An alternative way of investment that generally consists of capital and money that are not listed in a public exchange is defined as private equity. In private equity, the investors or buyers directly place their investment in the desired private companies or sometimes would be involved in the buying of public companies. However, in both cases, it would result in the removal of the acquired company names from the public equity list.

To make the process of this acquisition less deleterious on both sides, companies often do hire a private equity consultancy, which would help the company to properly choose a company to buy, and also will assist in considering under what terms and price the company have to be bought out. They, in addition to these, provide a proper plan and priority listings to curtail any cultural issues prevailing inside the company. So, if you are looking for an equity consultancy, then you must know which consultancy to choose.

So, what are the best private equity consultants in the U.S?

With consideration of the clients’ response to the company’s work, peer reviews from consultants themselves, the intense capabilities manifested in aiding a private company and their consulting projects’ success.

  • Maine Pointe – A US-based management consultancy company that is firmly trusted by many chief executives and private equity firms. Being a member of SGS Group, they are more welcomed by many companies since they waxed the financial returns for the companies they have been consulted.
  • Bain & Company – Again a US-based company in Boston is one among the “big three” private equity and management consultancy. Their service extends to the public, or private, or even non-profit organizations too on handling a proper acquisition. They also focus on investments to be made in the private equity, strategies to enhance the corporate both culturally as well as financially, improving their finance and operations; also they provide proper analysis on the market they have to compete in.
  • Ernst & Young – A UK-based company residing in London holds the third position in providing insightful private equity consulting. This is considered to be one of the largest in the world to provide a professionally good service network. With four levels of consultant management, namely a consultant, senior consultant, principal, and executive director, the company provides consultancy services in taxes, risks in businesses, human capital and their services, technology and cybersecurity risks, and so.

These are the best private equity consultants in the U.S, to assist companies in mergers and to maintain an amicable culture.