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Our top-quality digital tachograph rolls are EU endorsed for use with all digital tachograph units. Digital tachograph rolls are ultimately EU-approved and produced utilising good quality top-covered warm papers. Our digital tachograph rolls are entirely consistent with the modified EC guideline 1266/2009, executed from 1st October 2011.

  • Superior quality top-covered warm paper
  • 57mm wide x 8 meters in length with 8mm coreless focus
  • separately wrapped
  • Pre-printed converse to permit manual information input Completely type supported to fit coming up next tachograph’s:
  • Actia
  • Stoneridge SE5000
  • Siemens VDO
  • Intellic GmbH EFAS

Digital tachograph units should consistently have a printer roll in the department and no less than one extra digital tachograph roll in the taxi. Look at our free infographic on digital tachographs. Digital tachograph rolls are sold by the sleave, packed in boxes of three digital rolls for each Inner Box. We offer good discounts for volume requests.

Digital tachograph rolls are paperrolls that fit inside the tachograph machinewhich drivers canprint the necessary information upon request by the authorities. Paper rolls for printing information from digital tachographs are utilised for documenting and assessing different reports, for example, everyday printouts from the driver card, speeding statement, day by day report, occasions, and blunders from the vehicle, and so forth.

The tachograph rolls utilised for printing should be of an endorsed model, which is planned for use in a digital tachograph introduced in a vehicle. We import and ship solely from trustworthy makers, offering Continental VDO, and HAUG Germany rolls for digital tachographs.

Item Specifications 

  1. Length – The roll length might fluctuate somewhat; you can anticipate that each roll should be around 9m.
  2. Width – The paper is roughly 57mm comprehensive.
  3. BPA Free
  4. 1 Box (3 Rolls) Digital Tachograph Rolls. Oil, Diesel, And Water Resistant. EU endorsed.

E-Approval Numbers

  • E1-84
  • E2-25
  • E5-0002

Appropriate For All Digital Tachograph Machines, the paper is wholly endorsed for use with all digital tachograph units. They are made from premium grade, scratch safe, a top covered warm article. They are entirely EU-supported and agreeable with reexamined EC guideline 1266/2009, carried out since first October 2011.