With thousands of brokers operating in the financial markets, it is no wonder that most people are flummoxed and confused. In fact, many sign up with platforms that look put together at first glance, but fall apart once you begin using their services. It can be extremely annoying to have your time and money wasted, so it is best to check for some important features to ensure you are choosing right in the first go. Rather than relying on the website alone, it is a good idea to go over this GoldVence review to check if all necessary features are available.

This might seem like a bit of work initially, but you have to bear in mind that it pays off because you will not have any regrets about your decision later. GoldVence is a forex and CFD brokerage that offers its trading services globally, but does it have the features essential to you? Check the review below to find out:

Trading products 

It is necessary to check the trading products that a broker has put together for its clients because you want to ensure the ones you want are available. Just because a broker promises forex currency pairs doesn’t mean it will have the pairs you are after. Therefore, checking thoroughly is essential and doing so with GoldVence reveals that they are providing access to some of the best trading products in the market.

Instead of focusing on just one, they have added access to different financial markets, such as stocks, forex, indices, cryptocurrency and commodities as well. Thanks to this variety, anyone using GoldVence will be able to diversify their investment portfolio and easily find instruments that suit their risk tolerance. It can also help you achieve your trading goals, while balancing your risks.

Trading software 

One of the most important features that you need to check is the trading software that the brokerage is offering. A software that’s too complex or slow can lead to poor trading performance and this is a disaster you want to avoid. Fortunately, you will find that GoldVence has not made any such mistake because they have developed a sophisticated and innovative trading software for their clients.

The first thing you should know is that it is web-based, which means you have to visit the broker’s website to access it. There is no need to download or install the platform. They have developed a simple yet powerful user-interface that can be used for delivering quick trade execution. The platform that you will find at GoldVence has also been integrated with some of the top tools in the market, such as fundamental and technical analysis tools and price alerts, which can enhance your decision making and performance.

Trading accounts 

Another feature you need to check are the trading accounts that GoldVence has added to its offerings. Yes, it is the norm for brokers to offer more than one trading account to their clients to choose from. The purpose is to allow every trader, regardless of their background or experience, to find an appropriate account that helps them achieve their goals. This is what you will here as well, as there are three trading accounts to choose from.

There is no fee involved in setting up the account and you can choose from Basic, Standard and Premium accounts. The Basic account is ideal for newbies and beginners, the Standard for intermediate traders and skilled and expert traders can choose the premium account. The leverage ratio for each account at GoldVence is 200, 300 and 400, respectively. 

As far as other features are concerned, you will that GoldVence has added a personal manager, financial calendar, news feed, welcome bonus and more to these accounts for the convenience of the users.

Final Thoughts 

As long as GoldVence is able to provide you with these important features, you can open an account with them and begin taking advantage of the trading opportunities.