Choosing the right broker is very important to begin your online trading journey on a positive note. Group 500 is the perfect trading platform that you can sign up on in this regard. The Group 500 has been making a lot of waves lately for being one of the most reputed cryptocurrency brokers in the world in 2021. In addition to cryptos, they also support several other trading instruments. They also boast several other features that you should definitely know about before you sign up with them. This Group 500  review highlights the top features of this perfect trading platform.

Trading Instruments

There are a number of different instruments of trade that you can choose to invest and trade in on the Group 500   platform. These include metals, energy sources, crypto CFDs, currency pairs and more All of these trading assets are available in the same platform and you have the freedom to invest in anyone you want as long as you have the budget available to make the investment. Most of these assets are profitable ones but it is in your best interests to do your own due diligence and evaluate each trade by yourself.

If you cannot decide which trading instrument is best for you, I will recommend that you consult with your Group 500   broker who can give you advice depending on your trading goals and investment.

Algo Trading

Algo trading is a unique feature that the Group 500   has recently introduced and with time, it has provided to be very popular among online traders. You can take advantage of the Group 500 algo trading feature to trade at a very quick pace while you sit back and enjoy all your profits. If you are wondering how that works, you provide a computer program with trading instructions which it uses to place trades on your behalf. What that means is that you do not have to bother yourself to do any of the trading and can rely on the computer program to do it for you.

Of course, you may trade manually as well but the only way you can save your valuable time is by using this Group 500 algo trading feature. In addition, the computer program works very quickly allowing you to evaluate and place trades just as quickly. In this way you can generate revenue very quickly which is what every trader ultimately wants!


A point that every trader around the world agrees on is that security elements are a very critical feature of any online trading platform. This security keeps the personal data and funds of every trader secure and provides him or her with a safe trading environment where they do not have to face any internal or external threat. An important thing you should know about the Group 500   online trading platform is that their security is top notch. They make use of a very robust firewall that does not let any intruder or hacker break in and access privileged information. Also, the encryption software does a very good job at preventing anyone from deriving meaning of your data. All information you share via your account is fully encrypted and as a result, it stays fully safe.

Overall, the security measures on Group 500  are fully reliable and you can trade on the platform will complete peace of mind and more as well.

Final Verdict

To summarize the above information, the Group 500 online trading platform has all the features and bells and whistles as well to make a it a top-quality online trading platform that traders trust and admire. Signing up with them will be a really good decision for you especially if you are considering online trading in the long-term. So how do you sign up? It is quite simple! Go to their website, choose a type of trading account, wire your investment funds and you can then get started.