Did you suffer injuries in a car crash that wasn’t your fault? Were you injured in a slip-and-fall accident? Are you a victim of medical practice? You need to get an attorney on your side. Victims of personal injury accidents often step back from calling a lawyer because they are worried about the costs. Medical bills can pile up soon following an accident, and you could be out of work due to injuries for a considerable time. Seeking legal help may seem more like an additional expense. Thanks to the contingency fee arrangement, hiring Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys doesn’t have to be expensive. Below is an overview of what you need to know. 

No upfront fee

Family and criminal lawyers usually ask for a fee for each hour of work, which is called the hourly rate. The attorney may work on a retainer fee or flat fee in some cases. In that context, personal injury lawyers are different. They work on a contingency fee for most cases. The lawyer cannot (and would not) ask for an upfront fee. The lawyer only gets paid when the client wins a settlement. What happens when you don’t win the lawsuit after all the work? The lawyer cannot ask for a fee – simple! This arrangement allows victims of personal injury cases to get justice and recover compensation, even when they don’t have the money to pay a lawyer. 

How is the contingency fee decided?

A professional attorney will discuss the contingency fee and costs of the case in advance. The fee depends on several factors. The first aspect is the complexity of the lawsuit. For instance, if you have a share in fault or the case requires extensive investigation, the lawyer may charge more. The attorney’s experience is also a factor, besides the nature of injuries and damages. If the case is expected to go to trial, the lawyer will take more than the standard fee of negotiating a personal injury claim. The fee varies from 25% to 40% of the final settlement for most personal injury cases. 

Contact a lawyer sooner

If you have suffered a personal injury because of someone, consider consulting an attorney soon. It is necessary to seek advice from an attorney who is experienced and can handle a trial if needed. The lawyer can investigate the case, gather evidence, and take appropriate steps to ensure that the client gets all the support they need.