential. With the help of the right broker, you earn yourself the possibility of earning more money than you already are. Therefore, looking into the concept of investment diversity becomes essential and this helps you make better investments. With a diverse range of investment ideas, you can achieve varying profits, and on top of that, changing to newer investments while still staying in the convenience of a known service becomes easy. Therefore, with NordFX broker review (รีวิว โบรกเกอร์ NordFX, which is the term in Thai, you can have an avid idea about investment.

On the other side of the equation is Forex4You broker review (รีวิว โบรกเกอร์ Forex4You, term in Thai) which is also making investments a lot more convenient as well as reliable. The investment standard set by these brokers is high and considering their excellent services, the broker services have gained quite some popularity among the Thai people. Moreover, offering their excellent services to the customers at the most reasonable rates has made them a good choice for investment brokers. 

What Sets NordFX Apart From The Other Brokers?

When you choose NordFX as your broker, it is important to take a little note of all the pros and cons of the services. The steps to open an account are not just easy and convenient, it is as simple as it can get, and thus, even beginners can start investing. Moreover, professional advisors come to help you make the right investments. The consultation aid that is provided in the Thai language is a huge savior but, the inquiries are available only during business hours. Moreover, a minimum deposit has to be made irrespective of what kind of account is being used.

Forex4You And How Well Is It For Your Investment?

For Forex4You, the broker offers various bonuses that are extremely attractive to the ones who are starting with the investment journey. Most importantly, unlike any other broker services, you do not have to deposit any base amount and thus you can deposit money as per your wish. Moreover, making deposits with the help of the Forex4You broker is easy as it supports all forms of depositing options including credit card, debit card, e-currency.

What Sets NordFX And Forex4You Apart From Each Other?

Being among the two most popular options for brokers of investment, both NordFX review and Forex4You review have gained the trust of the people. But, both the brokers hold quite some differences with each other considering how they function. For instance, NordFX is available for use on your mobile phones in the form of mobile applications but, Forex4You does not have any such dedicated application. On the other hand, the funding for NordFX can be done only via bank transfer or Neteller but for Forex4You, you may also use a credit card. 

If you have a company involved with the oil and gas sector, you probably appreciate the exponential rate at which this industry has been growing. This trend is likely to continue even with volatile oil prices observed over the past few months.

Due to the volatile market and partly due to the conservative approaches taken by the oil and gas industries, most customers prefer longer terms. That means they get to make payments later than they did in the past.

Though the oilfield companies still get paid, the payments may not come in time to meet the supplier’s financial needs. Rather than stress over whether you have adequate funds to pay employee salaries or cover development and research projects, most companies turn to oil and gas factoring for quick funding.

Oil and gas factoring offers the company fast financing by turning its receivables into cash. This financing type enables companies to undertake new growth opportunities by eliminating payment wait. It is the perfect alternative to traditional lending.

So why would you need to seek oil and gas factoring? Here are some of the needs you might want to meet;-

  • To purchase new equipment
  • Helps fund a research project
  • To offer more generous credit to your customers
  • Finance a promising development project
  • Hire extra staff while paying salaries with ease

How Does It work? 

Gas factoring is not a loan. It is a way for companies to get paid faster by trading their receivables for a cash advance. Once your application is approved, you submit your unpaid invoices and receive up to 95% of their value within 24 hours. The remaining amount is cleared once your customers meet their end of the bargain.

That said, there is no limit to the amount of funding you can receive. As long as you have unpaid invoices, finances are available. The factoring company collects the money from your customers and charges a small fee for its services. This way, you do not have to worry about following up on customers instead of focusing on your business.

Even better, it does not take a lot to qualify for oil and gas factoring. The approval is based on your customers’ creditworthiness, given that they are liable for invoice payment. This means that you do not have to have a great credit score or be in the business for a particular time, unlike traditional lending options.

Benefits of Gas Factoring 

Ensures Consistent Cash Flow 

Failure to get paid on time can halt cash flow for your business. Gas factoring ensures your company has adequate cash to meet its expenses, including paying salaries, purchasing new equipment, and venturing into new areas.

Quick And Easy Process 

Invoice financing is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get the funds you need. There is no credit check, as the company purchasing your receivables is only interested in your clients and not you.

This makes invoice financing the perfect choice for a company trying to get out of debt and improve its credit score. Besides, the process is flexible as you choose the invoices you wish to factor, whenever you need funds.

No More Worrying About Expenses 

In the oilfield industry, clients may take longer than expected to clear their debts. This causes a shortfall in cash flow on your end to meet necessary expenses such as water, electricity, and salaries.

With invoice financing, the good news is that worrying about cash flow becomes a thing of the past. When you factor in, you receive money almost immediately to ensure you do not fall behind on your bills and expenses.

No New Debt

With invoice financing, you are not taking a new loan, like is the case in banks. Instead, you are getting funds with invoices of money you are yet to be paid. That is hugely beneficial for companies seeking to work their way out of debt.

Gives Your Business A Chance To Grow 

If you keep waiting for your invoices to be paid, you will never have adequate cash to expand and grow your business. Every time a client clears their debt, the money quickly goes into the outstanding bills, and little is left to invest.

Invoice financing gives you funds when you discover a new opportunity before it is too late.


The Oilfield business is quite marshy, especially when you have clients who keep on delaying payments. Fortunately, you can turn to invoice financing companies to get you the funds you want while they are left following up on the debt.

Do you have a manufacturing facility and want to recruit talented staff? If the answer is “yes,” this is the perfect opportunity to get employees who can help to take your enterprise to the next level. If you identify the wrong staff, it might be the start of the business failure. So, how do you recruit the most talented staff for your manufacturing company? 

Start by Defining the Mission of Your Company and Respective Jobs 

Even before you can go out looking for staff, it is important to start by redefining your company’s mission and vision. This will give you a clear indication of the type of employees to recruit. For example, if you are recruiting staff to work in the research and development unit, academic qualifications alone might not be enough. In addition to good academic performance, the selected employees should be innovative and good at networking

Go a step further and define the objective of respective jobs so that potential candidates can know what they are getting into. For example, you might have a mission such as growing sales by 50% for staff in the sales department. During interviews, you can even go ahead and ask the candidates about the strategies they think would work to achieve the targeted objectives

Upgrade Your Digital Presence 

Today, a lot of people research the companies of interest on social media before applying for jobs. The truth is that the most talented employees want to work with good companies and you can tell them more about your brand on social media. Furthermore, you should have backlinks that direct potential employees to your site. 

Your manufacturing company’s website should be designed well to make navigation and getting more information easy. For example, you should provide information about the company, careers, and job descriptions of vacant positions. This way, more people will easily make up their minds to apply and work in your plant if granted the opportunity. 

Emphasize on Experience, and Ability to Learn 

In manufacturing, it is important to only bring highly qualified staff, especially those with experience. If the targeted employees will be handling machines or equipment that can be dangerous or easily compromise the quality of products if not handled well, it is advisable to only select people with prior experience. 

In addition to the experience, you should also ensure that the selected employees are good learners. This means that they will be able to easily adopt new changes and help your organization to focus on continuous improvement. 

Offer Good Incentives: A Closer Look at Iskander Makhmudov Firms  

Today, a lot of employees prefer working in companies that reward their efforts well. Note that the incentives do not just mean the wages, but every addition that comes with working on the selected company. For Iskander Makhmudov‘scompanies, such As Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UMMC), the focus is to make every employee feel he/she owns the brand. They work like good ambassadors, making other talented people want to join the firm. This is a great way to attract the best talents without incurring a lot of cost on the recruitment process.  

When recruiting staff for a manufacturing unit, it is important to only select those who will help the organization to achieve its mission. So, make your mission clear, offer good incentives, and put emphasis on experience. You can also learn how to win the best talents by looking at the strategies used by other top investors, Iskander Makhmudov.

Hiring reliable business consulting services Tampa FL could help your business immensely. They would assist in the overall performance-enhancing needs along with making necessary changes to achieve success. 

Business consultants would help various companies increase revenue, overcome challenges, or enhance growth. 

  • Ensure that business consultants have adequate experience and records of accomplishments with companies similar to yours. 
  • They would charge by the hour or by the project. They could need monthly or daily retainers. 

Business consultants provide management consulting for helping organizations improve their efficiency and performance. They are professionals who analyze various businesses for creating solutions along with helping companies meet their specific goals. Consider hiring business consultants when you require assistance or perspective in your specific arena or making a change in your respective company. 

Working as a consultant 

You could hire the services of a business consultant for several reasons inclusive of the following: 

  • Identifying the problems 
  • Providing expertise in a specific arena 
  • Initiating changes 
  • Supplementing your staff 
  • Training and teaching your employees 
  • Providing objectivity 
  • Reviving the organization 
  • Eliminating the staff 
  • Influencing other people 
  • Creating a new business 

The initial step for your business consultant would be the discovery phase where the goal would be to learn about your business. A good business consultant takes time to learn about your business from both you and the employees. It would be inclusive of meeting the board of directors & employees, touring the facility, reading all company materials, and analyzing the finances. Your business consultant would go through the details of the mission of your company along with the operations you have in place. 

After your business consultant has developed a comprehensive understanding of your economy, they start evaluating your goals where it requires changes. It would be inclusive of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the company along with present and future possible issues. Such issues would be inclusive of problems identified by you or the management along with new issues discovered by the business consultant. The job of a business consultant is to increase profits, boost efficiency, and grow your business. 

Moreover, your business consultant should identify the issues and opportunities along with developing solutions to various problems or plans for making the most of the opportunities. It would be imperative for the consultant along with the employees of the company to maintain clear and open communication. 


What exactly are double VPNs? What happens when you connect to your network by using a double VPN? Well, there are a lot of controversies and confusions regarding double VPNs. So, we are here to clear all your doubts. Here, in our article, we are going to discuss what exactly double VPNs are all about and what are their features.

What are double VPNs?

Generally, your internet traffic gets connected to the network after it gets connected to the
server. However, when you use double VPNs, your traffic will first get connected to the VPN server 1 and from there, it will automatically be redirected to the VPN server 2. Only then will the information reach the internet. Double VPN offers better encryption. It masks the original IP address twice instead of masking it just once. It also provides you with better security.

Few benefits of double VPNs:

  • Double VPNs make it extremely difficult for the hackers and the trackers to decode your information. This is mainly because of the fact that all your data will be encrypted using a second encryption layer.
  • Double VPNs can be used to protect your data. It will provide you with extra security so that you are able to carry out important transactions in a highly secure way.
  • It also enables IP address protection. In the first layer, your real IP will completely be masked and the second layer will make sure that your IP address does not carry any kind of personal information.
  • Double VPN will provide you with complete anonymity. Even your internet service provider will not be able to track any of your online activities. Double VPN can also be a Free VPN.

Where do we use double VPNs?

Double VPNs are used when you want a higher level of internet security. It is especially useful if you work as a political activist or a journalist. Being a public person comes with a lot of dangers and risks. Even if you are working for a good cause, you might find yourself in a lot of trouble. In such a case, you need to have secure access to information. You should also have the possibility to hide all your information from any kind of surveillance. Double VPNs will encrypt your data and keep your information safe.

So, this was all about double VPNs. You may double VPNs if you want extra protection for your data and you don’t want your data and information to be intercepted by unwanted people. If you have any further queries, you may get in touch with us.

Being young, we often neglect the need to save. Since we are aware that there are plenty of years to take that responsibility, we waste our income on useless things. However, you never know when the time may get tough, and your savings may be the only help you can achieve. 

It’s always better to save for the tough times instead of depending on other options like a loan.

So why don’t you start now? For a beginner, saving may be complicated at a young age. But that’s what we’re here to help you get through. So let’s expelled some great and easy tips to start saving now!

4 Effective Tips:

  • Don’t Avoid Budgeting:

A great way to save money is to create a budget with Guardian Wealth Management, whether young or old. Since creating a budget helps you keep track of where you are investing your money, you can better control your investment habits. 

This doesn’t mean that you have to avoid the investments you make for a fun and/or personal desires. Instead, when you know where you are investing your money, you can be more aware of what investments are pointless. So creating a budget is never a bad decision. 

  • Ignoring Saving Isn’t Smart:

While we all want to reach a specific stage of our career where we earn enough to save a good amount every month/year, it’s not a smart decision. Sure, you can work hard to reach that post. But avoiding the habit of saving until then isn’t smart at all. Hence, you must start saving from NOW and keep its record with the Personal Finance App

Besides, even if you save a few dollars every day/month, you can have a good savings by the end of the year. Now with that good savings, you can make large investments. 

Note: If you’re confused about how much you should save, it’s better to save one-third of your income. Hence, you can save $2 on every $6 you earn. As a result, you can make savings while staying out of future financial difficulties.

  • Don’t Keep Debts on Hold:

So you keep a decent amount of your income for savings every month? That’s great. But what about the debt that you have put on hold? There’s no point in saving for the future when you are also putting off the debt for future difficulties. 

It’s like you are preparing a future solution and problem for yourself. Hence, you must be concerned about paying your debts while you are focused on saving. Don’t avoid one need to fulfill the other need!


That’s all to the basic tips on saving at a young age. While this may be a struggle if you aren’t fond of saving at your young age, but you will surely see how beneficial it will turn out to be in the coming years. Just don’t’ give up!